Who is Batman?

Chapter 8

Andrea gave a humorless laugh before saying, “I knew if I didn’t leave right then, they would talk me out of it. Bruce, I’m a wimp who gave into my parents on everything, except when it came to my job and continuing to tell Dad no was beginning to wear on me. If I had stayed just one more week, listening to his badgering, I would have caved.”

“Then I suppose it was time to leave,” Bruce agreed as he gave in to the urge to touch her, reaching out to lay his hand on her leg. She had changed out of her dress pants and blouse, replacing them with a t-shirt and shorts. Her leg was smooth under his hand, and he soon found himself caressing the inside of her calf.

Andrea cleared her throat.

Bruce glanced up, not even realizing he’d been staring at her legs.


Bruce quickly removed his hand and stood up as he said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

Andrea stood and stepped close in front of him, causing him to lose his breath and forget what he was saying. He gazed into her pale blue eyes and became lost.

“Kiss me?”

Bruce swallowed, feeling strangely unsure of himself as he took in her pink cheeks and her pink lips. It wasn’t a feeling he liked, and he figured he hadn’t felt this way in a very long time, yet he still felt the need to ask, “Are you sure?”

“I am.”

So, leaning in, he placed his lips gently on hers in an almost chaste kiss.

She whimpered before he felt her hands on the back of his neck, holding him to her as she tilted her head.

It was all the encouragement he needed to take over and dominate her.

Soon the kisses were becoming heated as his hands traveled up under her shirt to feel her bare skin. He was the one to groan this time as he ran his fingers over the soft silk skin of her back. His hand then slipped lower, under the elastic waist of her shorts, as his lips left hers to nibble her jawline. He moved further down with his nipping kisses to her neck, one hand now gripping her hip under her shorts.

Her head dropped back, pushing her chest forward until it brushed his, and she moaned. She then pleaded, “Bruce… please!”

“Please what, Baby? Tell me what you want,” he demanded of her.

He never got to hear her answer as tapping on the door had his head coming up. Slightly turning his head sideways, he realized the door was slightly open, but not enough for Alfred to see what he and Andrea were doing. He was glad of this because he didn’t want to embarrass her. So, he called out, “Yes?”

“It’s time to go pick young Master Dick up,” Alfred reminded him.

“Thank you, Alfred,” Bruce answered calmly.

Andrea gave a soft sigh and stepped away from him. She then ran her fingers through her hair as she murmured, “I’ll just put some long pants on.”

“What you have on is fine,” he murmured before giving her one more chaste kiss. “Andrea, I hope I didn’t upset you with what we did because I’d do it again in a heartbeat if you said yes.”

“I’m not, I just… I’m not usually the kind of woman to do things like this after only knowing a guy, not quite three days,” she informed him. “It took me six dates with the last guy before I let him do much more than kiss me good night, and I never slept with him at all, and we dated almost a year.”

He looked around the room uneasily as he said, “Well, apparently, I’m a playboy. So, I don’t think I can say the same for myself, although I can’t verify the title right now because I don’t remember what I’ve done to deserve the title. What I do know is this. I know that my unknowing self likes you a lot and wants to keep you around. So, I will try my best to keep it in my pants and take it slow.”

She laughed softly, bringing his eyes back to her as she said, “Sounds good. Now, shall we go pick your ward up?”

He gave a slight nod, and they left the room, heading for his car.

In less than twenty minutes, they were pulling up in front of the very prestigious private school where Dick Grayson went.

Bruce pulled up in front with a line of cars and waited, looking for a boy he had no memory of. Alfred had shown him a picture, so he did know who to look for, but still. While they waited, he watched the other students and how they interacted with parents and guardians and wondered how he usually greeted Dick.

“Holy Toledo Batman!” Andrea suddenly exclaimed. “Look at that car and the man getting out of it.”

Bruce turned to see what Andrea was exclaiming over and saw what looked to be a Hummer Limo. Coming out of it was a man that had to be three hundred pounds and wearing a bright purple suit.

Suddenly, a memory flashed in Bruce’s head of a thin man in a purple suit. The man’s face was painted white, and he had a clownish smile as he gave a sinister laugh. Then the image was gone, leaving Bruce no idea at all who the man was.

“Bruce? Bruce, are you alright?”

Bruce turned to find Andrea looking at him, concerned. So, not wanting to worry her, he murmured, “Yes, I’m good.”


“Yes, but I have no idea what it was of really,” Bruce told her. “That man’s purple suit brought it on, but there wasn’t enough to understand it.” He huffed, then turned back toward the windshield just in time to see Dick walk out the school doors. “There’s my ward.”

Bruce then stepped out of the car, rounding it until he stood at the passenger side and waited.

Dick looked around quickly. His movement froze, though, as his eyes locked with Bruce’s. Then he began to move swiftly through the slowly thinning crowd, calling, “Bruce!”

Bruce grinned at the boy’s excitement, and when he was close, Bruce pulled him into a hug. As he did, more memories hit him like a tsunami. He saw himself at a carnival, he saw a man and woman fall to their death, he saw a sobbing boy screaming for his parents, he saw himself signing papers making the boy, Richard Grayson, his ward, and he saw himself taking the boy into his home. He then saw himself sitting with the boy at night as he sobbed out his nightmares. He felt his love for the boy growing.


Bruce shook himself, putting the memories away to think about later as he held the boy tightly. Taking in his scent and finding it familiar to him, Bruce smiled as he said, “I remember you.”

Dick pulled back, a confused look on his face.

“Hey, I hate to break up the reunion, but I see men with cameras headed your way.”

Dick looked over at Bruce’s car and saw a woman standing in the now open passenger door. She was smiling at them as if she were happy about something.

Bruce cleared his throat and murmured, “She’s right. I see them. Let’s go.”

The woman climbed into the back seat, and after Dick had climbed into the passenger seat, Bruce closed his door.

Dick turned to look at the woman as Bruce climbed into his seat and started the car. He asked, “So, who are you exactly?”

The woman didn’t look like the kind of woman Bruce usually dated. She was too down to earth, with no make-up or expensive clothing. She was pretty, though, with her almost white-blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

“My name is Andrea,” the woman answered as she held out her hand.

Dick shook it as he said, “I’m Richard Grayson or Dick.”

“Um… yeah, about that, do you mind if I call you Richard?”

Dick raised an eyebrow as he asked, “Why?”

“Not real thrilled with the name Dick,” she muttered.

Bruce chuckled as he asked, “What’s wrong with the name?”

Andrea sat back in her seat as she cleared her throat to say, “Let’s just say I knew a guy, his name was Dick, and he was one. That is all you need to know.”

“Ah… and when did you know this guy?” Bruce asked.

“High school, and trust me when I say, if I saw him on the street today, I wouldn’t stop to spit on him if he was on fire!” Andrea exclaimed with a frown on her face. She then smiled and asked again, “So, may I call you Richard?”

“Um… I guess,” Dick answered. “Now, I’m curious as to why you’re here with Bruce.”

“I’ll answer that,” Bruce said as he looked over at Dick.

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