Adopted by a Vampire

Being Turned

Adopted by a Vampire

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Chapter 14: Being Turned

-Bella's POV-

It was the last day of school and the gym teachers let us choose if we want to play basketball or not. I, of course, choose not to and read my book. I was too nervous to read though. Tonight would be the night that Maria bites me. I had given on the reading after five minute and spent the rest of the time probably looking like I was on something.

Finally the bell rang and I got up. Saw the Cullens getting into their car and waved. They smiled at me as I got into my car. I headed back to The House, not speeding. I'm not a vampire yet and can't afford a car accident.

I rush into The House nearly knocking Mike over. I was never able to get on good terms with him although I tried for the last few days. Maria was in the kitchen like she always is for something reason. I never thought on it much, but how many vampires spend all their time sitting at a kitchen table that hardly ever used because there are too many people in The House to use it. There was nothing special about the kitchen either. Just plain normal kitchen that could possible be seen in a lot of the houses in America.

"Calm now." Maria joked with a smile.

"Too nervous. Been waiting all day."

"Wait a few more hours. Until everyone is in bed." I nodded and sat down with Maria.

-Maria's POV-

We waited a couple more hours until Mike was fast asleep. There was some talking over where this would be done. It is possible Bella will start screaming. We decided her car would be the best place. This way I can drive it to the Cullens.

"You ready." Bella smiled at me and nodded. Boy I would miss Bella. She's the first person in years that I was able to be completely truthful with. She became more like a little sister to me then anyone else in The House ever did. At last I knew she would be well taken care of and I thanked god again for the Cullens.

I bite her neck and pulled away when I knew I let enough venom into her. I let the blood that was in my mouth slip down my throat. I hadn't drunk human blood since I was a newborn and discovered animal blood would do. Bella's blood tasted better then I remember human blood tasting, but I was too in control to lose control. Bella life meant me staying in control and I would not let Bella down.

I drove to the Cullens knowing that they would need some warning so I sent a mental message to Edward telling him everything. When I pulled into the driveway Edward and Carlisle were waiting for me.

That was when I realized Bella hasn't started screaming. Why wasn't she screaming? I looked back. There was still blood coming out of her neck, her heart was still beating taking the venom with it, and she was still breathing, but no noise came out of her. On her lips was a little smile.

-Edward POV-

To say I was mad when I got Maria's mental message would be an understatement. I was pissed. Why hadn't Bella told me she was moving the changing up a year? Some part of me said because she knew you would disagree. I had hissed at Alice thinking she knew, but when I saw her face and read her thoughts I knew she didn't know. Maria must have had Alice believe the changing was still going to take place in a year, which would block the visions of Bella changing.

Carlisle and me waited outside for them. I was ready to run and take Bella out of the car, but Carlisle thought, Edward stay away. She's still your singer and she's bleeding right now. I knew I wouldn't like this but I stepped back and let Carlisle take my Bella out of the car. I could smell her and it was almost too much. I didn't like this, but I had to leave until Carlisle stopped the bleeding. The one thing I noticed when I left was she wasn't screaming.

-Bella's POV-

I had been forewarned many times about the pain of the transformation. First Maria warned me when I was younger and then all the Cullens. By now I knew all their stories. They had made sure to tell me. I was ready for the pain when it was time.

The first pain I felt was Maria's teeth biting into me. Then there was the fire. At first it seemed horrible and I was about to scream. Then something strange happened. In all the stories I heard I never heard anything like this. I won't say the pain disappeared. It was like it was in the background of whatever was happening to me. The pain was still there, but not so important.

Now what was happening to me was weird. My life started to play before my eyes backwards. I saw Emily dying again, I saw the Cullens the first time I meet them, I saw Jacob dying, I heard every word I ever said, and I finally went so far back I saw my mother. I can't remember too much about Renee. I was five when she died. Memories fade after that long. Now here in my memories I saw her. It made me smile.

The memories didn't really stop. When my life was done I saw other things. I saw Maria's past. I saw how each of the Cullens was turned. I saw Carlisle with the Volturi. I saw Edward in the hospital with his green eyes. I didn't even know he had green eyes! I saw Rosalie with her friends' baby and her being raped. I saw Esme give birth to her son and then cry when she found out he was dead. I probably saw a lot of other things from my friends past. Things they have told me. That wasn't all I saw though.

I saw events from history. I saw Washington crossing the Delaware. I saw D-Day and Pearl Harbor. It then hit me I was seeing events in the past that I knew. Was I just pretending all of this? Finally I opened my eyes and saw all the Cullens round me.

My eyes sight was better and so was my haring. There was a car passing mile away playing music very loudly. I took a breath, but my lungs weren't waiting for the air. It was no longer needed. I couldn't feel my heart beating because it would never beat again.

They were all expecting me to go crazy. Most new-borns do when they first wake up. I looked at Edward. "Did you have green eyes?"

"What?" Edward and everyone in the room was confused by my question.

"Did you have green eyes when you were human? It's a simple question Edward." I was probably sounding a bit annoyed right now.

It was Carlisle who answered my question. "Edward had a very nice shade of green eyes."

"Interesting," I whispered.

"What's so interesting?" Emmett asked. He was in an attack position, but I had no idea why. What was the problem? Did those vampires come back?

"I'll tell you when I find out." I shot back at him still thinking of all I saw. "What's wrong with you people? What's the problem?"

"Bella, aren't you thirsty?" Alice asked me. They were all looking at me confused.

"No, not really," I answered without even thinking about how weird that was. That's when it hit me. I'm a newborn vampire. I should be going blood crazy. Why wasn't I? I remembered Maria and the others talking about a burning. The need to drink, but I just didn't feel it. I felt completely fine right now. "Do I look like a vampire?"

Alice smiled and ran for a mirror. She came back with one and held it in front of me. I had the vampire beauty, the really pale skin, and lets not forget the red eyes. Why wasn't I thirsty? Man, I was a weird human and now I'm a weird vampire. Why can't my life ever be easy?

AN: okay I'm done with this chapter finally. Also I have figured out what power I want to give Bella and would like to thank .Windclan for the idea. Also for everyone who gave me ideas thank you and believe me you all gave good ideas it was hard to choose. If I want to give Bella more then one power I'll look back at your ideas or use the one from Breaking Dawn.

Also I would like to add that I have started another Twilight story called Similar but Different. It's really different from this one, but I believe you would like it so check it out if you want. Also thinking about starting another new one, but not too sure yet.

Anyway I don't know when I'm going to be to update. Probably start writing on Christmas Eve. Would anyone actually read the story if I updated on Christmas Eve or Christmas? Anyway Marry Christmas if I don't update and I better stop now or this author note will take up a page. Review.

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