*Dancey boys*

dream set his phone and speaker on the table and started to move the couch,so the boys had more room to dance,"You gonna help or what" "Fiiine" "C'ome on all we have to do is push the couch over a little" George walked over to dream and started to help him push the couch,"why do we have to do this" "So we have more room to dance,silly" "I can't dance tho"george said as him and dream stood up from pushing the couch, "Don't say that,I bet you're a great dancer" Dream said taking Georges hand,spinning him in a circle,"CLAY! what the hell,don't do thaaaat!" Dream chuckled,"That was so go tho" George crosted his arms,he liked it when dream spun him but didn't want to show it.Dream walked over to the table and start to play Crazy in love by beyonce ft JAY Z. George recognized the song instantly and start to hum along,dream held out his hand for George."I know you know this song george" george sighed and toke dreams hand.

Dream spun george,catching him in his arms when george fell out of the turn.Dream got george back on his feet and put his hands on george waist,george put his hands on dream shoulder when george did that george start to sway side to side,moving to the beat.Dream slowly moved one of his hands to george face,pulling him in closer.George froze,not know but hoping what would happen.Dream smirked leting go of his face and winking at george,walking beind him,whispering in his ear,"What song next" "Th-this ones not even done yet tho" George said stubbleing over his words at little,"Umm,maybe....Be around me?" "by who" "Will Joseph Cook" "okay,you don't need to be so nervous georgie" "Your very unpredictable Clay" dream gave George a confused look and started to play Be around me.George smiled and started danceing on his own,closeing his eyes singing the words in his head."Did i fuck it up again" George sang out loud.Dream slowly walked up to him and start to dance with george,not really dance but,grabbing both of georges hands and start spinning as fast as he could,"Dream,slow down a little we're gonna fall" Dream inorged georges words and only sped up."DREAM,WE'RE GONNA FALL" dream laugh as both boys hit the floor,"Ooowww" George whinned,"Your fine" "No,im not.that really hurt" George said as he tried to get up still super dizzy,Dream doing the same."Still wana dance" dream said reaching out for a hand,smiling.George just looked at dream,"C'ome George,im sorry,It was fun tho you have to admit" George smiled.Dream smiled back.George toke dreams hand and ran.

"GEORGE,OW" dream yelled as Goerge pulled on his arm as he dragged him into Dream's room.Once they got to dream rooom George started laughing,"What the fuck,George" "YoUr FiNe" George said mocking dream and sitting down on his bed."oh my god"dream said under his breath,rolling his eyes."George" "Hm" "Can you get put for a sec.i wana change" "Okay,wall you change in here,i'll change in the bathroom" "Got it" "I have to get my clothes out of my bag frist,stupid" "Right" George grabbed a grey hoddie and black shorts,walking out of dream room and into the bathroom.Dream changed into a green hoddie and light grey sweat pants.

"I think I should go now." Dream wanted to go the store to get george lolipops for when he would ask george on a date."George!I'm running to the store,I'll be back in 5." dream yelled to george,"Okay,Bye" "Bye georgie love" Dream smiled and walked out

649 words,Go eat and drink some milk,now,Love you-your author :)
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