Who is Batman?

Chapter 12

Andrea blew out a heavy breath and stood. If she was going to be ready in time she needed to get out of here too. So, grabbing her purse, she quickly made her way to the front door as she sent Bruce a text telling him she was on her way to her car now.

Since they had been seeing each other, Bruce made sure she did this because he had a lot of enemies. He wanted to know if something were to happen to her before he had to be informed by the kidnappers, or worse the police.

Andrea had just made it to her car when she received a text from him telling her to be careful. She smiled and started to text back when she heard a noise from behind her. Turning sharply, she saw two men wearing black ski masks standing behind her.

Her phone hit the pavement when a fist hit her face.

Bruce paced the floor impatiently.

Where is she? She should have been home by now. I’ve sent three more texts and she hasn’t replied to one of them. Please don’t let something has happened to her. Five minutes. I’m only waiting five more minutes, then Batman is going to find her.

“Master Bruce, you need to be calm, if not for you then for her,” Alfred said in his ever-calm tone.

“When is Bruce ever calm?” Dick asked, but his voice was a bit shaky.

Bruce looked at the boy and saw the worry on his face. Dick knew Bruce had fallen in love with Andrea and had gone with him after school to help him look for her an engagement ring. He wanted to ask her to marry him soon, he would have already, but he thought he should give her more time.

Looking at his watch he growled, “Times up!”

“Are you going as Batman?” Dick asked as he stood from the chair, he’d been lazing in.

Bruce nodded as he said, “I am. It’s safer than going as myself.”

“Then I’m going with you,” Dick declared. “I love her too, and I want her back as much as you do. She has become almost like a mom to me, and I don’t want to lose her now.”

Bruce knew it would be senseless to argue with the boy, so he didn’t bother. He just gave him a hug and led the way to the Batcave.

The two of them quickly suited up and took off, Bruce in the Batmobile and Robin on his motorcycle. It didn’t take long to follow Andrea’s GPS.

Batman climbed out of his car and looked around Andrea’s car. First, he found her phone on the ground next to her car, broken. Next, he found a blood trail that, though short, gave him and Robin a direction in which to start their search.

So, he and Robin took off on foot, following the only lead they had. The blood was random small drops, few and far between. This meant it was possibly from a nosebleed because if she’d been shot or stabbed there probably would have been more blood. They followed the trail around the corner to the alley and there it stopped.

“Where do we go from here, Batman?” Robin asked.

“I believe they’re still on foot, I see no sign of a car being here,” Batman answered. “Let’s follow the alley to the end. Then you go left, and I’ll go right. I don’t think they will go far since they’re carrying her.”

Robin nodded his consent and they took off at a slow jog. At the end of the alley, they went their separate ways.

Robin tried every door he came to, making sure it was locked. However, the door on the third building looked suspicious to him. So, using the mic embedded in his glove, he murmured in a barely audible voice, “I found a door that looks jimmied. There’s broken glass in the door and a piece of torn fabric. The fabric matches the blouse Andrea was wearing this morning in color. It doesn’t look weathered either, as if it hasn’t been here long.”

“Good work, Robin,” Batman answered. “Wait there for me, I’ll be there soon.”

“Roger that, Batman,” Robin answered and moved back from the door just in case someone was watching it.

No more than two minutes later Batman was at Robins side. He whispered, “I received a ransom call. It would seem they want Bruce to hand over five million for his love interest.”

Robin snorted softly as he shook his head in disgust.

Batman made the motion of “going up” before throwing his grappling hook up to catch it on the second story ledge. He quickly climbed up and when he gave the okay, Robin headed in the door.

Batman went in the already broken window and stopped to listen for any voices or sound of any kind. Not hearing anything, he headed out of the room he was in and carefully made his way through the second floor to make sure no one was there. Next, he made his way down the stairs, finding Robin at the bottom.

Robin held up three fingers and pointed to the far side of the building.

Batman gave a nod and they made their way toward the back of the building to the closed door that was there. He began to hear two male voices and a slurred sounding, Andrea. His anger boiled at the thought of her being hurt and he moved faster.

“I’m telling you, you won’t get away with this,” Andrea slurred through her swollen lip. The whole side of her face was swollen and painfully throbbing, making it extremely painful to talk. At least the blood has stopped dripping from my nose. Although, I’m a bit grossed out at the feel of it all over my face where it ran down it.

Her kidnapper had tossed her over his shoulder after hitting her, and she was fairly sure she even had blood in her hair. Yuk! She was also reasonably sure the man had broken one of her teeth, and she wasn’t happy. Her parents had paid good money for her to have her perfect teeth.

“Just wait till my dad gets ahold of your sorry butts. He’ll have you in a jail cell so fast for messing with his little girl!” Andrea was yelling she was so angry. Although it was slurred and that only made her angrier.

“Your daddy isn’t the one I’m concerned about,” Brat number one, as Andrea had dubbed one of her kidnappers, said, “and the only thing you should be concerned about is your billionaire boyfriend paying up. If he doesn’t, then perhaps we’ll have some fun with you before we make you disappear.”

“Pft! What billionaire boyfriend would that be?” Andrea asked him snidely. Of course, she knew exactly who. She and Bruce had been seen together a couple of times despite how hard they’d tried not to be, but she wasn’t going to admit it to this idiot. “Don’t you know, a pretty girl like me has lots of boyfriends.”

Brat number two stepped up, breathing his nasty bad breath in her face, and making her cringe as he said, “Don’t play dumb with us. You know exactly who we’re talking about and he’s going to pay if he—”

Andrea jumped in her chair, where they’d tied her down when the door suddenly burst open. It hit the wall hard enough to crack the sheetrock and cause a portion of it to fall.

Brat number two tried to pull his gun from the back of his pants but he was too late.

Robin ran swiftly across the room and kicked Brat number two back toward the wall where he crumpled.

Brat number one was fighting with Batman, and not doing so well either.

Andrea laughed and yelled, “Holy rescue, it’s Batman and Robin! I hope you two thugs didn’t quit your day jobs to make a quick buck.”

Robin came over after he’d tied up Brat number two and began to untie her.

“My dad is going to string these two up by their ankles,” Andrea slurred softly to him, trying not to move her facial muscles too much. It hurt so bad to talk, with a busted lip, which caused her to slur her words, but she couldn’t stay quiet either.

Robin chuckled and said, “Not if Bruce gets to them first.”

“Yeah, my heroes,” Andrea murmured. She was beginning to feel a bit strange as relief flowed through her. Her head was feeling light, and it made her feel a bit dippy, which was probably why she said, “Did you know my favorite color is yellow?”

“No, I didn’t,” Robin answered as he moved back for so Batman could pick her up.

“Can I wear your cape,” Andrea slurred, her eyes drooping. “It’s so pretty.”

Robin looked at Batman, looking confused.

Batman snorted and said, “Robin, she’s speaking of your cape, not mine.”

“Oh! Well, I did wonder since she said it was pretty,” Robin said. Then taking his cape off, he wrapped it around Andrea.

Andrea gave a happy sigh wrapping her hands in the cape as she opened her eyes to gaze at Robin. “You’re such a sweet boy. I think I’ll name my first born after you. Robin can be a name for a boy or a girl you know.”

Robin laughed and winked at her before turning to Batman and saying, “I hear sirens. Do we wait, or do we go?”

“I would leave, but she told them her father was a judge,” Batman murmured. “If her father gets called because of something they said…”

“Right,” Robin agreed.

So, they waited for the police to arrive on the scene.

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