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George froze and fell back into dream's arms,Georges chin resting on dream shoulder.George felt safe around dream,He knew if some one even looked at him the wrong way,dream would be ready to knock them out.George didn't mind how overprotecive dream was around him,he loved it.George never had to fear anything.Anything,when he was with dream,not a care in the world could shift or change georges mood when he's with dream. After awhile the boys fell asleep.

Time skip,about 3 hours later

dream slowly started to open his eyes, it took him a second to remember that George fell asleep in his arms.When dream woke up George was still asleep,snoring quitely.Dream held george closer and started smiling,"I love you,George" Dream said so quite he could barely hear himself.Dream sighed and got loss in his thoughts,"I have to ask him at some point right? Does he even like me? This is dumb,This is fucking childs play.Uuuugh. Fuck it,whatever,i'm taking him to dinner." Dream slowly started to get up.George groaned,Dream accidentally woke him up.George picked his head up and looked at dream,"Good after noon dreamy." George said to dream as he smiled and got off dreams lap,"how long did we sleep"?George asked as he rubbed hs eyes "About,like,3-ish hours" "oh,really" "Yeah" " George I have a quetion." "mhm,what's up" Wanna go to dinner tonight" "Where" "It's a surprise" "I mean,sure,why not." "Okay" dream said with a slime to hide how nervous he was. "What time" "Maybe,at......9:30?" "works for me" "I'll be in my room you coming with?" "nah,i'll be here on phone,okie" "Okay" Dream hurried to his room and sat his bed,thinking about what he just did.

"shit" dream said under his breath,"how do I even tell him" Dream started to braim storm ideas on how to tell george how he felt."I should write these down" dream looked around his room to find a piece of paper and a pen,then sat down at his desk and started jotting down his ideas.

"I could....Tell him in the car and say that it a date,tell him after we eat on the way home,at dinner,before we go like now,tommrow,maybe." Dream sighed and looked at his clock."I'll tell him there" dream said to himself and with that he got up and started to change

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