Who is Batman?

Chapter 13: Banging on Your Door by Morning

Banging on your door by morning

Commissioner Gordon was the first to arrive with one other policeman. Seeing Batman and Robin, he heaved a heavy sigh as he said, “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Although Commissioner Gordon got along just fine with the Bat and his sidekick, they are still considered vigilantes in the eyes of most of the public. So, Gordon had a role to play just as Batman did.

“We were just out doing a bit of reconnaissance because we’d heard Poison Ivy had been spotted,” Robin began.

“We saw these two carrying a body,” Batman continued the made-up story as he pointed at the two knocked-out men. “It looked like a female and she was struggling as if she didn’t want to be going with those two.”

“So, we followed, we listened for a bit, and we decided she’d been kidnapped,” Robin finished.

“Very nice of these two to save me from Brat one and Brat two,” Andrea slurred as she opened her eyes to stare at Gordon. “Hey, I know you. You’re that commissioner guy… um…?”

“Gordon, Commissioner Gordon, and you are?” Gordon asked.

“Oh, my name is Andrea Hadley,” Andrea told him. “My dad is a judge and when he gets through with those two it won’t be pretty.” Then she looked back at the cape she was wearing. Rubbing her fingers gently across the satin, she muttered, “Pretty. Such a pretty cape. I like yellow and I like the name, Robin.”

Gordon frowned at the girl and asked, “Is she okay?”

“Yes, I believe she is,” Batman said. “Although, I think tonight’s events may have been a bit much for her and she’s going into shock.”

“They tried to hold me for ransom,” Andrea told Gordon, her eyes wide on her solemn face.

“Did they now? And who were they trying to get money out of?” Gordon asked.

“Bruce,” Andrea told him in a slurred voice. “We’re dating, he’s cute and I like him, a lot.” She nodded slowly. “I like his ward Richard too, I don’t call him Dick though… ugh, why would anyone want to be called that? I like the name Richard much better, he’s a sweet boy too, just like Robin.” She yawned.

“That would be Bruce Wayne?” Gordon asked.

Andrea nodded. “I think I need to call Bruce now. We were supposed to go to something, I can’t remember what, but something. I need to let him know I can’t make it. Never wise to stand a guy up you know, he might get the wrong idea and not want to see you anymore.”

“Mm-hm, and I’m guessing that would be a bad thing?” Gordon asked, his hand over his mouth as he tried not to laugh.

Andrea’s eyes got really big as she exclaimed, “Of course, it would be. I told you I like him, maybe more than like him, but the point is I don’t want him to think bad of me. I don’t want him to…” she yawned again, “not like me anymore. Why am I so sleepy?”

And just like that, Andrea was asleep, snuggling into Robin’s cape with a happy sigh.

“Well,” Gordon murmured. “I’ll have an officer take her home…”

“I can take her home, Commissioner,” Batman murmured.

Gordon raised his eyebrow and asked, “And just how do you know where she lives?”

“I don’t, but everyone knows where Wayne Manor is,” Batman said. “She did say her, and Wayne had plans for this evening. I would assume that means he’s waiting for word from the kidnappers if he has realized that is why she hasn’t shown up yet.”

Gordon was skeptical, but he really didn’t want to start a fight with the Dark Knight, so instead, he demanded, “Wake the girl up and we’ll ask her what she wants because I don’t like the idea of you taking her anywhere.”

Batman gritted his teeth as he stared at Gordon. He wanted to take Andrea home and make sure she was alright. He needed to hold her and assure himself she was okay, not stand here all-night fighting with Gordon.

“Miss, miss,” Batman began as he shook her slightly. “Miss, the Commissioner needs to know where you want to be taken.”

Andrea groaned and slowly opened her bloodshot eyes to stare up at the masked face hovering over her. Reaching her hand up, she gently touched the hard jawline, feeling the clenched teeth. She frowned as she wondered why Batman would be so upset. He had saved her, and she was okay. Now she just wanted to go home and sleep for hours. Although, some pain meds would be nice because her mouth was killing her.

Which reminded her about her tooth, and she whined, “I think he broke my tooth, Batman. My face hurts and I need Alfred to put some frozen peas on it, that’s what my mom used to do. Do you think Alfred has any frozen peas?” She looked around and added, “Why are we still here? Bruce is going to be so worried about me, I need to see him. Can we leave now, I need to call my dad and tell him about Brat one and Brat two so he can throw them in jail for breaking my tooth, and almost breaking my nose.” She sniffled and looked back up at Batman as she said, “I had such pretty teeth and he ruined them, and I think I have blood in my hair from my nose bleed.” Then she began to cry.

“Ah… maybe we should take her to um… this Alfred dude and let him put frozen peas on her face?” Robin suggested as he stared wide-eyed at the crying girl.

“Miss, do you want to go home or to Wayne Manor?” Gordon tried.

Andrea looked over at him and answered, “Wayne Manor, please.”

Gordon asked, “Do you wish for Batman to take you or one of my officers?”

Andrea sniffled as she looked at Batman and then at Robin. She dropped her gaze to the cape and started to rub it as she said, “Robin loaned me his cape, so I think I’ll go with him. Yeah, such a pretty cape.”

Gordon shook his head and threw his hands in the air in an “I give up” motion and walked away. “She’s all yours, Batman. Good luck, Robin, I think the girl has a crush on you. Poor Mr. Wayne, he sure does know how to pick them.”

Batman and Robin exchanged looks. Then they quickly left before the Commissioner could change his mind.

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