Who is Batman?

Chapter 9: Remembering Batman and Robin

Remembering Batman and Robin

So, Dick turned his head, giving Bruce his full attention.

Bruce began to explain all that had happened to him.

When Bruce was finished, Dick murmured, “So, you have no idea who you are?”

“Not really, although I did remember you when I hugged you,” Bruce informed Dick.

Dick chuckled and said, “Yeah, that right there told me something was wrong. You aren’t big on affection in private, and even less in public.”

“Huh… it somehow felt like the right thing to do at the time,” Bruce muttered. “Well, maybe I’ll be more so from now on.”

“No complaints from me. Although I do have an image to uphold, so you might want to tone it down a bit when picking me up from school,” Dick snickered.

“I think somehow you’re mocking me,” Bruce said with a chuckle of his own.

“You would be right,” Dick agreed.

“Holy Bookmobile, Batman! Would you look at that building!” Andrea suddenly exclaimed.

Dick almost gave himself whiplash turning to look at Andrea to find her face pressed to the window as she stared out of it.

Bruce laughed at him.

“I’ve not been to this side of town before. I should go check that building out one day,” Andrea commented.

“It’s just a library, Andrea,” Bruce told her.

“I know, but look how awesome the architecture is,” Andrea continued.

“Um…,” Dick began, only to stop as he wasn’t sure what to say about her outburst.

Bruce laughed again and said, “You’ll get used to it. Apparently, her friend Jeannette has a serious crush on Batman and likes to say things like that instead of cursing.”

“Serious crush? I think not, my dear man. That woman, if she were ever to meet Batman face to face, would hogtie him and have them married to her in a New York minute,” Andrea informed them as she leaned forward between the two front seats. “She told me once how perfectly built the man is and how his suit leaves little to her imagination as to how well-endowed he is.”

Dick nearly choked on his spit at the image her words had put in his head. It was an image of Bruce he didn’t want in his head yet could now never unimagine.

Bruce just laughed and gave Andrea a wink as he told her, “She can have this Batman as far as I’m concerned as long as you don’t start fangirling him the minute you meet him.”

“Never. Fangirling over a man in a cape really isn’t my thing,” Andrea told Bruce, then smirked and said, “Besides, I have you to drool over.”

“Good. Nevertheless, I wish I knew who this Batman was because I feel it is my duty, as a fellow man, to inform him of Jeannette’s unhealthy infatuation with him. I believe I’d go as far as giving him a picture of her and suggesting he run if he ever should meet her. I believe that woman is a bit scary in her hunger for him,” Bruce concluded.

Dick stared at Bruce wide-eyed as he listened to him talk. Bruce doesn’t remember being Batman either? Oh, boy, what will I do if we get a call out from the Commissioner? Batman never lets me go out alone, but someone must protect the city. I hope he remembers himself soon.

“That might be a wise thing to do, actually,” Andrea agreed. Suddenly, she almost squealed, saying, “Bruce, an ice cream shop! Can we get ice cream, please? I’ll buy.”

Dick turned and looked at Andrea. She was looking at Bruce, her lip out in a pout as she stared at him. He shook his head and asked, “Did you just seriously offer to pay for ice cream? Bruce here could probably buy the company three times over. I think he can afford a bit of ice cream.”

Andrea rolled her eyes at him as she informed him, “But I was the one to suggest it, Richard. It’s good manners to offer to pay since I’m the one who wants to go. It’s like…” she tapped her chin and hummed. “Would you ask a girl to go out to see a movie and then expect her to pay for her ticket and yours?”

“Well, no, but…”

“No buts Richard! I’m the one who asked, so it’s only right I pay,” Andrea informed him.

“So, is this a date?” Bruce asked teasingly.

Dick barely kept his mouth from dropping open in shock. This was a Bruce he’d never seen, a light-hearted and teasing one, nothing like he was usually. He had to admit he liked it, though but figured it wouldn’t last once Bruce’s memory returned.

“Would you like it to be a date, Mr. Wayne?” Andrea asked in a flirtatious tone, fluttering her eyelashes.

Bruce chuckled and said, “No, when I take you on a date, I don’t want to have my ward with us.”

“Ah, Bruce, I’m hurt,” Dick teased as he put a pouty face on.

Bruce shook his head, “Oh, eventually I’d take you because I’d want the two of you to get on well if it became serious. Just not the first one.”

“Oh, well, that’s okay then,” Dick agreed. “Now I want ice cream too.”

Bruce pulled into the shopping center that held the ice cream parlor. “You know if I get out, people will recognize me.”

Andrea leaned in and kissed his cheek before saying, “It’s okay. Richard and I can go in. Just tell me what you want.”

“They’ll recognize me too,” Dick admitted, seeing this might not have been the best of ideas.

Andrea hummed, then said, “It’s still okay. We can work this because I’m good at telling tales. So, I’ll think of something to throw them off. Tell me, Bruce, what kind of ice cream?”

“I’m not picky, so surprise me,” Bruce told her.

Andrea huffed, “You have no idea what kind of ice cream you like, do you?”

Bruce’s face turned a bit pink as he admitted, “No, but Dick might.”

Dick grinned and fist-pumped as he exclaimed, “Oh, yeah! I know all your secrets, ol’ man. Come on, Andrea, let’s go get us some ice cream.”

Opening the door, Dick stepped out and held the seat up so that Andrea could climb out of the back. They walked inside the ice cream parlor together.

Andrea walked up to the counter and began to hum as she looked at the choices. When the server walked over, Andrea said, “I believe I’ll have a cherry cordial, two scoops on a waffle cone with nuts and chocolate topping.” Turning to Dick, she asked, “You?”

“I want a banana split, and give me the rocky road, double scoop and in a sugar cone,” Dick told the server as he looked up.

The server was staring at him.

Dick huffed and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“I-I know you. You’re Bruce Wayne’s ward,” the server said.

“And I know you. You are our server and are paid to fix our ice cream, not to make up stories about people,” Andrea informed the server.

The server turned to glare at her as he said, “I’m not making up stories. I know Richard Grayson when I see him.”

“Pft, you know nothing. This is my brother Jonathon, and if my mother were here, she’d be hitting you upside the head for your rudeness and for trying to make her son someone he is not. Now, I’m paying good money for this ice cream, so start fixing our order,” Andrea snarled.

“Is there a problem here?” A man asked as he came from the back.

“Yes. I want my ice cream, and the server here wants to make my brother out to be some dude I’ve never even heard of,” Andrea said as she pushed her hair back in an annoyed manner.

“Oh, I’m so sorry he’s not doing his job. He’s new,” the man apologized. “Let me fix your order for you, and you’ll have your ice cream half-priced for the trouble.”

Andrea nodded, gave the order once more as the young server stood back, glowering at them. They were soon on their way out the door. Andrea giggled and said, “Well, brother, that was quite the drama. Is it that way everywhere you go?”

“Pretty much,” Dick agreed as he opened the car door to allow Andrea to get in while he held the ice cream.

Andrea handed Bruce his ice cream first, then got in and took hers from Dick.

“I’ve learned to ignore it most of the time,” Dick continued as he shut his door. “Sometimes it’s like that, sometimes they want pictures, and sometimes they try making things up to try and get money out of me. I’ve also been kidnapped a few times by madmen trying to get Bruce to pay up.”

“That is so sad,” Andrea murmured.

“I’m guessing by the conversation; something happened,” Bruce said.

So, while they ate the ice cream, Dick told Bruce what had happened. Then they set off for home. Once they were there, Dick told Alfred about the drama that had happened.

“Just another day in the life of Dick Grayson,” Alfred said, chuckling.

“I suppose it is, except I never had someone claim to be my sister,” Dick said with a chuckle of his own. “I must say, it was kind of nice to know what having one might have been like, just for a moment.”

Andrea smiled and gave the youth a hug where he sat next to her on the couch. “I’ll be your sister whenever you need one.”

Dick smiled at her. “Thanks.”

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