Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

Chapter 4: Thoughts

-Edward's POV-

We walked in after giving Bella a ride home. I had told Alice it was a stupid idea, but Alice had begged. She was still hiding something from us. We walked in. "You know this isn't good right?" I asked pointing my question at Alice.

"What not good honey?" Esme asked us. Her and Carlisle were sitting in the living room.

"We have neighbors." We all sat down in the living room and started to explain about Bella to Esme and Carlisle. We told about lunch. Then I told about Biology. I was really lucky she did what she did even if she did it on accident.

"You agreed to go to the park with her. You even suggested it." Rosalie was pissed. I rolled my eyes and then explained about the car ride home and where Bella lived.

That caught their interest. "Little kids?" Carlisle asked and we all each other. We never actually asked Bella how many were in the house or their ages. "This could cause a problem."

There was a knock on the door. Esme got up to get the door. "You must be Esme. I'm Bella. I met your kids today." I heard her voice and I could smell the heavenly smell all the way from the door.

"Oh yes they told me about you. Well come in." Esme brought Bella to the living room. I held myself back. 'Can't kill her.' I kept on thinking. I'm going to have to go hunting a lot.

"Bella, what are you doing here?" Alice was a bit too excited. Bella looked at all of us kind of like she was expecting something or looking for something. Something made her happy and a little bit of a smile appeared on her face.

"Maria sent me when I told her you were our neighbors. She wanted me to invite you all over for dinner." Dinner we couldn't go over to dinner. She already saw us not eating lunch, although she didn't really eat a lot either.

"Sorry we can't. We have other plans, but thanks for inviting us." Carlisle smiled as he saved us.

"That's okay. It was nice meeting you two." She smiled at us and I almost thought my heart was beating again. What did this girl do to me? I want to eat her, but I also want to protect and love her. Love! Was that it? Was I falling in love with Bella? "See you guys in school tomorrow."

"How about you stay for a while?" Alice talked a little too fast. Bella seemed to have gotten it though. What was Alice trying to do to me? I need to think without Bella around. Man I need to hunt.

"I'd love to, but Maria went out for a bit and I left Mike in charge of the little ones." She seemed very annoyed and she rolled her eyes. "Can't wait until next year when I'm out of there. Leaving right after graduation and then Mike will be the oldest." She laughed with amusement.

"You help take care of the kids." I didn't need Jasper's power to know that Rosalie was jealous. She always wanted kids.

"No matter if I want to or not. I hate it though. I'm never becoming a mother." Everyone seemed to be upset. I tuned into everyone thoughts.

Rosalie: That little bitch. She doesn't even know what she has.

Emmett: Rosalie's piss. I should do something.

Carlisle: Talk about a wrong thing to say at the wrong time.

Esme: Poor girl, I can't believe she wouldn't want to have kids.

Alice: In 1692 three ships sailed out to sea. The… I stopped listening to Alice. What the hell was she hiding from me?

Jasper: her emotions are weird. Stopped listening to Jasper

Bella seemed to get that it was time to go. She got up to leave, but tripped over her own two feet. Esme caught her before she hit the floor. "Thanks," she mumbled before leaving.

We all looked at each other. "We're all going to have to stay well fed. Edward…" I was already up to get going.

I ran through the forest until I caught the smell of deer. I let the mindless monster take over and ate three before I was well fed. I took off running again. It was dark by the time I was running to my house, but then decided to go to The House.

I came to The House. I looked just like my house only it was painted black instead of white. I went looking through the windows. One room had two beds and two little boys were in the room. They were sitting on the floor looking at each other. They were talking about playing a prank on someone named Emily.

A woman walked into the room and looked at them. She had brown eye and brown hair. This must be Maria. She had a very interesting smell, but not nearly as good as Bella. "Bed." Her voice told them not to kid around with her.

"Why can't we stay up?" The two complained together.

"Because five years old have to go to bed at 8."

"Bella gets to…"

"Stay up late." One had started and the other had finished.

"Bella is seventeen. You two are five. Bed, now." The two didn't argue and went under the covers. "Why did I let those two share a room?"

She walked to the next room and there was one little girl in it. The girl was already asleep and had a bear held in her arms. Maria smiled and closed the door. I found Bella in a room on the other side of the house and was thankful there was a tree that I could hide in.

Maria walked in. "All little kids asleep and Mike is doing something in his room. I'd be careful if I was you."

"Good to know." Bella looked away from her computer and at Maria. Maria came over and whispered something so low to Bella that I couldn't hear it. Bella laughed and it felt like an angel was laughing.

Maria laughed too. "I'm going to go watch TV. Want to come?"

"Nope, I'm going to do some research." Maria nodded and left the room. I wonder what Bella was researching. From the angle I was at I couldn't get a good look at the computer.

I decided to look at the room instead. Even from here I could see it was one of the biggest room in the house. It was painted a light blue. In fact blue seemed to be Bella's favorite color. I stored that away for the future. I heard the sound of a printer. Bella got up and left the room. She must have gone to the bathroom or something.

I opened her window and silently went inside. There were two huge bookcases and I wondered for a minute why Bella had this many books. One bookcase seemed to be for school and books like Romeo and Juliet. There were also photo albums and a few action figures.

The other bookcase had books about vampires, werewolves, witches, and anything else you can think of that was magical. I notice that she had more about vampires then anything else. Fictional stories about vampires, theory books about vampires, and anything else you could think of. She even had every vampire movie I ever heard of and more on DVD or tape. I looked at the printer, which had finished printing, and I saw in huge letters the word Vampires. This was very bad.

-Bella's POV-

I laughed to myself in the shower. The hot water hitting my body as I continued to laugh. This had to be the funniest thing I had ever done. When Maria told me I had to become a vampire I became very into the supernatural. More so vampires then anything else. Even though I knew a lot of the stuff were completely fake, but it was interesting. I printed out that page on vampires just to freak him out some more.

Okay so it wasn't the nicest thing, but it's not like they're going to get all worked up about it. I mean I'm just going to tease them for a bit. It's not like they can get all worked up just because I'm into vampires.

Oh well, it's his fault for spying around here anyway. You got to love Maria's power. She knew he was here, but he didn't know she was a vampire. It came in handy. Maria power to make people believe in anything is pretty cool. Maria says she enters a person mind and plants an idea in the mind. They will continue to believe the idea until she takes the idea away. For some reason she couldn't enter my mind, which leads to this whole situation. Anyway time to get out of the shower and go back to my room. I gave him enough time to look around. I didn't even need to take a shower considering I took one only an hour ago.

-Alice's POV-

I was laughing to myself as I saw Edward going through Bella's room. Bella is a funny girl. Okay so I know he knows. She has been planning on telling us she knew, so I had a vision. In fact I've had more then one vision. Edward and Bella will be so cute together and I get another shopping body.

I wondered how she knew though. I know she knows, but I don't know how she knows. All I know is she does know, she going to tell us after teasing around with us for a bit, and that her and Edward will end up liking each other. Oh, Edward's coming home. Time to block my thoughts.

Edward ran in and the door closed with a loud bang. "Edward, what's wrong?" Esme asked.

"Bella. Do you know how many things about vampires I found in her room?"

"You were in her room. Nice going man." Emmett of course.

"Not like that. I went through her window while she was in the shower."

"How did you know she was in the shower? You said you couldn't read her mind." Carlisle pointed out.

"I was watching her from a tree outside her room." The way he said it just made us laugh.

"You know that kind of sounds like a stalker." Rosalie pointed out and we all laughed harder.

"Not the point." Edward yelled and we all stopped.

"Okay, what up with Bella and vampires?"

"I found tones of book on vampires and every vampire movie I ever heard of and more. Also she printed out something to do with vampires on the computer." I tried not to laugh and continued to think about other things. "You knew."

"Knew what Edward?"

"You knew we were going to have to sit with her, you knew she was going to come over today, and you knew about all the vampire stuff. You also know something else. What do you know?" Everyone was looking at me now.

"She's not going to find out." It was the truth. She can't find out something she already knows, but I didn't say that. I wanted to see the shocked looks on my family's faces when she told us, so I continued to sing songs and anything else to block Edward.

My family relaxed. Me saying that was a nice thought. "Keep a close eye on her, but I think we're safe." Everyone went to do other things and I went to Jasper and mine room. I started to laugh as Jasper walked in.

"You never really told me all that's going on." Jasper was hopeful. I only told him about meeting Bella and the fact that we might have to be around her a lot so he could be ready. I didn't want to ruin the surprise, so I gave Jasper a kiss. "You're not going to tell me are you?" I shook my head and he nodded.

AN: I know Maria's power is confusing. I hope I explained it better in this chapter. Review.

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