Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

Chapter 11: Kill

-Bella's POV-

I made my way home. I knew Maria wouldn't be back yet. She liked to hunt a little more then other vampires and liked going somewhere after hunting. I parked outside and walked in.

Danny was screaming, and Sam and Steve were running around. I took Danny and rocked him. "Bed," I yelled at the two. They moaned and went upstairs. "Mike." Mike came down the stairs and gave me a look. "I left you in charge."

"Whatever" Mike walked back up the stairs and I heard his door shut. I went up the stairs and put Danny in his crib. I smiled at him and put his bear next to him. I saw him put his arm around it. It was so cute.

I closed the door and went to Steve and Sam's room. They were playing cards on the floor. "It's after 10. Bed, now." I ordered them. They gave me the puppy dog look. "How about we make a deal?"

"What kind of deal?" They both asked.

"Tomorrow I'll play a game with you two and Emily. " They thought about it for a minute. They smiled and ran to their beds. I shut the light off and went to Emily's room. She wasn't in bed like I thought she was.

I checked the bathroom. She wasn't there. "Mike, where's Emily?"

"Last time I saw her she was outside." Mike replied. I looked at him for a minute. How could anyone be so dumb?

I graded a flashlight. "Emily," I yelled. I didn't see her anywhere near the house. I started into the wood hoping she didn't wonder too far.

I started running until I heard screaming. I shut off my flashlight and got a little closer. In the clearing was Emily with three vampires. I was very grateful that the wind was blowing against my face carrying my smell away from them.

There was no way I could help Emily unless I got to the Cullens in time. I ran as fast as I could, hoping one of them didn't hear me. When I got to the Cullens I was out of breath and Edward came out. "Bella…"

"Emily… vampire… woods." He clearly got what I meant because he started to run. The next thing knew Rosalie was carrying me inside.

-Edward's POV-

I ran. I didn't think I could save Emily, but I had to try. I found the three vampires. They had already finished Emily. "There was a human here not too long ago. The scent is faint, but she was clearly here."

I growled and jumped out in front of them. "You are in my clans territory."

"We didn't know there were other vampires around here." One of them said. I got from his mind that his name was James.

"Yes, me and my clan. There are seven of us. We do not want you hunting in this area." I picked up Emily's body. "When I tell them you did this they will be upset. Leave now."

James and his two friends left, but they had no plans on leaving. As soon as they were far enough I got down on my knees. This couldn't be happening. I smelled a horrible smell and looked up to see two big werewolves there.

"I didn't do this. There was another clan of vampires. They went that way." I pointed.

We will hunt them. I heard one of the wolves think and they left. I hoped the two would get those three.

AN: okay I know it; short and it took me a long time, but I've been very busy lately. Luckily I should get some free time back soon. Oh and ideas are always welcome. If I get a good idea I might use it. Review.

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