John and Dean have to figure out what's wrong with Sam in order to keep their youngest save. Years later It's up to Bobby to do the same.

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer - Supernatural and the Winchesters belong to me - Well they don't, but a girl can dream. Nothing belongs to me, except a few original characters that might pop up and the old lab top I used to write and post this.


Wichita Kansas, July 1992

John Winchester opened the door to the refrigerator and let out a frustrated sigh. There would be no milk this morning. He had found the container sitting on the counter, open and judging by the smell, standing there for hours. Although in this heat and without any air conditioning in the house it surely wouldn't have taken long to get it to this state. There would also be no eggs or bread, because on the prior morning he had found the container with the eggs on the floor, all of them broken and the bread spread out in the sink, soaked with water.

The Winchester patriarch was not sure what was going on, but he knew whatever it was, one or both of his boys were behind it. He suspected it was Sammy, who did this and Dean was covering for him, or maybe it was the other way around. If anything, his kids were tight and they weren't going to talk. He had tried all day yesterday with out success and he was sure today wouldn't be any different. Inside he actually chuckled, the pranks were so senseless, that's why he was almost sure, Sammy had to be behind them. Thirteen year old Dean was far to advanced for this kind of stuff.

He pushed the smile away and put on a serious face, as he heard both boys coming out of there room. No matter what, there would be a punishment.

"Hey dad, what's for breakfast?" Dean questioned, as he put his arm around his little brother and pulled him into a headlock.

"Deeeaan, not again!" Sam complained, struggling to get free. Small for nine, the boy had no chance against his older brother.

John bit back a grin, then said, "Stop it right now boys."

Instantly Dean let go of his brother and Sam stood up straight. Both of them knew if their dad talked like this they better listened.

"I found the milk sitting out and it's spoiled. After the incident with the eggs and the bread yesterday morning this means, there is not going to be any breakfast for either one of you." Looking at the upset faces, especially his youngest puppy dog eyes, he almost cracked and had to turn away in order to not give in. Hurriedly he added, "Get ready for school. I don't want to hear one word of complaint, or there won't be any supper either."

He walked out of the kitchen, leaving his sons behind with there heads hanging. They had talked about the bread and eggs and either one had assured the other he didn't do it. Sam looked at his big brother with sudden fear in his hazel orbs.

"Dean, do you…" he swallowed hard before continuing, "…do you think it was a spirit."

The older boy almost laughed, if it wasn't for the real horror written in his siblings face holding him back.

So instead he hurried to say, "Naaa, Sammy, no way. Dad always makes sure the salt lines are intact and all the sigils are placed right. There is no way possible anything supernatural ever could get in here."

"Oh, okay." For a moment the younger boy thought, then he said, "But what if it's already in here?"

"Can't, dad would've ganked it already." Dean smiled, "Come on Sammy, I made some money mowing Mrs. Millers lawn, I buy us some 'Egg MacMuffins' on the way to school."


It was ten o'clock at night and John Winchester was ready to send his oldest to bed. Dean had insisted to help him with the research for their latest hunt. His younger brother was soundly sleeping for the last hour and a half. The younger boy had fallen asleep studying for school shortly after eight, so his father had finally woke him and made him go to bed. Dean on the other hand liked to stay up late and even now was reluctant to go. But the boy knew better than to refuse his dad's order. Making his way to the bathroom, he stopped in front of his dad's room, when he saw the outline of a small figure in the pale light of the moon shining through the window.

"Sammy?" He stepped inside, wondering what his brother was doing, "Hey kiddo, what you doing in dad's room?"

The younger boy looked at him, his pupils large and not really focused on Dean. Slowly his mouth opened then closed again, before he finally said, "I'm hungry in the bathroom."

His brother couldn't help but grin; neither could John, who by now was standing in the doorway.

"Come on buddy, let's get you back to bed before you fall asleep standing up." Dean gently guided Sam back to their room, giving his father a knowing look as they walked by him. Both knew that their youngest very likely had gotten up to go to the bathroom, maybe even was hungry, but being as tired as he was had gotten disoriented and ended up in the wrong bedroom.

Helping his brother back to bed, Dean covered him up and gently stroked over his unruly hair, "Sleep buddy, I'll be there in a moment to."


Two hours later found the elder Winchester still trying to get back into his research. Ever since the earlier interruption he found it difficult to concentrate at the task at hand. Instead his mind kept drifting away from the books and newspapers in front of him and wandering to his sons. It was mostly Sam, who his thoughts kept going to. Tonight's incident had been almost funny and not really anything John was worried about. It wasn't uncommon for the kid to sleep so soundly that it took him a while to really wake up. On the other hand his youngest behavior had been somewhat out of character over the last few months. The usually so curious boy had become quiet of late and no longer showed any interest in asking questions. Where he used to be enthusiastic and would hang on his father every time John would leave for a hunt; he was now withdrawn and would hardly say good-bye.

John carded his hand through his hair, wondering if he made a mistake by not letting Sam in on the family "secret" earlier in live. It seemed just too much of a coincident that these changes happened shortly after Sam was on his first hunt. Dean never had a problem. He was a natural hunter, took to it like a duck took to water. So maybe if he would have let Sam grow into it like he did his oldest it would be different now. He threw the thought out almost instantly. No, he was right to protect Sammy. The kid never had a normal life, never had a mother he remembered, never had a home. The least he could do was keep his little boy from knowing the things that go bump at night were real, for as long as possible. That hadn't been a mistake, no way.

The hunter startled out of his thoughts, when he heard a noise coming from the living room. Jumping up, he grabbed his gun from the table and made his way into the other room. He lowered the weapon and put it into the back of his jeans, as soon as he caught sight of his youngest. Anger overcame him at what was playing out in front of him. Sam was standing in the corner of the room, urinating on the floor, like it was the most natural thing in the world. He couldn't believe it, why would the kid think he could away with this?

Just as he took a step forward, Sam turned around and looked at him. Waiting for a reaction, he was astonished, when instead his son walked by him, acting like he didn't even existed. Opening his mouth, he stopped and thought for just a second, then closed it again. Something was definitely not right here.

"Sammy", He called out.

When he received no reaction, he repeated the call, at the same time moving up to his son and putting his hand on the child's shoulder. Almost instantly Sam stopped and looked up at him. In the light coming from the kitchen, the elder Winchester could see the glassiness in his youngest' eyes.

Knowing without a doubt now that something was wrong with Sam, he said in a much more gentle tone, "Sammy, what were you doing there?"

The little boy moved his head from side to side for a moment then said, "Dean shared his candy bar with me."

With that he started moving again, leaving his speechless father to watch him disappear back into the boy's bedroom.

It took the hunter a moment to pull himself together and go after his son. Quietly opening the door, he stepped inside, finding both boys fast asleep. He knelt down in front of Sam's bed and put his hand on top of his shoulder. After sitting like this for several minutes, he came to the conclusion that his youngest was indeed asleep. There was no unusual warmth radiating from him and his breathing and pulse were perfectly normal. Unsure what to do, he decided to let the kid sleep for now, but keep a close eye on him.

Walking out of the room, he checked the salt lines and wards then gathered the supplies together to clean up Sam's mess. He looked at the worn down wooden floorboards, remembering how many times one of the boys had taken a splinter into their feet, when walking without shoes. For the first time he was grateful for it though, it made it easier to clean up. Taking his time with the task, he let his mind slide back to the events of the evening. He wasn't sure what to make of it, but he was sure it wasn't a possession. Maybe it was a spell? He threw the thought out almost as fast as it came to him. They hadn't been on a hunt related to anything with witches or anything like it. So what did that leave?

He dumped the water from the bucket into the toilet and washed out the mop, when it hit him out of the blue. He remembered his best friend in school talking about his little brother walking around at night and not remembering in the morning. He had called it sleepwalking. That's what it had to be. Now he just had to find out how to get rid of it and everything would be alright. Feeling a lot better he turned the lights off and made his way back to the smaller bedroom, stopping in his own first and picking up a pillow and blanket from the bed. As quietly as the first time, he opened and closed the door to the boy's room, before making his sleep place for the night in front of the entry way. He knew there was no way for either of his sons to get by him without him noticing.


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