Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

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Chapter 5: Teasing

-Bella's POV-

I was kind of upset that no vampires were in anything with me before lunch. Make that I was upset. Lauren and her friend Jessica had decided to make my life hell and they got Mike Newton to join in. I could deal with the name-calling. It's been done ever since I was 14 and didn't leave. I'm considered odd and being odd in a small town was never good. People from The House were already considered odd, but I was more odd then most.

Believe it or not I use to be friends with some of the kids. My best friend of course was Kate and Paul, but that didn't last when they went to boarding school. There was another house the kids went to if they needed a place to stay while the boarding school was on vacation. They never returned to The House after 14. Well sometimes someone would drop by for a bit. Johnny had stopped by two years ago and was shocked to still see me in The House. Anyway I doubted Kate or Paul would drop by. Paul is two years older then me and we weren't as close as Kate and Paul were. Kate is the same age as me and was hurt when I didn't go with her. She thought we would be together, so she was mad at me that meant Paul wouldn't come by. I had also been friends with a nice girl named Angela, but that didn't last because I didn't think having a human friend would be very good.

Now I waited at my table for the vampires to show. Just like yesterday Alice sat next to me, Jasper sat as far away as possible that probably means he has the least control, but Edward sat across from me. I looked into his eyes and was happy to see them a gold color. He had been hunting. I put the book I was reading down so they could see the cover. The big word VAMPIRES was on top.

"Hi," I sad pretending I completely forgot about the book. "How are you?"

"Good, interesting book." Alice seemed to help me by making everyone else realize what the cover of the book said. Thanks you Alice! Sometimes I think this girl can read minds.

"Vampires! You don't really believe in that junk, do you?" Rosalie made her voice sound as if she couldn't believe vampires were real. It made me want to laugh, but I stopped myself. No point in giving me away now.

"Who knows? This world is a big and mysterious place. Vampires could be real." And I am sitting with a group of vampires right now I thought. Everyone looked really worried, besides Alice. She must have said something vampire speed or too low for me to hear because everyone calmed down. I really wondered about this girl.

"Well I think it's a bunch of bull," Emmett told us and laughed. "You better eat something. Do you ever eat?" Emmett tried to change the subject.

I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in front of me, but I had hardly taken a bite. "Do you?" I pointed it right back at him. No one knew what to say to that and I decided that was enough joking around for today. "I bet a lot of girls have asked you three to the dance." The three boys looked at me. "The Girls Choice dance. Bet you've broken a lot of hearts since you two are together with Alice and Rosalie."

"We're not going," Edward told me. "What about you? Who are you going to ask?"

"I'm not going." I don't know weather Edward was relieved or upset with my answer.

"Why not?" It was Emmett who asked me. Okay, maybe this wasn't the best topic.

"If you hadn't realized yet no one here really likes me. I mean just this morning Jessica, Lauren, and Mike threw a balloon filled with paint at me." It was true. They had tried to throw paint at me, but I ducked and it hit my car, which was okay since the paint was red. I did clean it up though since I really started to like that car and it was a different type of red then the car was. "Besides I'm not the most graceful person. I couldn't dance if my life depended on it."

"It's all about the leading." Edward told me as I actually started to eat my sandwich. I waited until I was done chewing before answering.

"Oh really and you would know that. You're the only boy at this table without a girlfriend." I pointed out. "How do I know you can dance?"

"I'll prove it." Edward then got a look in his beautiful golden eyes. "How about a bet?" I nodded.

"Okay, we'll go to the dance. If you can make it that I don't trip while dancing you win, if I trip I win."

"Loser has to tell the winner a secret of theirs."

"Deal," I said. The dance was in a week. If I lose, and I probably will, I tell them and still have a week to tease him around. If he loses maybe he'll tell me although I doubt he would actually and I still tell them I know. Then I just realized something. "Wait... what just happened?"

"I think we're going to the dance together." Edward was just as surprised as me. We weren't really thinking when we said that and it took us both a minute to realize I had just asked him to the dance and he agreed to go.

Alice screamed which made everyone look at us and basically jumped on me while giving me a hug. I almost fell back from the force of the 'attack' and probably would have if it hadn't been for her strong arms around me. "Need air," I whispered after a minute. Just because they didn't have to breath doesn't mean I don't.

"Oh my god. This is going to be so much fun. Jasper we're going too now." Alice said and Jasper just nodded. "Rosalie and Emmett will be coming too." She said it as a fact and not a question. The two just nodded. "Us three are going to go dress shopping. Oh this will be fun…"

-Edward's POV-

How did that happen? I mean come on. One minute we're talking about vampires the next I have a date with the most beautiful girl in the world who smells amazing. Way to go Edward. Emmett's thoughts of course. Man this was getting annoying. What did this girl do to me?

We sat in silence for the rest of lunch. Bella ate and then went back to reading her book. Alice was thinking about what color dress to get Bella. She was thinking red or pink. I personally think she would look nice in blue, but I'm not butting into this.

Biology was really boring. Bella sat next to me of course, but we only took notes today. Bella's next class was gym and instead of paying attention to English I watched her through the mind of Mike Newton. Bella was really horrible at gym.

I was the first by the car waiting for my brothers and sisters. They came out at the same time as Bella. She had the keys to the Audi in her hand. Her car wasn't too far from ours and I looked at it. Right then I saw Lauren key the car.

Bella and the others saw it too. It was Rosalie that was the most pissed though. She ran over to the car and growled at Lauren. "Don't you ever touch this car again." Rosalie might not like Bella, but she really liked the car. I can't believe this bitch.

Lauren went running and Rosalie opened the door probably breaking the lock since I didn't think Bella would leave the door unlocked. In a few seconds I heard the car started and Rosalie closed the door and drove off. Bella stared at it as the car left the parking lot with her keys still in her hands.

"Bella," Alice said waving a hand over Bella's face, which reminded me of when we first met just yesterday. Man it seemed so long ago. "Um… w-what just happened."

"Rose really loves cars. She just brought it to our house to get it fixed." Emmett put in.

Bella looked down at the keys in her hand and started to laugh as the others brought her over to our car. "She somehow got passed the lock and hotwired the car just to fix it. Man you people are not normal." Bella continued to laugh as she got into the back with Jasper and Alice.

When she calmed down she took out a cell phone and turned it on. "Hey Maria I'm going to go over the Cullens house for a bit."

"Sure," Maria answered. "When will you be back?"

"Don't know. Whenever Rosalie is done playing with my car. Don't ask. Bye." Bella hung up and looked out the window. Boy she was taking this good.

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