Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

Chapter 13: Secrets

-Bella's POV-

I didn't tell Edward me changing was going to be moved up a year. I didn't tell Alice or any of the Cullens. I probably should have, but I was afraid they would want to stop me. Edward really does seem to want me to be human. They also want to me to have human experiences. I think it's a waste of time.

Right now I was sitting in the forest. I heard a sound and a huge wolf comes out. This was one of the werewolves. The wolf leaves and comes back later with just ants on. Well he was carrying pants and I doubt the cloths transform. "You are Bella. The human girl who is going to be a vampire?" The wolf seemed angry.

"Yes, and you must be Sam. The alpha."

"I am." Sam looked at me. "I gave permission for you to become a vampire because you are making an educated decision, I just don't understand why."

"I just want to be one. Besides I love Edward." I told Sam.

Sam didn't say anything. "We caught one of the vampires. Two got away. We think they're still in the area. Be careful."

"Always am." I stood up and tripped over air. Sam looked at me. "Expect when walking. I always trip."

"I can see why you want to be a vampire." I have no idea if he was joking or not. I got up and started to walk home.

"Sam…" Sam looked at me. "I knew Jacob Black." I walked away leaving Sam behind. I went to the Cullens house. Rosalie was outside working on a car. "Hey, what you doing?"

"Alice just bought this car and I'm playing with it." I laughed.

"Why do you play with cars so much?"

"We all have our things that helps us live this immortal life of ours. Edward has his music, Alice shops, Carlisle is a doctor, Esme is a mother, Jasper and Emmett have video games, and I have cars. Guess you'll have to find your thing soon. After the whole crazy new born stage that is."

Rosalie wants me to consider staying human. I love her, but becoming a vampire is something I have to do. "Yeah, I guess so." I watched Rosalie for a minute. "Thanks you Rose." Rosalie looked at me confused.

"For what?"

"The other night." I walked away back to The House.

"You know Edward and Alice are inside."

"I have a promise I need to keep."

I walked to the house to find Sam and Steve downstairs watching TV. I turned the TV off. "Hey, what you do that for?"

"Well I told you we would play a game together. What do you want to play?"

"Videogames," the two yelled together. Then Sam said, "but all our games are old and boring now. Let's get a new game." They were trying to get me to buy them new videogames. Last time I'm making a deal with them.

"Okay, I got an idea." Took out my cell phone and called Edward. "Hey Edward, it's Bella."

"Why didn't you come inside before?" Edward was clearly upset.

"Well I'm coming back with Sam and Steve. They want to play videogames." Edward got what I meant.

"Come on over." I hung up. "Get in my car." I told the two. We took the short ride to the Cullens house.

Rosalie was still outside and waved to us as we stopped. Emmett opened the door for us. "Come on," Emmett seemed really happy as he led the two into the living room where all the videogames were. Sam and Steve were in their glory. If I liked videogames I would be too. Emmett and Jasper must have every videogame system ever made and hundreds of games. The two boys forgot about me.

I laughed as Edward pulled me into a hug. "Something wrong. You seem strange."

"No, nothing at all." I smiled and watched the two boys playing games.

AN: it's short, but it's just a little chapter. Next chapter she gets changed and I'm still looking for power ideas. Review.

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