Adopted by a Vampire

Bella's Story

Adopted by a Vampire

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Chapter 9: Bella's Story

-Bella's POV-

They tried to deny the fact that they were vampires, but all I did was throw out some facts, the biggest being the Volturi, and they believed I knew. Edward's mouth was open wide and his eyes were staring at me. Rosalie glared at me and her mouth was a straight line. The term if looks could kill came to mind again. Jasper was staring at me and his mouth was open a bit, but not as much as Edward. Esme had a hand over her mouth and her eyes were filled with shock. Carlisle was looking at me as though he was trying to figure something out. Emmett was shocked for a minute and then started laughing. He was on the floor laughing. Alice was still taking pictures and she was laughing too.

"How?" Edward asked.

"Maria's a vampire." Alice dropped the camera. I picked it up and took a picture of Alice' vampire. Her mouth was in a weird direction and her eyes were wide.

"Not possible. We've seen her and smelled her. She's not a vampire. I would have seen it." I was a bit confused on the seen it thing.

"Her power is to make people believe something. She made you believe she wasn't a vampire. The only reason I know is because the power didn't work on me." Everyone looked at me.

Carlisle took a deep breath. "You're going to have to explain everything."

I nodded. "Well I guess it started when I was five and taken into the house. I had always noticed something weird about Maria. She was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen and her eyes were gold, but when I asked people they thought I was crazy. They told me that Maria's eyes were brown. I finally asked her about it and that's when I found out about vampires." I stopped there. That was the easy part of my story. "My life went on normal from there. Kate was my best friend. She was in the house with me and was the same age. We were the oldest together when Paul left, but then it was time for the boarding school…"


"I'm so excited," Kate screamed as she threw stuff into her bag. "We're going to be going to boarding school together. Maybe we could be dorm mates." I was in Kate's room. It was smaller then mine. Maria had given me the largest room in the house. "Are you done packing?"

"No, I'm not packing."

"Well you have to pack."

"Kate, I'm not packing because I'm not going anywhere." She looked at me confused. I couldn't really explain why I wasn't moving. It had to be kept a secret that Maria was a vampire. "Kate, we're not going to be dorm mates because I'm not going to boarding school. I'm staying here."

Kate started to laugh. "Nice joke Bells, but you know that impossible."

"I'm not joking. Ask Maria if you want."

"Fine, MARIA," Kate yelled and Maria walked in not too long later. "Bella says she's not going to boarding school. Tell her she is."

"She's not."

"There you see… wait, she's not." Kate looked completely shocked. "Why?"

"Bella's different then the rest of you. She'll be staying here with me until she graduates." Maria left to take care of the crying baby and Kate looked at Bella. She had tears in her eyes.

"I thought we would be together. You were my best friend."


"Get out." I left Kate's room and went to my own.

End flashback

"Then any friends I had outside of the house stopped talking to me, well besides Angela, but I sent her away. It's better this way."

"I don't understand. Why couldn't you go to boarding school? Why did you not want to be friends with anyone?" Edward asked.

"Edward I…" Did I want to tell them this? Was it too much? Oh come on, they're vampires. "Before I answer that can I ask you a question?" Everyone nodded, well besides Rosalie who was still glaring at me. "You all like me right?" I heard Rosalie hiss. "Okay, let' not count Rosalie in this you all."

"Of course we like you honey." Esme said as she looked at me. They were probably wondering where this was going.

"Okay, well you see after graduation Maria is going to… turn me." It took a minute for them to understand. I guess it wasn't normally something planned like this. "After that I can't stay in The House… so…." I couldn't bring myself to ask. They were all looking at me now curious. "Well I was wondering if… if it wouldn't be much trouble…" I couldn't find the words.

"Bella, are you asking to stay with us after your turned?" Carlisle asked. Wow he is really smart. All I did was nod.

-Edward POV-

I couldn't believe it. Not only did the love of my immortal life know what we were, but also she was going to become one of us. No this shouldn't be happening. Bella should be able to live a human life. "We'll have to talk about it. We'll tell you when we decide." Carlisle told Bella.

She nodded and got up. "I think I'll walk home." I wanted to drive her but Carlisle thought let her walk home, we need to talk as a family to me.

"Wait, my camera," Alice said.

"I think I'll make sure these get developed. By the way how the hell did you know what I was going to say? What can you do read minds?" She thinks Alice is the mind reader. Now that's kind of funny.

"No I see the future. Edward reads minds." Bella looked at me. "But his power doesn't work on you." Bella smiled and laughed.

"Just got to love the vampire world. See ya." Bella went to the door and stopped. "I'll tell Maria to take the idea out of your head. This way you can see the real her."

She left and we waited until we could no longer hear her heartbeat to talk. "Bella has given us an interesting decision. What does everyone think?"

Alice: yes yes yes yes yes. Alice was basically jumping up and down in her seat before she shouted "yes."

Jasper: Well it would make Alice and Edward happy. Besides someone will have to help the poor girl. We all know Maria can't keep her in The House. "Yes." He told Carlisle.

Emmett: Yes a new sister. "Of course little Bella has to join us."

Rosalie: That girl shouldn't be turned into a vampire it's not like us. "She shouldn't become a vampire. It's not like us. She's not dying."

"It's clearly not our choice if she becomes a vampire or not." Carlisle told Rosalie.

"Well I don't want her here. No."

"Rose…" Emmett tried, but Rosalie didn't let him finished. She went upstairs and we all heard her bedroom door close.

Esme: Well Rose won't like this, but Bella is what missing in this family. "Yes."

"I think we should too. That leaves you Edward." Carlisle turned to me. What was I suppose to say? For us not to take in the one I love. No I want that. I just don't want her to become a vampire.

"Yes," I said looking down at the table. Alice jumped up and left the house.

-Alice's POV-

Bella finally told us everything and we just had a vote. Bella would be staying with us. I ran to her house and climbed up the tree. Bella was on her bed in her pajamas and wasn't looking. I opened the window and went inside without making a sound until I jumped on the bed. Bella didn't jump up in surprise and she didn't even look at me. "Hi Alice."

I was confused for a bit. Bella finally looked at me. "I've lived with a vampire my whole life. I'm use to you people coming out of nowhere." I had to give her that.

The door opened and Maria walked in. At first all I saw and smelled was a human, but suddenly it changed. Maria was a vampire with golden eyes. I looked at her for a minute. "Now that is awesome."

"Thanks," Maria said also sitting on the bed. Edward then jumped into the window.

"What is my room vampire meeting room now?" Bella asked as Edward looked at Maria. I could tell he saw the real Maria too.

"You are a vampire." Maria smiled.

"Bella, we all agreed to you coming to live with us."

"All of you?"

"Don't think about Rose. She has some problems." Edward put his arms around Bella. "Besides we're not letting you out into the streets." Bella smiled and I started to jump up and down again. EDWARD FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE.

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