Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

AN: I found out I was using the wrong last name for Bella. It is the same as the book I just spelt it wrong so its Swan, not Swam.

Chapter 3: Vampires

-Bella's POV-

Vampires! I still couldn't believe it as I sat in biology. They were vampires! Their eyes were gold! It means that their like Maria and eat animal blood instead of human. Vampires! Could this be the answer to our problem?

Maria had made it clear to me that I needed to be turned. No human could go on living with the knowledge of vampires. It was what was going to happen to me after I was turned we were worried about. Maria could turn me, but she couldn't keep me. A newborn in a house full of human children did not go well together. Right now there was five other kids in The House besides me.

Mike was ten and in four years he would be gone. He doesn't really like me because if I had gone away like normally done he would be the oldest. Being the oldest holds a lot of respect in the house, but he didn't realize the reasonably too. I had to help take care of the younger members. Then there were the twins, Steve and Sam. They were five and were little terrors. Then there was Emily, the only other girl, who was four. Finally there was little Danny who wasn't even one yet. I couldn't stay as soon as I was a vampire.

It left a good question though. Where would I go? These new vampires gave a new option. Maybe I could join them? I wanted to be like them, but I would need someone to help me. Maybe they would do it? But I was getting ahead of myself. I didn't even really know them yet.

Everyone started to come in and Edward came in last. I looked and realized I was next to the only free seat. Now this would be interesting. Edward took his seat and stared at me. I realized that his eyes were black. The color of hunger Maria had once told me.

I might as well not make this difficult for him. I got as far away as I could and put my hair over my ear, which hides my neck. That should make my smell a little better. I realized he also sat as far away as possible. He wrote something on a piece of paper and pushed it to me.

You're an interesting person. I'd like to know more. I read the words and realized how neat his handwriting was.

We can meet this weekend at the park. I promised Steve, Sam, and Emily I would take them. I wrote and sent the note back to him. Today is Wednesday. This weekend should give him enough time to be well fed.

Deal, don't be surprise if Alice, Rosalie, and Esme come too. They love kids. I laughed. Maria also loved kids too. If she didn't it would make running The House pretty hard. Personally having kids will not be something I'll miss after being turned. I was basically raising kids now.

No problem. I gave the note back to Edward and we started to pay attention to class. When the bell rang I started to walk to gym. I hated gym. Gym and me just didn't work well together. Like I predicted I hurt myself and two other people playing volleyball.

I started my walk home. I didn't have a car, but Maria was getting one for me. I told her not to get anything too expensive, but I knew she wouldn't listen to me. Maria had money to spare. I don't know how she got it and truthfully didn't care. As I was walking I notice a sliver Volvo was diving next to me. I looked at it and the window rolled down. It was Alice in the car.

"Hey, Bella need a ride?"

"Your car doesn't fit six people."

"Doesn't matter." I remembered how hungry Edward looked, but The House is just outside of town and was a pretty long walk. That's why Maria was getting me a car, so I didn't have to walk so much or have her drive me.

"Okay." The door was opened and I realized that Alice had jumped on top of Jasper. I got in and closed the door. "Thanks it's a pain to walk home everyday."

"Where The House?" I told him the way and they looked at me. "What?"

"Our house is right near there. It's a pretty long walk." Their house is right there. Then they must be in the huge white house.

"You have the white house. It's not too far. I've been there a few times." They looked at me, well besides Edward since he was driving.

"We've seen The House too. We didn't know anyone was living there." Emmett told me.

"This is so great. We can go shopping and everything." Alice had a huge smile on her face. What else could I do but nod? I was planning on asking to become part of there family. Might as well make them like me before telling them I knew what they were. "We'll pick you up for school everyday."

"There's no need for that."

"We can't let you walk everyday. Something might happen."

"Maria supposed to be getting me a car. I told her nothing expensive, but she'll probably go overboard." Edward pulled into the large driveway and I saw a red Audi in the driveway next to Maria's green van. I laughed. "Told you so."

"I like the car." Rosalie eyes lit up as she said that. "If you need any work done on it I'm willing." I had gotten the feeling Rosalie didn't like me and she probably didn't, but she seemed to love my car.

"Thanks, I'll see you in school tomorrow." I got out and went to go inside. I heard Edward leaving. I opened the door to hear the yelling going on in the living room. Steve and Sam were picking on Emily again. I went there took Emily's doll out of Sam's hand and gave it back to Emily.

Steve and Sam looked at me. They were identical twins both with the same brown hair and hazel eyes. Emily had dirty blonde hair and brown eye. "Be nice." I warned the two and went to the kitchen where Maria was sitting. "Why didn't you take care of that?"

"I knew you would be home soon. By the way who gave you a ride?"

"The new kids. Dr. Cullens family."

"Oh, you'll be seeing him a lot." Maria joked around. Okay, I was clumsy, but I'm not that bad.

"Did you know they're like you." Maria's eyes grew wide.

"You took a ride home with…" I pointed at the door and she nodded. She knew Mike was listening in too. I leaned in so she could whisper in my ear. "Seriously Bella that could have been dangerous. Are you sure they're just like me?"

"Yeah all gold, but Edward eyes were black. Don't worry he was driving." I whispered as low as I could. "They could be the answer to our problem."

"Do you want me to make the believe I'm human." I nodded. I knew the easy way would be to let them figure out Maria was a vampire, but I wanted to do this my way. "Where do they live?"

"In the white house." Maria looked at me. "They're our neighbors. You didn't know?"

"Watch the young ones."

"How about you have Mike do that?"

"You're the oldest."

"Only because I didn't go to boarding school and next year after graduation Mike will be the oldest. How about we let him start taking on more reasonably now?"

"And what will you be doing?"

"I'm going to go ask our neighbors if they want to come over for dinner." Maria got where I was going. First was she wasn't here this morning so her scent wasn't on me, now it would be all over me. Second we'll see if her power worked on everyone.

"Good idea. Mike you're taking care of the kids." I heard Mike mumble something and then go into the living room. We walked outside. "You think Dr. Cullen is home from work yet?"

"I don't know. I'll give you an okay to go in. How many are there suppose to be?"

"Seven." Maria ran for it. I started to walk very slowly and carefully to the white house or now I can call it the Cullens house.

Maria appeared next to me. "Okay, go in. I got all seven of them."

I walked up to the door and knocked. A woman I didn't know answered the door. "You must be Esme." She nodded. "I'm Bella. I met your kids today."

"Oh, yes they told me about you. Well come in." Esme showed me in. "Look who came." Everyone looked at me.

"Bella, what are you doing here?" Alice asked. I looked at each of them. None of them seemed to smell the scent of another vampire on me. This was very good.

"Maria sent me when I told her you were our neighbors. She wanted me to invite you all over for dinner." I knew they would find a way to decline. Vampires couldn't eat and since I was at their table for lunch I knew they didn't eat lunch. They can't have me seeing them not eat two meals in one day.

"Sorry we can't come. We have other plans, but thanks for inviting us." Carlisle said with a smile.

"That's okay. It was nice meeting you two." I smiled at them. "See you guys in school tomorrow."

"How about you stay for a while." Alice said almost too fast for me to understand.

"I'd love to, but Maria went out for a bit and I left Mike in charge of the little ones." I rolled my eyes. "Can't wait until next year when I'm out of there. Leaving right after graduation and then Mike will be the oldest." I laughed at the image. No matter how much Mike wanted to be the oldest I knew he wasn't ready. He didn't realize how much I had to do.

"You help take care of the kids."

"No matter if I want to or not. I hate it though. I'm never becoming a mother." It was a plan fact. After the change I wouldn't be able to have kids. That seemed to upset some of them, mostly Rosalie.

It was differently time to get out of there. I said goodbye and went to leave. Of course I couldn't do that without tripping over my own two feet. Esme caught me. "Thank," I mumbled and left. After I was out of sight from their house I slowed down and started to make my plans. This was going to be fun.

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