The stress of trying to dress

"I'll tell him there" dream said to himself and with that he got up and started to change.Dream had no clue what to wear,"I could wear a button up and jeans.I'm not taking him to some fancy ass place,it's fuckin Applebee's" Dream thought to himself.dream looked at what he choose out and put it on."I look pretty damn good" dream thought to himself as he looked at himself in a mirror and fixed the collar of his green-ish shirt.

Dream walked out of his room to find George.George was sat on the couch,on his phone liked he said he would be."hey,are we going to dinner or not?" Dream asked George."um,yeah" "are you going like that or do you wanna change" " No,I'm gonna go change" George said as he raced into dreams room,locking to door as soon as he got in there.

"Holy shit" George whispered to himself,"Why does dream have to be so good looking." George rolled his eyes and started to look in his bag for somethng he could wear.He pulled out a pear of navy blue pants and black shirt."I look like that one emo kid everyone has in there class" George chuckled wall looking at himself in the mirror."The shirt can stay,just my pants needs to go" George took off his pants,put it back in his bag,and tried to find somthing different.

10 minutes later

"George?" "Yeah" "Are you okay,it 9:35 now" "yeah im fine,I just can't.I just can't find anything to wear" "Come on George, you look great in everything you wear" Dream and George both blushed,George a flush pink color,dream on the other hand looked like a strawberry."You really think that dreamie" "Yep,now get out here or we'll be late love"."This boy" George thought to himself as he opened the door and rolled his eyes. Dream chuckle when he looked at George what he was wearing," see you found my khakis.huh" George just look at dream and started to walk to the front door,"it's okay,im just saying" Dream laughed,grabbed his car keys,and followed George out to his car.Georged walked over to the passenger side and dream walked to the drivers side,"Can you just tell me when we're going?" "Nope,you have to wait" George huffed in frustration.
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