Adopted by a Vampire

Blowing up

Adopted by a Vampire

AN: okay, I guess I didn't explain the plan that great. Basically it was to get Aro curious about Bella's 'power' when he couldn't read her mind. Then when he saw the same information in the three head I don't think he would go on reading peoples mind. Then the others just got out of the house. Maybe not the best plan, so it will blow up on them.

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Chapter 16: Blowing up

-Edward's POV-

We watched Rosalie dragging Emmett out. She really is stupid. We had Aro in our house and she starts complaining about clothes. Well it's like her anyway. "Is it me or is it strange that they all just left?" Jane asked.

"Not really, even though Bella has excellent control we like keeping her well fed. Two people always go with her just incase and Jasper and Alice needed to hunt. As for Emmett and Rosalie, well that's just Rosalie. She's self-centered. You did catch us by surprise." Carlisle explained. Aro nodded.

"I guess your method of feeding can take practice. This Bella is truly amazing. I heard nothing from her at all."

"She's always been like that." I explained even though I knew he already knew.

Aro looked at me. "You let a human find out about us." It was a statement not a question.

"I see no problem. She found out about us and we changed her." Aro nodded and for a while we sat there in silence.

I couldn't wait for my angel to get back to me, but the hours went by with normal small talk, well normal for a vampire. We weren't talking about the weather. It was taking too long. Did something happen? I got up. "I'm going to go find Bella, Alice, and Jasper. They shouldn't be out this long."

"We'll all go with you." Aro said and as he stood up followed by his two guards. Carlisle and Esme also got up. We all walked out of the house to find Maria walking over to her car.

Before I even realized it Jane was running at Maria at full speed. Before any of us could stop her she went to attack Maria, but Maria moved out of the way! Maria threw a punch sending Jane down to the ground! I saw Bella, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett walk out of The House. What was going on?

-Bella's POV-

Okay this is boring. Mike and the twins will be out all day so they don't see me. It would have been more fun with them there though. We were just sitting around the kitchen table playing uno. "Uno," Alice said. Why am I not surprise?

Maria is after Alice and changes the color to blue. Then it was Jasper who put down a blue draw two at Emmett, who already had about half the deck. Jasper also had a lot of cards. It's a bad idea to put those to next to each other. They'll always try and get the other to have the most cards. After Emmett picked up the two cards it was Rosalie turned who threw down a reverse. It was Emmett's turn and he put down a red reverse. Rosalie put a red five down and it was my turn.

After me it was Alice and if I didn't throw down the right card Alice would win. I had four cards. I had a red two, blue seven, a yellow skip that is completely useless right now, and a normal change the color card. I wish it were a draw four. Now the question was should I keep the color he same or change? And if I change it what do I change it to? Man this is hard, but Alice can't win again. She's always winning and I thought uno would be a fair game even with her power.

Wait she's using her power to cheat. I thought stop in my head and time once again stopped. I guess I'm figuring out how to control this. If I want time to stop it will stop, when I want it to go again it will go again. I peeked over at Alice's hand. She had a red!

I sat back down in my seat exactly like I was sitting before and thought go. Everything unfroze and I put down the change the color card. "Blue," I said with a smile. Everyone looked at Alice who started picking from the deck. She must have picked up nine cards before she found a blue.

"Way to go Bella," Emmett said with a smile. "No one gets one over on Alice."

"How did you know I had a red?" Alice asked looking at me.

"Lucky guess," I said with a smile.

"Lucky guess, no way. You cheated." Alice yelled. I tried to look shocked at being called a cheater, but I ended up laughing. "You froze time and looked at my card." Everyone looked at me.

"Great now we have to deal with three cheater. Edward reading minds, Alice seeing the future, and Bella freezing time." Rosalie said throwing down her cards.

"How about we play a different game?" Maria said and started looking through draws. "I thought the cards were here." Another card game. Of course. "Must have left them in my car. I'll be right back."

Maria started to the car. In a while we heard a fight going on and the five of us ran outside to find Maria standing over Jane and Aro, Demetri, Edward, Carlisle, and Esme looking on in shock. "Bella, what's going on?"

I looked at Alice. "Our plan just fell apart." Alice whispered to me. "Maybe we should have let Maria use her power on all of us." Wow Alice was saying she was wrong, but I knew Alice only suggested the plan so I wouldn't feel weird.

"Alice, will you come over here." Aro held out his arm and Alice went over and Let Aro touch her. "Interesting, well Maria, why don't you stop your power." Maria looked at them and I knew the real memories were returning to Edward, Esme, and Carlisle while the others saw Maria as a vampire.

"Very interesting power, you too Bella. Freezing time, possibilities." Along with the truth about her, Maria had Edward, Carlisle, and Esme believe I didn't have a power. "As for this house of yours."

"The House," all of us screamed together.

"The House," Aro said to please us. "It will be closed down and the four boys you have here will be killed. Well I guess the baby can go to an orphanage, but the others must die."

"That's unfair. I'm not endangering our secret. My power makes sure of that." Maria argued, but I could tell Aro didn't care.

"Stop," I yelled and time froze again. Now I have to think. I looked at Carlisle. He said something about traveling through time. Was it possible? I closed my eyes and thought hard on the time we made that plan and suddenly I heard people jump. Did I unfreeze time? I opened my eyes to find myself in the Cullens house and everyone is looking at me, including myself.

"I did," I yelled and with a huge smile. "I traveled back in time." Everyone looked at me shocked.

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