off to the store

"Bye georgie love" Dream smiled and walked out to his car.Dream started the car and started to drive,meanwhile back his house george was thinking about what dream had called him."Georgie love" George played in his head on loop,slowly a nice bubble gum pink color spread across his face.George left the bathroom dressed and went into the kitchen to make him and dream a snack.
George look aroud the kithen and found Peanut butter,white bread, and some gold fish,"what man has gold fish in his house" George laughed it off and made him and dream peanut butter sandwiches with gold fish.George walked into the living room and put the sandwhiches on the coffee table and started wait for dream to get home.

Dream's pov :) (this is my first time trying the pov stuff,this might be bad)

Once I parked my car and locked it,I walked into the store like I owned the place,head up high,chest puffed out,smirking,with my wallet in my left hand.There I went on my way to try and find some lollipops.I felt like I had bin walking for ages untill i found the lollipops.When I got to the aisle I started looking at the kinds of lollipop flavor packs they had.Tropical,normal,fruity,soda pop,I read in my head as I grabbed the normal pack and started to walk to the cash register."Just this sir" The cash register asked me,"Yep" I replied "That will be 4.99" "4.99?!" I though to my self,passing the $5 to the cash register."Wanna a bag" "No thanks,Have a nice day" "You too,sir".I walked out of the store and ran back to my car,I want to get home to George fast he must be so bored.I don't have much to do at my house,but play minecraft,watch tv,or eat really.

No ones pov :)

Dream started driving.All he could think about was george,His smile,dark brown eyes,silky brown hair,beautiful smile,peach colored lips,his cute little giggle.Dream knew he's in love,he just didn't know if George felt the same

Time skip to when dream got home

When dream walked though the door he was greeted with a loving hug from George,"hey George" dream said,smiling."I missed you" " I was gone for like,5-6 minutes" " I dont like being alone" George said as he squeezed dream tighter,"ya gonna kill me?" "Maybe" George giggled."I made you a sandwich" "thanks,goergie" dream and George walked over to the couch.

"whatcha buy" "i-i um" dream could pull his words together"here" dream said as he gave George the bag of lollipops. George's face light up,he was so happy,"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU!" George got up and turned to dream,who was sitting next to him,and hugged him.When george did this he got on dreams lap,not noticing until he tried to get up."um,oops" George said as he blushed so hard he looked like a rose,dream favorite kind of flower.Dream was sat there,he didn't want the moment to end.Dream grabbed Georegs hip,"It's okay,you can stay like this" Dream said smirking.George froze and fell back into dreams arms,georges chin resting on dreams shoulder.
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