Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

Chapter 2: Meeting

-Edward's POV-

"Another town, another high school," I mumbled. I've must have been to high school at least 50 times in my so many years of life. Well I'm not really alive being a vampire.

Alice was jumping up and down. I went to read her thought. Don't even try it Edward. This is the song that doesn't end. It goes on and on my friends. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was, so they'll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that doesn't end.

I stopped listening to Alice. She was hiding something again. Alice skipped outside and into my sliver Volvo. Everyone else followed her and I checked their thoughts to see if they knew what Alice was hiding.

Emmett: Rose looks so beautiful. Anyone tries to ask her out and I'll punch them. Well that Emmett for you.

Rosalie: I wonder if this makeup is okay. Maybe I should have use waterproof. Man I hate Rosalie's thoughts. She is always so shallow.

Jasper: Sorry Edward, not getting it out of me. Of course Alice told Jasper and he's almost as good as blocking me as Alice is. What was going on?

I got into the drivers seat and started to the school. We had been in Forks once a long time ago. Stayed long enough to buy the house we were living in now and make a treaty with the werewolves that live here.

We got there and right away everyone stared at us. Vampires are inhumanely beautiful. Rosalie is more beautiful then all of us and all the boys were staring at her. Emmett put her arm around her and growled at them. They backed off.

We went to the main office and the lady behind the desk stared at us. Well mostly Jasper, Emmett, and me. I smiled at her and I swear she almost fell down although I'm not sure that's possible well she's sitting down. "We're new."

"Y-y-your Doctor Cullens kids?" She asked and we nodded. "Um, right." She took out our schedule. "Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, and Alice." She laid our schedule out on the table. "Get each of your teachers to sign this and bring it back at the end of the day." She handed us each a piece of paper. "And here's a map of the school. Have a good day."

We left the office and looked at our schedule. Alice and me were both juniors while the rest were seniors. We all had lunch together though. Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie said goodbye and left. Alice and me had lunch and one other class together, which was first period. This totally sucked.

We went to first period together and got the teacher to sign the paper. After first we went our separate ways until lunch. School is always horrible and it's worst that I have to hear the teenagers' thoughts. I mean in over hundred years no one thoughts have changed.

Oh he's so hot. We're so going out. That was some girl thought before she walked up to me. "Hi, I'm Jessica."

"I'm not interested." I told her before walking away. Well that was rude. I went to go meet my family outside the lunchroom doors.

We walked in and got on line for food. We got very little food that wouldn't even be eaten. After we paid we looked around the lunchroom. There was no empty table. "There's a table with only one girl." Alice said at vampire speed. We looked at the table she mentioned and there was only one girl sitting there.

We walked to the table and I realized this girl had the best smell I had ever smelt. Venom felled my mouth and I had to shallow it. 'Can not kill this girl we're force to sit with.' I thought keeping myself calm.

"Hey, can we sit here?" Alice asked the girl, but she didn't even look up from her book. "Hello." Alice put her hand on her shoulder and the girl looked at us with her brown eyes. The book fell to the floor forgotten and her mouth hung open while she looked at us.

"Is she okay?" Emmett asked at vampire speed.

"She's confused and shocked," Jasper answered back at vampire speed and sent a wave of calm out to the girl.

"Um… what?" She still seemed so confused as she looked at us.

"Can we sit here?" Alice asked again.

"Man this girl is stupid," Rosalie said at vampire speed.

"Sure, go ahead." Alice sat down next to the girl and I sat the as far away as possible from her. Jasper was also pretty far away. Emmett and Alice sat the closest. "I'm Alice and these my brothers and sister, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward."

"Your all adopted right." We all looked at her. "Well the only new people are the doctors children and I heard they were all adopted."

What are they doing with the freaky girl from The House? The thought came from a lot of different people. What was The House? I looked at the girl who name I still didn't even know and tried to read her thoughts only to find out I couldn't. Now I really wanted to get to know this girl.

"Yeah, we're all adopted. Alice, Edward, and me are Esme sister children and Jasper and Rosalie were adopted by the Carlisle and Esme after their parents were killed. People think we're crazy because we're all kind of together. Alice with Jasper and me with Rosalie. Edward's the only free one."

"What's your name?" I finally had to ask wanting to know a name for this girl who so interested me.

"Bella Swam." It was the prefect name.

"The Italian word for beauty."

"Um… yeah." Bella finally went to go pick up her forgotten book and tripped over what appeared to be air. Alice caught her before she hit the floor. "Thanks." She picked up her book and put it on the table. She sits back down and starts to pick at her food.

I'm going to go save them from her. I heard someone think and then suddenly someone hand was on m shoulder. I turned around to see a girl there. "Hi, I'm Lauren."

"I don't care." I told her hoping she would back off. Bella started to laugh.

"Why don't you go away? It's clear he's not interested Lauren."

"Like he would be interested in you Bella. I mean what could anyone see in you when I'm so much better." I was ready to attack Lauren, but Jasper stopped me. Calm down, Bella can handle herself. Jasper thoughts hit me.

"At least I have a brain."

"At least I have parents." That made us all stop. Bella was an orphan. "How is it at The House anyway." What is this house everyone keeps on putting together with Bella?

"It's prefect." Bella answered and looked right at Lauren. No one said anything.

"Of course it is. Someone whose parents were murdered would think The House is heaven." That was all I could take. I jumped to my feet and hissed at Lauren.

"You know its just plan mean to make fun of that. You're a horrible person and I want you out of my sight in five second or else." Lauren stood there. "One…" She continued to stand there. "Two…" She didn't leave. "Three…" She ran.

I sat down and Bella started to laugh. I caught her smell and I almost jumped up to bite her. "What's this house?"

"You don't know." She seemed shocked that we didn't. "Well it called The House and I guess it sort of a home for people with no family. Not an orphanage because we're all adopted by Maria. Usually we stay at The House until 14 and then we go to a boarding school, but I'm different."

"I don't get it. Why would they make fun you because of that?"

"The House is considered a home for the unwanted by most people. A lot of orphanages that have kids who are having trouble send the kids to The House. What makes it so good is the fact that we are sent to a boarding school. It has the promise of meeting new people and stuff."

"Why weren't you sent there?" Rosalie asked.

"I'll tell you everything about me another day." Bella got up and threw away the rest of her meal. She left and not too long later the bell rang. I got up and went to biology to find that Bella was next to the only free seat. This will be interesting.

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