Harry Potter and the Heir of Ravenclaw

The Will

Harry and Hermione spent a lot of time together in the library when Harry wasn't working with Luna on their project. So far, they managed to start mapping the castle. He wondered how the Marauders had managed to do it, especially since only Remus actually paid attention in class. They only had the Great Hall and the common rooms. They planned to add the corridors and classrooms soon.

"Harry!" Hermione called, "Check out this book!"

Harry rushed over and found a book called, "Potter Family."

Hermione explained, "It's an auto-updating. The last chapter is about Lily and James Potter."

Harry looked down, "The will of Lily and James has yet to be opened. Harry Potter, their son, will be able to claim its contents at the age of 11. Albus Dumbledore has repeatedly tried to convince the Wizengamot to claim the contents of the will for himself."

"Harry, you should talk to Professor McGonagall about the will now. Go to her office. Use your badge to get in." Hermione explained.

"Good idea, Hermione. See you later?" Harry asked.

Hermione nodded and indulged back to the book. Harry found his way to the Headmistress' office. Professor McGonagall wasn't there. "Hello Harry," a portrait called out.


"Professor Dippet, Harry."

"Hello, Professor Dippet."

"What do you think of Dumbledore, Harry?"

"He's the most powerful wizard of our age. Brilliant and selfless."

Dippet shook his head. "Harry, if Dumbledore knew about me telling you this he would travel from the dead to obliviate you."

Harry shook his head furiously, "He wouldn't!"

Dippet just smiled, "He would. I'm going to give you his journal later. As soon as you can, go with your friend Granger to the Room of Requirement. You know how to use it right?" Harry nodded, "Think about a place for revenge. I'll be there."

"Yes, Professor, I will."

"I hope you'll be more open-minded then."

McGonagall burst through the door and Dippet pretended to go back to sleep. "Potter. What happened this time?" she sighed.

"Nothing Professor. I was in the library and found a book called the "Potter Family." It said that my parents had a will and only I could open it. It read that Dumbledore had carried out the will, but I could claim it at 11. I haven't gotten anything."

Professor McGonagall looked outraged. How dare anyone keep someone's inheritance from them, and from Harry Potter of all people! "Let's go to the Ministry now. I'll leave Sprout a note."

Professor McGonagall scribbled a note for Sprout. She got some Floo Powder and handed some to Harry. Harry said, "Ministry of Magic." McGonagall stepped through and said, "Ministry of Magic."

She grabbed Harry's wrist and they went to the office labeled, "Family Issues and Wills."

"Hello Minerva," the man in the office said, "And you are--?" Then he realized just who he was talking to, and bowed low. "Ohmyword, it's Harry Potter, it's just a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for saving us! It's nice to meet you. I'm Louis Hoffman. What brings you to my office today?"

"We would like to open Mr. Potter's parents' will," McGonagall stated.

"I see," Mr. Hoffman said. He rummaged through the filers at his desk and found a folder labeled Potter. There was an envelope sealed in it.

"Mr. Potter, please place a drop of blood in this envelope."

Harry took the knife and pricked his thumb. The enveloped faded to reveal a piece of paper. It read:

This is the latest will and testament of Lily and James Potter. Any wills before this day, October 30th, 1981 are invalid. First of all, since we are dead, Pettigrew is the traitor. Not Black. If you haven't found Pettigrew, he's a rat. A gray rat animagus.

Albus Dumbledore, I hope you are to carry out this will correctly. Under no circumstances is Harry to be placed with the Dursleys. Harry will be abused there. We would like Harry to live with Minerva McGonagall. If she cannot take care of Harry he should go to the Longbottoms. If not than Remus Lupin. If Remus' furry problem will not allow Harry to live with him we would like Harry to live with Sirius Black. If that slimy traitor Pettigrew betrayed us and convicted Black and Black is in Azkaban, Harry should live with the Weasleys. If the Weasleys decided to have too many children and cannot take in Harry he should go with Flitwick. If Flitwick cannot take him in we would like him to go with some of Lily's muggle friends: Emma and Dan Granger.

Now, I hope that the invisibility cloak and Potter Manor be given to my son.

If you are reading this Harry, we love you and miss you so much. We will be proud of you no matter what you do. Trust your instincts.

Minerva looked up enraged. "I told that man!"

"Anything else?" Mr. Hoffman asked.

Minerva shook her head. "No."

Harry spoke up quietly, "I want to report child abuse."

Minerva looked outraged and asked Mr. Hoffman for a child abuse form. "Please check out everything that had been done to you. You can add anything else below."

Harry checked off all the boxes which included starvation and "slavery". He added a sentence about living in a cupboard, cooking since we could reach the stove, weeding, and getting socks for holidays. Minerva was furious at that moment, cursing Dumbledore.

"Mr. Potter, I am sorry for everything that has happened, and on behalf of the Ministry we will fix these wrongdoings immediately," Mr. Hoffman bowed once again, "It was great meeting you Mr. Potter despite the circumstances. I hope not to see you here again, but in some other place."

Harry stammered out his thanks before leaving with Professor McGonagall. He followed the professor's brisk pace and through the Floo Network, repeating the password she said.

They appeared in her office, and she motioned for him to take the chair. "Mr. Potter, I'm really sorry for letting you stay with the Dursleys. For not supporting you throughout your years at Hogwarts. If you ever need anything..."

Harry nodded, "Thank you Professor. At least you're willing to correct your wrongs. I do not completely forgive you yet, but am willing to give you another chance."

She nodded, and dismissed Harry, "You should hear from the Ministry soon. If not, come to me."

Harry headed back to the dormitory as it was nearing curfew. He would have to find Hermione to make Head rounds.

He knocked on Hermione's room, and the door opened. "Hey Harry, how did it go?"

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