Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

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Chapter 7: Weekend

-Edward's POV-

I threw a small rock at the window. "Bella," I hissed trying to get her to wake up. Of course I could have went up there, but that would ruin our secret. I was with Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie outside Bella's window. It was about one o'clock in the morning, but we needed to talk to Bella. "Bella."

"Why don't you just yell?" Rosalie asked getting annoyed. We've been trying to get Bella up for 10 minute.

"Because I don't want to wake the kids or Maria." I hissed back. I threw another rock at her window. "Bella."

"If you want to wake Bella up you're going to have to be louder then that." I heard a voice and looked to see Maria behind us. Rosalie gave me an 'I told you so' look. "You must be the Cullens." We all nodded. "I'll get Bella for you."

Maria smiled at us. She was very beautiful in a human way, but not as good-looking as Bella. She also seemed very young. It was strange since the way Bella talked and some research I did shows that The House has been around for a long time. Must be a family thing or something. Maria went inside and not too long later Bella came out.

Bella stared at us for a minute. She was wearing pajamas with sheep on them, her hair was a mess, and she looked tired. She yawned and I realized this probably wasn't the best idea, but hey we already started it.

"What are five inhumanely beautiful people doing outside my window at one in the morning? What is it you don't sleep or something?" Wow she nailed it right on the head. This sort of comments from Bella gets me nervous, really nervous. I wish I could read her mind so badly.

"We want to get back at Lauren." Emmett told her.

"Um… what?" Man that must be Bella's favorite thing to say.

"You heard us. We want to get back at Lauren." Rosalie said and thought this girl is really an idiot. I growled at Rosalie too low for Bella to hear.

"I must have of heard you wrong. You want to get back at Lauren?"

"Yep." Emmett was almost jumping up and down since he was so happy.

"And that girl Jessica," Alice added.

"And the boy Mike," Jasper added.

"Newton?" We nodded. Bella stood there shocked for a minute. She was not use to anyone defending her.

"Come on you're coming over to our house to plan." Emmett was ready to pick Bella up and throw her into the back of the car.

"Let me get changed and tell Maria I'm going out." Bella turned around and walked inside.

-Bella's POV-

They want to get back at Lauren. That was unbelievable. They want to defend me. Does that mean they really like me. Does it mean I have a chance with Edward? Does it mean I have a chance of them helping me?

"What do the vamps want?" Maria whispered into my ear. I almost jumped because I hadn't notice she was behind me. Maria laughed.

"Like you didn't hear the whole thing." I whispered back and went to get changed into the same thing I was wearing today. I started down the stairs. "Going out."

"Bye." I ran out got into Edward's Volvo. The ride to his house was short and silence. Thank god because I was really tired.

We got in and all sat in the living room. We looked at each other for a while. "Remember how you said they threw paint at you?" I nodded at Emmett. "Well I was thinking we could cover the in paint."

"Isn't that kind of copying them?" I asked and everyone agreed. For the next half hour they were going over ideas. It was finally a miss a few ideas.

"Okay Rosalie messes around with their cars, Emmett throws food at them at lunch, Jasper you know what to do…" I had no idea what Jasper was going to do. I must have missed it or they made sure I missed it. "Alice switch their cloths with other cloths while they're in gym, and I'll punch Mike in the noise." I looked at Edward.

"Why are you punching Newton?"

"You haven't half the things he had said about you."

"Oh yeah and you have what. Super hearing?" They looked at me. I must be really driving them crazy. Well expect for Alice who was smiling at me. What was with this girl?

"I thought I heard…" I heard Esme a she walked in with Carlisle. She looked at be. "Bella, honey, what are you doing here?"

"I was kidnapped." I joked and Esme looked at her 'children'. She actually believed me! "I was just joking. They came to my house, woke me up, and Maria all but pushed me out the door to go out."

"Maria woke you up," Edward corrected me.

"Whatever," I said and rolled my eyes. "Point is I'm here. Got any orange juice?"

"No, in fact we have nothing here. We need to go shopping badly." Carlisle made up and I tried not to laugh.

"Of course people who never eat wouldn't have anything." Okay maybe that one went a little too far.

"We eat, of course we eat. Why wouldn't we eat?" Emmett said almost a little to fast. I felt a wave of calm. What the hell is that?

"I was joking because you never eat lunch." I lay down on the couch and yawned again. I had been up until 11 writing a report and probably didn't get to sleep for another half an hour when I went to bed so I basically only got an hour of sleep.

"Maybe we should get you home."

"No, Maria probably as the doors locked and bolted. She wants to see me with a life as she calls it." Besides I didn't want to go. We talk for a while, but I must have fallen asleep while someone was talking.

-Edward's POV-

"She's asleep," I said looking at Bella. She had fallen asleep right in the middle of the conversation. "I'll bring her home."

"Edward, just let her sleep." Alice told me while continuing to sing those annoying songs in her head. What was she hiding?

"I still don't understand why you woke her up in the first place." Carlisle was annoyed that we brought her here. "After what I almost said today…" Carlisle had never slipped like he almost did today.

"You had a hard day honey. Not your fault you didn't realize she was here." It was almost funny what happened to Carlisle today. A new nurse tripped while she was carrying a bottle of blood. The blood went flying and hit Carlisle in the face. If his mouth had been open it would have went right in, but still the blood was right there. Lucky it wasn't the blood of an AIDs patient or anything, so he didn't have to explain why he didn't catch the disease. It was hard enough to explain why he didn't get a cut when the bottle broke in his face.

"Why is she always here?" Carlisle asked. "We never talked so much to a human." Everyone looked at me.

"I think she's interesting and since I can't read her mind we have to…" I had no idea where I was going with this. Why I was I so interested in Bella? Everyone was looking at me and there was only one answer. "I think I'm falling in love with her." Everyone was shocked, besides Alice that is.

"Edward." I heard Bella's voice so clearly and I thought she was up, but when I looked back at her she was fast asleep. "Edward." She said again and my mouth was hanging open.

"She's sleep talking," Jasper pointed out.

"And dreaming about Edward," Rosalie pointed out.

"Way to go man." Emmett had a big grin on his face. I was still staring at Bella. What did it mean that she was saying my name in her sleep? Was it a good thing? Did it mean she was in love with me?

"Stupid dazzling vampires," Bella mumbles and everyone cracks up laughing.

"Of course Edward falls in love with a girl who is obsessed with vampires." Rosalie hissed and goes upstairs.

"What did she mean by dazzling?" Emmett had to ask. Truthfully I was curious too.

I picked Bella up and brought her upstairs. I put her on the once useless I had in my room for some reason and sat on the couch to watch her sleep.

-Bella's POV-

I woke up completely unsure of where I was. I knew for a fact it wasn't my room. Last night events came rushing through my head and I jumped up. I heard a musical laugh and looked to see Edward. "Well good morning sleepy head."

"I fell asleep."

"Yes." Edward smiled at me. For a minute I was scared. I knew I talked in my sleep. It had been a big joke at the house for a lone time. What had he heard? Did he know I knew? "You know you talk in your sleep."

"Yes, did I say anything I should be embarrass about?"

"Not really. From what I remember you said something about Mike being a pain and also something about stupid dazzling vampires. Oh and you said my name a few times." He said it as an after thought. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, which wasn't very good with a vampire.

"Um… well…" I wasn't too sure what to say. "This your room?"

"Yes," he answered.

"I like it. You have a large CD collection." I was looking at the CDs. I love music. Edward nodded as I started to look through the CDs. "I better get home and get breakfast. What time is it?"

"Almost noon," Edward answered.

"Oh man. Steve, Sam, and Emily will be pissed if I'm not back to take them to the park soon." I started running down the stairs and almost fell, but Edward caught me. "How did you get behind me? What do you have super speed?"

"Walk slower. Running won't get you home faster." I got down the stairs.

"Bella," I heard Esme say and walked into the kitchen. It looked like a hurricane hit it. I started to laugh.

"I thought you said you didn't have food."

"I sent Emmett and Alice out to get some." She put a plate of eggs in front of me. "Stupidly I let them try and cook too. I hope you don't mind them sunny side up."

"No problem." I ate the eggs. "Better get going."

"Hey, I drove you. Come on. We're going to the park too." Edward told me and Alice and Rosalie appeared behind him. I still wondered why Rosalie wants to come. She seems to hate me sometimes and sometimes she seems to like me. She's confusing.

"I'll come," Esme said. We went to Edward's Volvo and he drove back to my house. I ran inside to find three little pains waiting for me. Why did I promise to take them to the park again?

"Hey. Take Danny with you." Maria yelled. I looked at her and realized why she wanted me to take Danny. She needed to hunt. I got Danny's baby bag and picked him up. When I got outside Maria was putting his stroller in the back of the mini van and was talking to Esme. Steve, Emily, and Sam were waiting by the door.

"Bella, just talking to your friends. Nice people." She threw the keys to the van at me, but I of course didn't catch them and they landed on the floor. I rolled my eyes and picked them up.

I put Danny in his car seat and made sure everyone else had his or her seatbelts on. I got in the car and started it. I looked behind me once and saw Edward was following. We got to Forks little park in no time at all. As soon as I parked the three kids were running to play.

I got Danny out of the car and saw the Cullens come up to me. I handed Danny to Esme right away. She held him shocked for a minute looking at him. Danny was cute, but I seriously hated taking care of kids. Esme smiled then and started to play with Danny. Rosalie and Alice were also looking at Danny. What with vampires and babies?

"Shouldn't you be watching them?" Edward asked.

"What am I'm going to be able to do if they get hurt. Tell you what how about you watch them? With the speed you've shown you could probably run and catch them from here if you see them fall." I laughed a bit like I was making a joke. Didn't want it to seem that serious. Edward forced a bit of a laugh out too. "Get the stroller out of the car."

Edward obeyed and took the stroller out and got it ready for Danny. "You going to take him for a walk?" Rosalie asked me still looking at Danny.

"You three take him for a walk." I gave her the bag. "Everything you need is in there." Okay to a vampire Danny was a little snack and I wasn't too sure about their self-control, but they hang with me and Maria one time told me I smelt better then most humans.

The three vampires did take Danny for a walk and Edward and I sat down. We stared at each other for a minute. "So tell me, what your favorite color."

"Different from day to day."

"What's it today?"

I thought for a minute. "Yellow."

"Why?" Okay the reason was embarrassing but the reason was because of his eyes. They were a golden yellow and it looked good.

"Don't know." He seemed to expect the answer. We sat there staring for a minute. He leaned closer to me and I got closer to him. Right when we were about to kiss I heard Emily scream.

We both jumped up. "I told you to watch them." I went over to Emily as fast I could without tripping. She was lying on the floor crying holding her leg. It was just a cut on her leg. I've had ten times worst and didn't cry. What got me was the blood coming out of it. Oh god was Edward going to be okay.

-Edward POV-

Oh god we almost kissed. I almost kissed a girl I hardly knew anything about. All I know is she's obsessed with vampires. When the girl screamed I was almost thankful until I smelt the blood. When Bella saw it she turned to me. The look in her eyes as she looked at me scared me. She was worried. Was she worried about me? It wasn't the first time and wouldn't be the last that I wanted to read this girls mind.

"There are Band-Aids in the bag I gave Rosalie. Can you go get it?" Was she just worried about Emily? When she looked back I could tell she wasn't worried about her though. She seemed more annoyed. "Clam down it's just a cut."

Maybe Bella was right about not having kids. She's not very motherly. In fact it's the last word to think of with Bella. Okay she was a teenager and most teenage girls aren't motherly, but Bella been helping to raise kids. You think she would be.

I followed my families scent until I found them still thinking about the look Bella gave me. What was she worried about? Was she worried about me?

-Bella's POV-

After getting a Band-Aid on Emily I brought everyone home. I was pissed at Steve since he was the one who pushed Emily. "Mike." The unhappy ten-year-old came down the stairs. "Watch the kids."

"No." Mike stared at me.

"Do what I say."

"Your not the boss of me."

"I'm going out with Alice and Rosalie and your going to watch the kids until Maria gets home." Alice and Rosalie were behind me and Edward and Esme had went home. Us girls had planned to do the shopping trip sooner since we were free all afternoon.

"We don't have to…"

"No, Mike has to learn something." I stopped Rosalie before she finished and turned back to Mike. "You want to be the oldest and you are going to be the oldest when I leave next year, but being the oldest isn't fun. Get use to it now because after next year you will be taking care of them a lot more often."

I walked out leaving Mike there and got into my car. Rosalie and Alice followed, Alice getting into the back. I started to the mall. As soon as I got there I was a little sorry I didn't stay to take care of the little ones. Alice loves shopping. She dragged to every store looking for the right dress. She finally decided I looked best in a nice blue dress. It didn't take as long finding a dress for Rosalie or Alice

Then they dragged to me stores and just started buying me cloths. "Why?"

"Look at the way you dress now and then you'll thank us." I'll say it now and I'll probably say it again in the future, I HATE SHOPPING.

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