Adopted by a Vampire


Adopted by a Vampire

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Chapter 8: Dance

-Rosalie's POV-

I stopped my car outside her house. This girl was annoying me. She seemed to always be with us now. At our house a lot, getting closer to Edward and everyone, getting closer to the secret. All those little comments she made were horrible. She was getting close. One time at lunch I ate something just so she would think we ate. I of course made a face and she said 'The lunch room food tastes like dirt.' She was getting too close.

"Come," Alice jumped out of the car with her huge bag of makeup and started to the door. I followed her. She knocked and Bella answered. She was holding Danny while feeding him a bottle. The little guy was so cute. I couldn't believe Bella doesn't want children when she can have children. It's so wrong.

"What are you doing here?" Bella asked looking at us.

"We said we would help you get ready for the dance."

"If I remember correctly you said you were going to help me and basically force Rosalie to come to help." Well at least she got that right. I was forced to come here to help get this girl ready for a date with my brother. "Besides the dance is four hours away."

"We have to do your hair and make up and everything. Then we have to get ready. Maybe we should have come earlier." Bella looked at us with her mouth wide open. Alice had walked passed Bella and up the stairs. I followed my sister and ended up in Bella's room.

I looked around it. There was nothing special here. The room was blue and there were two large bookcases. I looked at the cover to some of the books. I was ready to growl. Look at all these vampires' books. Couldn't anyone see she was a danger to us?

Bella walked in not too long later. She didn't look too happy. Alice graded her and pulled her into the bathroom. I followed not too long later to find Bella sitting on in front of the sink. "Where did this chair come from?" Alice had somehow gotten a chair is there and was already working on Bella. I went to help knowing my pixie of a sister would force me if I didn't.

-Edward POV-

I was impatient to get to Bella's house. The minutes from when Alice and Rose left seemed to drag on for hours. I was already in my suit and was looking into the mirror. "You look so handsome." Esme told me. She was smiling.

"I'm over a hundred years old and I'm nervous about going to a dance with a teenager."

"You like her. It's normal."

"I'm not right for her though." I knew I wasn't right for Bella. How could I be? "I'll bring her to the dance and we'll get this bet out of the way and make her think it was all about the bet." I knew Esme would be hurt.

"She a sweet girl Edward. She's right for you."

"I'm a monster and she's a beautiful human. I'm too dangerous."

"Don't talk about yourself like that. You'll have a great time at the dance and then you'll see how prefect Bella is for you." Esme walked out and I went to my car. Jasper and Emmett were following in their own car. I drove to Bella's house and knocked on the door. Alice answered.

"Please tell me she's ready." We walked in and I saw Bella walked down the stairs. She was beautiful in the blue dress. I knew you would like it. Alice thought to me. I took Bella's hand as she got to the bottom. "I'm surprised you got out of the high heels."

"I'm going to make this bet as fair to you as possible. Wearing high heels makes it impossible for you to win." I laughed as I led my date out to my Volvo. We drove until we ended up at the school.

I opened Bella's door and led her into the gym. Everyone was staring at us. Emmett and Rosalie soon followed me in and shortly later Jasper and Alice. We went out to the dance floor and started to dance. Anytime Bella would almost fall I was able to stop her.

"Maybe you should have worn the heels." She giggled as I pulled her closed to me as a slow song started. As the song talked about love I knew Esme was right. I could never leave Bella. I bent down to kiss Bella, but then Jessica and Lauren came over.

"Hey Edward, why don't you get away from the loser?"

"I would, but you two seem to just hang around me." Bella giggle and Lauren stared at her. The term if looks could kill came to mind.

"You think that's funny?" The voice Lauren used just made Bella laugh harder. I had my arm around Bella holding her close to me for protection. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help it. I laughed.

Mike and Tyler came up and put their arm around their dated. "Something wrong here?"

"Edward and Bella are being mean." Lauren and Jessica said in a voice that made it sound like they were going to cry. Mike rolled up his sleeve and put his hand into a fist. I've been waiting to do this since that Cullen came here. Just when he was about to punch me the punch bowl hit him in the head making the juice go all over him and he was wearing the bowl like a hat.

Bella was almost on the floor laughing. "Food fight," I heard someone yell as everyone started to grad food. I picked up Bella and ran out as fast as a human can go. Pretty slow for me. I met up with everyone by the cars.

I totally got that Mike kid. Emmett was so happy with his throw. "Thanks Emmett. Well I guess I should take Bella home."

"It's too early to go home. Why don't we go to your house?"

"Yes that's a great idea." Alice was still singing songs in her head. It was really annoying. We got into our cars and sped off to our house. It was a silence ride and I wondered what Bella was thinking.

When we got home Esme and Carlisle were shocked to see us. "What happened to the dance?"

"Don't asked," we all said together. We all sat down.

"Hey, wasn't there a bet here," Emmett pointed out.

"Yeah, Edward won." Oh was she thinking about having to tell me a secret I should save her.

"Not really since we left early. She didn't go through the whole dance."

"No you won fair and square. Besides I have to tell you my secret sooner or later." Bella laughed and I think I saw Alice with a camera in her hand, but I wasn't looking at her. "My secret is…" She stopped right there. "My secret is that I know your secret." It was just a whisper, but we all heard it. "I know your vampires." I let my mouth hang open and then next thing I saw was a flash as Alice started to take pictures.

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