Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

Chapter 10: Friends

-Rosalie's POV-

Stupid human girl. She wants to give up everything. I was just walking at human pace around Forks to clear my head. Not something I would normally do, but my family and Maria went hunting together. I was board.

That when I smelled her. I growled at the very thought of that girl being here, but then I smelled Mike Newton and a few other boys from school. Their smells were heavy mixed with alcohol.

I ran to where I smelled them and found them in an ally not to far away. Mike, Tyler, and another boy who I didn't know name was trying to get Bella's cloths off of her. She was fighting them, but was not winning.

I attacked the boys. I didn't kill them like I should, but I punched them so hard I believe their ribs cracked. I knocked them out soon after. I turned around to look at Bella. She was on the floor looking at me shocked. Why was she shocked? I'm not that mean to her am I? Then I realized I was.

"Rosalie?" Bella questioned. She picked herself up off the floor. A normal human would go into shock after almost being raped. Bella wasn't a normal human. She somehow kept up with the supernatural world.

"Why are you here? Why aren't you home with the kids?"

"We ran out of milk." I looked at her. "Look I forgot to go shopping and Maria been busy doing something. We ran out of milk and Emily can't go to sleep without a glass of milk. I left Mike in charge and ran to get milk before the store closed." I looked at Bella. I had thought she didn't care about the kids, but I realized I was wrong. She loved them, but wouldn't admit it. I also knew why. She knew she would never be able to have kids after the change and she didn't want to become attach. Maybe Bella and I had more in common then I thought.

She started to walk back to the store parking lot, which wasn't too far. "Didn't matter, they were closed when I got here and Mike and his friends were drinking behind the store." I took the keys to her car out of her hand.

"You're not driving." Bella sat in the passenger seat and I got into the drivers. In a minute we were zooming back to my house. Bella stared at me. "I thought you hated me."

"No," I stated. "I was jealous that you're human and angry you were going to give it up." I told her my story, about how I was changed. She looked at me and understood. "You're lucky they didn't get your cloths off."

"I'm lucky you showed up just in time. Another minute and they would have had me." We were at the house now and I brought Bella up to Emmett's and mine room. She used our bathroom to clean up.

"Bella, how about we start over." I hoped she would agree. Edward is my brother and Bella makes Edward happy. Also now I understood her more. Bella smiled at me and gave me a hug. It was more then I hoped for.

"Friends," Bella told me and we started downstairs. As soon as we came downstairs the rest of the family walked in. They were shocked to see Bella and I together.

"Bella, what are you doing here?" Edward asked as he pulled her into a hug.

"Nothing much, Rose and I were just having a bit of a girl talk." Bella smiled up at me. "I've got to go though. See you tomorrow." Bella looked at me. "Can I have my keys?" I gave her back her keys and Bella walked out.

Everyone looked at me. "What? I can be nice." I walked back to my room making sure to keep my mind on other things besides Bella almost getting rapped. I knew Edward would go and kill those idiots if he found out. We didn't need those problems. Not with the wolves around.

AN: okay, I know it's short, but you'll have to deal with it. I wanted things between Bella and Rosalie to work out. Sorry it took so long, but I'm really busy lately. Review

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