Adopted by a Vampire

Hanging out with Cullens

Adopted by a Vampire

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Chapter 6: Hanging out with Cullens

-Bella's POV-

I was sitting in the living room with Alice, Esme, and Edward. Emmett was with Rosalie watching as she worked on my car and Carlisle wasn't home yet. Jasper went upstairs saying he had homework. I still had to give a laugh at the way Rosalie reacted about my car. It was so funny how she overreacted. I was just smiling. "So tell us about yourself."

"Not much to tell. I'm 17 and living in The House. I'm the oldest of course. Maria is like my big sister. I'm very into the supernatural. I love stories about vampires." Time to tease them a bit more.

"Wouldn't Maria be more like a mother?" Edward asked clearly trying to avoid the subject of vampires.

"No. Maria did raise us all, but no one calls her mom and she doesn't want us to call her mom. Our moms and dads are all gone and she doesn't want to take their place. Besides she acts more like a sister then a mother. Even the little ones don't call her mom because it just not a word used in The House." I couldn't believe I had to explain this. It was always something that didn't need to be explained.

Esme nodded. From what I got from her she was very motherly. I liked her a lot. "How did you end up in The House?" Esme asked.

"From what I remember my mother, my father, and me all went camping. A person my father was actually looking for, he was an police officer, was their in the forest and attacked us. I saw him kill my parents and ran. Maria found me and gave me a choice. Although I don't remember too much. It was a long time ago."

There was silence for what felt like hours, but was probably just a minute or two. "How about we talk about something happier?" Alice suggested and was basically bouncing up and down in her seat. "Like the dress we're going to get for the dance."

"What dance?" Esme asked.

"Bella asked Edward to the dance and he accepted." Esme looked so happy and gave me just as big as a hug as Alice did.

"Thank you so much Bella." Esme whispered in my ear.

"Air," I whispered and she let go of me. I took a minute to catch my breath. "Can we not hug me like that? I don't know how much longer I can last if I keep getting those hugs. I mean how strong are you people. It's like you have super strength or something." It was time to tease them a bit again.

"What type of dresses were you planning on getting?" Esme changed the subject. "By the way don't worry dear everything is on us." I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Well Saturday I was planning on taking Bella shopping."

"Wait, I promised Sam, Steve, and Emily I would bring them to the park on Saturday, but Sunday is good." Alice nodded, but I could tell she was a little upset. This girl most love shopping. "You're still coming to the park right?" I pointed the question at Edward.

"Wouldn't miss it. How old are they anyway?"

"Sam and Steve are five and Emily is four."

"They're the youngest?"

"No, Danny is."

"How old is he?"

"Not even a year. Why so curious about the other kids in The House Edward?" Edward didn't know how to answer. "Before you ask their one other person in the house. Mike and he is 10." Edward laughed and I laughed too. I had no idea what we were laughing about though.

The door opened and Carlisle walked in. "Hey who wants to go hu… Bella, hi." There was a weird silence when he realized I was here. He should have known before because of my scent, but for some reason he didn't. "What are you doing here?"

"Lauren, the little slut, keyed my car and Rosalie is fixing it." I answered. There was another strange silence.

"What is Lauren's problem with you?" Alice asked.

"I don't know. I don't really care. Like I told you at lunch no one here really likes me." We all just sat there until Rosalie came in.

"I fixed your car. It's better then new."

"Better then new? Should I be scared?"

"Probably," Edward stated as Rosalie dragged me to my car. You couldn't find where Lauren keyed the car if you tried. Then Rosalie started to explain all this other stuff she did to the car. Me knowing nothing about cars understood nothing.

"In plain English what does that mean?" Emmett laughed from somewhere. Rosalie looked annoyed.

"She made it that your car can go really fast." Emmett explained.

"Oh, thanks." I took the keys out. "Tell everyone I say goodbye. I better get home." Rosalie stepped out of the way as I started the car. I drove out of the Cullen long driveway and drove home.

Maria was in the living room with the kids, besides Mike. "So what happen to your car?"

"Lauren keyed it." Maria nodded. "By the way on Sunday I'm going dress shopping." Maria looked at me confused.


"I'm going to the dance with Edward." Maria laughed.

"You asked him?"

"Sort of. It was really confusing." I thought of lunch and it was really confusing. Maria started to laugh and I joined her. I thought about Edward. How much did I really like him? The answer was I like him a lot. A whole lot.

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