Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

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Chapter 12: Mourning

-Rosalie's POV-

I sat in my room. It's been a week since Emily died and I haven't seen Bella at all. Lucky Emily heart wasn't beating and she didn't get turned into a vampire. Maria made everyone believe that robbers broke into the house while Bella was gone and killed Emily. There was a little funeral and Bella been locked in her room.

"Emmett," I said and my husband ran to me. "Is Edward still at The House?"

"Yeah, he won't leave Bella alone. He's afraid she'll do something stupid."

I got up and ran to the house. I jumped up to Bella's window and went in. Edward was sitting on the end of the dead humming a song he made for Bella. "Edward, out."

"No," Edward hissed. I growled at him as I looked at Bella. She was faced down on the bed not looking at us.

"I need to talk to her. Get out or I'll get Emmett to get you out." Edward knew I would do it, so he left. I sat down on the bed. "Bella, I understand what you're feeling, but it wasn't your fault. You tried everything humanely possible to save Emily."

"Not for Jacob." The answer confused me. Who the hell was Jacob? "Jacob was a year younger then me. When Kate left and I stayed Jacob and Mike were outside one day playing some stupid game. I was on the phone with Angela trying to explain why I wasn't leaving and why I couldn't hang with her anymore. I didn't know they were being idiots. I didn't hear Mike yelling for me and Jacob died. He choked to death on a piece of candy."

Wow. I couldn't believe it. "I could have saved him, but I didn't. I knew how to save him, but I was too busy. I swore after Jacob died that for as long as I was human I wouldn't let another kid in The House die."

"You never seemed to care about them though?"

"Jacob and me were very close. We were great friends and had a lot in common; our fathers were the best friends. You probably know him better as Jacob Black." Black was the werewolf we made the treaty with. This Jacob Black must be in grandson or something. "I think you figured it out. He was a werewolf. Well at least he could have been a wolf. After he died I claimed I would never like another kid again, but I did like Emily. I liked her and she died just like Jacob died."

"It wasn't your fault. Jacob was a big boy when he died. What was he 12 or 13? He was goofing around with Mike and got himself killed. You didn't do anything. As for Emily you tried to save her by getting us. It was vampires. You couldn't do anything against vampires."

"I know. Thank you, Rose. It was nice sharing that with someone besides Maria. " She hugged. Her warm human body felt good against my cold stone body, but it must have not felt good to her. Then again she lived with a vampire her whole life. "You're a good sister."

I smiled. I don't know if she realized she called me a sister, but she did and it makes me happy. "Get to sleep." She obeyed without even realizing she was obeying me. I left to leave Bella in peace.

-Bella's POV next morning-

I walked downstairs before any of the kids were up and found Maria in the kitchen. "Are there any vamps around?" I whispered into her ear.

"Besides me no," Maria answered.

"I need to talk to you." We sat down at the table to talk. I took a deep breath. "School ends soon." Maria nodded. "I want you to change me when school is over." Maria stared at me shocked. "There is no reason for me to stay human until after senior year anymore. We were waiting because we didn't know what to do after I became a vampire, but now I have the Cullens. I also don't want to get older then Edward. There's no reason to wait. You can handle The House without me. You've done it before and I want you to change me. Please don't make me ask Alice."

"Of course I'll change you." Maria continued to stare at me. "What will we tell people to why you disappeared?"

"Tell them I ran away with Edward to get married and you saw no point in stopping us since I would be 18 soon and a legal adult." Maria nodded, but looked a bit disappointed. I hugged her just like I hugged Rosalie last night. "I love you, you know that right?"

Maria hugged me back. "I know."

"I'll see you again. I mean we have hundreds of years." We both laughed and Maria went to making breakfast.

I had to make sure to keep this from Edward and most importantly Alice. Not too long after the two vampires walked in. I kissed Edward like I haven't done since Emily died. "You seem better." Alice said.

"Whatever Rose told you helped?" Edward asked. Rosalie was probably hiding the memories from him.

"Yeah, Rose is really nice." The two looked at me. We all laughed. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have said that.

AN: it's a little longer then last chapter. I'm sorry for the shortness. Any ideas are welcome and I want to hear what people want Bella's power to be. So Review.

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