Adopted by a Vampire

Time Traveling

Adopted by a Vampire

Chapter 17: Time Traveling

-Past Bella's POV-

Maria and I had just walked into the Cullen's house. "How did you know I was at The House?" I asked Edward and then turned to Alice. "Never…" I stopped talking when in the middle of us another me appeared. I'm serious. We all jumped back in shock.

She looked around. "I did it. I traveled back in time." The girl had a huge smile on her face and looked at me. "Wow, you're my past self."

"You're my future self," I said more out of shock. I couldn't believe it. I can really time travel. Now this has possibilities. "Why are you here?"

"The plan isn't going to work. Aro is going to want to kill Mike and the others."

"What plan?" I asked looking around.

"We were just going to tell you two that Aro, Demetri, and Jane are coming for a visit." Carlisle told as and looked at my future self. "As for the plan… I have no idea."

-Future's Bella's POV-

Carlisle was looking at me. I guess I was a little too early. They hadn't even made the plan yet. Well at least I didn't show up back when I was human. That would have been bad.

"It doesn't matter. Maria just use your power on everyone." I answered looking at Bella. "Aro can't find out about you or The House."

"Bella can I talk to you?" Carlisle asked.

"Sure," both my past self and me said. We looked at each other and then Carlisle wondering whom he meant. Carlisle pointed at me and we went up to his office.

It was a while of sitting there looking around. "Bella, you shouldn't change the past no matter how much you want to. There can problems, things could happen to you." Carlisle looked at me. "You don't care, do you?"

"Not at all," I answered. Carlisle knew he was defeated. It was my power and he couldn't talk me out of changing the future.

"Fine, your power. Do with it as you will." I was surprise by Carlisle. He didn't care. No he cared; he just knew I would do what I wanted. We both went downstairs where everyone was waiting.

"What's going on?" Emmett asked.

"Maria use your power on everyone." Maria nodded. She would do what I asked. She left the Cullens house and then used her power from outside.

As soon as she used her power I felt myself fade away. It was probably because the future changed so much now that I didn't travel back in time. In the next minute I wasn't standing by the stairs anymore, but sitting with Edward looking at Aro. I had a huge headache as the new memories came rushing to me.

This time I didn't answer the door, Alice did. We all been sitting here talking since then. The burning was worst now then it ever had been before and I knew it was because I had changed the future. My head felt like a bomb went off inside it.

Jasper was looking at me. With his power he could feel the pain I was in and Edward being able to read his mind looked at me worried. "Bella what's wrong?" Edward hissed. He hated not being in the know, but for The House he had to stay out of it.

"I need to hunt," I said quickie got up. I tripped over nothing apparently. Now that's embarrassing. I haven't tripped since I've become a vampire. I didn't bother looking at the stares and just ran into the woods followed by Alice and Edward. I found a mountain loin and took it down. I drank the whole thing not leaving a drop left.

"Are you okay now?" Edward asked. Okay no, better yes. I needed more and just started running again.

"Okay, she's fast," I heard Alice say from behind me. "Much faster then you actually." I found a herd of five deer and took them all before I was better. The burning was gone and my head wasn't hurting me as much.

I sat down against a tree watching as Alice ad Edward took in what I did. I had never taken more then one animal in each hunt. I wasn't supposed to need as much as the others. "Bella, what happened?" Alice was worried, but what could I tell her. She doesn't remember my power or anything about my real life. This was weird.

"I'll tell you what happen," it was a voice of Demetri. He must have followed us here. "Your newborn finally flipped like all newborns do." Demetri looked at me. "Aro is very curious about you young one. You probably have a great power since no one is able to read your mind. Why don't you join us and leave drinking stupid animals behind you."

"Leave me alone." I hissed. Demetri was about to say more, but Edward stopped him.

"She said leave her alone," Edward hissed at him standing between Demetri and me. Demetri hissed back and then attacked. I was so shocked as I watched Edward fight back. Edward being able to read minds was able to dodge most attacks. Alice went to help Edward and it was two v. one. I could have stopped time and taken Demetri down, but I felt too awful to do it now.

Demetri was clearly the better fighter, but Alice and Edward had an advantage. Demetri was pissed that he could hardly get them. Edward punched Demetri in the nose and then Demetri bite Edward's arm. Okay that got me to jump up. Maybe a little too fast since my head was still killing me and I felt dizzy.

Alice was besides me clearly seeing I was going to fall over since she was holding me up. "Edward," I whispered. Demetri was going to kill my Edward, but before Demetri could do anything more then just that one bite his head was taken off. His body fell to the floor and Maria was standing behind him.

Alice and Edward looked at Maria shocked. To them she was just a human, but I still saw the vampire. I smiled at her and she took the rest of Demetri's body apart. "You two going to light a fire?"

Alice and Edward didn't waste any more time and the fire burnt away Demetri's body. They then stared at Maria again who ran away and used her power on the two once again. "Good thing we got him. Now let's go explain to Aro why he's dead." Edward said. "You feeling better Bella?"

"Yeah," I said even though my head still hurt.


A few hours later Aro and Jane were leaving. "I still can't believe Demetri attacked you like this. My friends, well good job getting the better of him Edward." Edward nodded. "You know you three would be prefect for the guard. Reading minds, seeing the future, and I'm sure you have a special power Bella."

"NO," the three of us once again yelled. He;s been annoying us about joining since we told him that Demetri was dead.

"Can't blame a guy for trying." Aro said and the two were gone.

"I'm still a little confused on how we beat Demetri. I remember Edward getting bite, but then it's a little blank."

I laughed. "Maria," I said in normal voice. Suddenly Maria was in the room and taking away the effects of her power on the Cullens. Alice and Edward laughed and Carlisle looked at me.

"I guess I was right about changing the future."

"I went a little blood crazy and had a headache. It's better then what would have happened." I said.

Edward kissed me and we didn't break apart for a few minutes. "I never want to be under Maria's power again." I laughed. "You don't know how it feels. Almost like mind control."

You have no idea Edward, I thought to myself, how glad I am Maria's power didn't work on me all those years ago. Now I can live happily ever after with my true love for the rest of eternity.


AN: yes it's over. Go ahead and yell at me if you want. Just I think this is a good ending. Anyway leave me a review and thanks to everyone who has read all this.

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