Preview: Draco Malfoy is married to Astoria and has one child, Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius is in his finally year of hogwarts, 7th year. Scorpius has made his first ever girlfriend "Hannah" and he introduces her to his parents. Astoria meets his parents and assumes that his parents are lovable, caring and sweet, but his farther has a bit of a tempered side to him. Draco agreed, that it was allowed to have Hannah to stay nights in their house Malfoy Manor. Draco works for the ministry and his wife Astoria works with wizards and witches that are retired and old, eg 700 years old. Draco Malfoy works at the ministry or works in his office at Malfoy manor. One night that she spent at malfoy manor, she went to get a glass of water because she was thirsty. While, she was drinking a glass of water, she heard a whisper sound of a phone call. She heard Scorpius dad, Draco Malfoy on the phone, that seemed to be a woman. She heard strange noises, that made her curiosity to eavesdrop on their conversation. She heard a woman moaning on the phone saying yes daddy and f*ck I'm cuming so HARD right now. This made Hannah to feel aroused instantly, so she kept on listening to their Convo. She heard Draco talking to the woman on the phone, and directly asking the woman yes, baby girl, that's it, let it all out. I make you feel so good, don't I ? Darling? Hannah was becoming more and

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Train back from hogwarts!

"I can't believe that we have nearly finished Hogwarts, Hannah." Scorpius replied, while he continues to stare at Hannah.
Are you listening to me? Scorpius demanded in an enrage tone, he was getting irritated with Hannah because she wasn't paying attention.
Hannah glanced up at Scorpius, and nodded her head, to show that she was listening to him.
"Good" he replied back in an aggressive tone.
"I had a word with my farther yesterday, and he is pleased with me, that I've eventually exceeded a girlfriend." Replied Scorpius, in a less aggressive tone.
"me too Scorpius" said Hannah, in a sweet, delicate voice.
Hannah didn't actually like Scorpius, but only agreed to be his girlfriend, to please hers and his parents because of their blood line.
Scorpius really likes Hannah but doesn't like to show it, too often. He likes the idea that he has someone to call his own, and enjoys the company.
The train came to an end, both Hannah and Scorpius said goodbyes to their friends, and made there way to Malfoy Manor.

Scorpius and Hannah arrived at Malfoy Manor, Hannah slowly made her way with Scorpius to two huge looking doors, in a massive home.
She knew that scorpius was the only heir
of the Malfoy blood line, and knew that he didn't have any siblings or friends, she felt bad for him, in a way, for how lost and broken he has become over the years at Hogwarts.
"Hannah remember to smile, we don't want my parents to think we're unexpectedly are not on good terms, do we?" Scorpius responded back, in a passive aggressive tone.
"Oh, no. I'm sorry, I didn't want it to be this way scorpius, honestly. We both said that it was best for us to fake this relationship."
Hannah replied in a peaceful tone, unlike her "boyfriend".
"I know", Scorpius replied, with a dull expression on his face.

Hannah and scorpius had arrived at the two large doors, and waited for an elf to answer the door.
"Hello, dobby. Can you tell mother and father that we have arrived?" Scorpius replied, with a tempered unsettling voice.
"Of course, Sir. Dobby will do anything for Master Scorpius", Dobby responded back, in a troubled voice.

Hannah saw a middle aged man, dressed in a black suit, like an older version of Scorpius, although more dashing than scorpius will ever be, compared to his father.
She saw Mr malfoy multiple times with her parents, and always thought he was handsome, but knew that it was only an fantasy in her head. (Or was it?)

"Hello, dearest, my name is Draco malfoy, nice to finally meet you, sweet heart" Draco replied by reaching his hand, towards Hannah for her to shake.
Hannah shook her head, and came back from reality of her dreaming about her "boyfriends" father.

"Hi" said Hannah, nervously. She wasn't used having such a handsome man in front of her. She wasn't attracted to scorpius, she thought he was quite ugly and disgusting to be honest, looked more like a dying elf than "beauty" in her eyes.

"I must say Scorpius, you have done well, to have this gorgeous young lady here, to be your girlfriend", Draco replied back, grinning towards his son and girlfriend.
Two pink cheeks formed on Hannah's face, and Hannah replied, "thanks, sir" blushing uncontrollably.
"Stop father, we don't want Hannah to think that we are complementing her, do we father"?, Scorpius responded back in a rough, husky voice.
"Scorpius, that is not the right way to treat a lady, like Hannah herself, isn't that right?, dearest?, Draco replied, as he maintained eye contact with Hannah, not even looking in scorpius way.
"thanks sir", replied Hannah, with still bright red cheeks on her face.

"Where's mother, father?" Replied, scorpius, in a serious voice.
"She's still at work son, your mother worksoutside of town a lot, as you would know"
Mr Malfoy replied back, glancing at his son for a brief second.

"I'm going to be in my office for the next couple of weeks, the ministry won't need me until then, Draco replied back, grinning at Hannah in a sincere tone of voice. "dobby, take their belongings, and make them feel at home. Do I make myself clear?" Draco requested Dobby, in a agitated mood.

"YES, sir, Dobby only serves the Malfoy's, stupid dobby, Dobby replied, as he was verbally and physically abusing himself.
"THATS ENOUGH", Draco replied, by touching and grabbing both Dobbys hands, for him to stop hurting himself.
"Dobby?, what have we talked about?, you don't need to hurt yourself to show your loyalty to me, Draco replied in a more soothing voice.
"Come on now, I need to get back to work" Draco answered back, as he started to walk towards the stairs.

Hannah admired how tall Draco is, compared to Scorpius.
He had slick back blonde hair, and eyes to die for, that sparkled in the most beautiful way possible.
Hannah knew that she should stop staring at Draco, it was becoming obvious at this point, her breathing became heavy, and the little heartbeat in between her thighs was aching.
"What's wrong with you?" Scorpius replied in a concerned, fussy voice.
"Nothing" Hannah replied, with a blank expression on her face.

"You're starting to worry me, Hannah." Scorpius replied, whilst he moved his hands forward, in front of her face to catch her attention.
Hannah broke the eye contact on Mr Malfoy, and looked at her "boyfriend".
"Sorry, Scorpius, I'm just not feeling well".
She replied, in a peaceful, flat tone.
Hannah knew it was lie, but she couldn't tell her "boyfriend" that she was drooling over his father, could she?

"I understand, let me show you my room, you can have a good night sleep there" Scorpius replied in a better, considering tone.
Hannah followed Dobby and Scorpius upstairs, to a green themed room. Hannah hadn't seen Scorpius room before, he had a king sized bed in the middle of the room, and had an extremely tidy room.

Hannah was still flustered from admiring Mr Malfoy, she knew masturbation wasn't going to help her.
"Scorpius?, I know what could help me, you know wanna know what that is? She replied, fluttering her eyelids to scorpius, she knew that he always agreed to intimacy. Hannah would always refused when he wanted too, it wouldn't help the situation, she didn't love him or had an attraction to him at all.

"Hannah, I thought that we agreed that this relationship was only for professional reasons?" Scorpius replied, with a dull confused look on his face.
"So you don't want too"? Hannah replied, in a flirtatious voice.

"Hannah, get on the bed, NOW," demanded Scorpius, harshly.
she hated when he did this, he always tried to be dominant, and it made her laugh because he was terrible at it.
"Hahaha, okayyyy, daddy" she laughed, as she walked towards the king size bed.
She laid flat on the bed, and waited patiently for scorpius to do something.
She was getting annoyed now, she was too sexually frustrated for this.
"Feel my buldge, Hannah, I want you to know, how good you make me feel, right now."Scorpius replied, while he was maintaining eye contact, with lustful eyes on Hannah.
Hannah giggled to herself and agreed, by reaching her hand towards his buldge.
She knew it was small, however she knew that she was getting action, so it didn't bother her as much.

"does that make you feel good, baby"?
Scorpius replied, with eyes attached onto hers in a flirtatious voice.
This made Hannah feel sick to her stomach, it felt more like puking than reassuring, that she felt good.
"YES, daddy, just put it in me already, won't you? Hannah replied, in a impatient tone.

Scorpius quickly got undressed, and prepared himself by pumping his member up and down.
"I'm going to make you feel soooo good, do you know that"? Scorpius replied, to Hannah in a sexy voice.
Hannah felt like puking, but composed herself by imaging it was his father.
"Mmm yesss", replied Hannah, getting more anxious with his icky words.

Scorpius positioned himself in front of Hannah's entrance and fully pushed in, too vigorously.
"Ahhhhh, scorpius, you're going too harsh"
Scorpius ignored Hannah's responds, and started pumping in and out, at a dangerous speed for her to handle.
"You like that, don't you? Hannah? Replied Scorpius, as he increased the speed.
"F*ckkkkk, get off me NOW!, replied Hannah, as it was getting too much for her to handle.
Hannah, pushed him off herself, forcefully.
"WHAT THEE FUCK, Scorpius?" Hannah replied, as she was screaming in his face.

"What?" Scorpius replied with an confused, dull look face.
"I thought you was liked it when I go rough, Hannah" scorpius replied, in a passive aggressive voice.
"You knew that I wasn't enjoying it, why would you do that? Hannah replied, in a annoyed tone.
"JUST WHY?" Hannah answered back, in a upsetting tone of voice.
"I'm sorry Hannah, we can try again if you like"? scorpius replied, in a more comprehensive tone.
"NO, I don't want too, ANYMORE. I'm going to get some water, I'm thirsty."

"FINE, then. I don't want to talk to you, right now, anyways, Scorpius replied back, in a passive aggressive tone.
"Huh? WHATEVER! I don't care, anymore, honestly. I can suck your dick, if you like? OH YEAH, it's too small for me, to even fit it in my mouth, you MAN WHORE, Hannah replied, in an aggressive tone back at scorpius.
Hannah immediately ran out of scorpius bedroom, wiping her tears away.
"Huhhhh, he's such a dick" Hannah said to herself, quietly.
She came to a stop in the middle of the kitchen, she grabbed a glass and turned on the tap, and the water filled the cup at a fast speed.
"Huhhhh yayyyy, THATS IT, I'm cumming so fast", a noise responded, that sounded like a woman from a different bedroom.

"What's that?". Hannah asked herself, inside her head.
She turned off the tap, and at a slow pace, made her way to the sound that it was coming from, she saw Mr Malloy sat on his bed, with his hand pumping his member up and down.
"Don't I make you feel so good"? responded Draco, randomly.
"Oh, no, it's happening again." She acknowledged.
Hannah's little heart beat, started beating at a lively speed.
Mr Malfoy noticed Hannah in the kitchen and started to smirk at her, while he was still chatting to the woman on the phone.

"Hunny, I want you to get your naughty naughty item out, and follow my lead", as Draco continued to stare at Hannah, not breaking a moment to look back at his phone.
Hannah and Draco was both having a staring competition, not once saying a word to each other, as he was talking to this suspicious woman.

"Baby, go to your draw, and pull out your naughty naughty item, do as I say and don't question me, is that clear?" Draco commanded, in a deep unnerving tone.
"Yes, sir", the mystery woman answered back to Draco.
Draco started to laugh evilly down the phone, with lustful eyes still on Hannah.
"Tell me, baby, what is the colour of your naughty naughty item?" Asked, Draco politely.

"Blue" responded, the mystery woman, still on loud speaker.
"What shading of blue, my dearest?"
Asked, Draco politely.
"Dark blue" responded the mystery woman.
Draco started to grin at Hannah again, with a evil laugh.
Hannah's breathing started to get at an ponderous level, goosebumps floated all around her body.
"Fuck" she thought to herself, inside her head.
"This can't be happening, right now."
She thought to herself, inside her head.
She was infuriated with herself, for how hot and heavy she has became over Draco.

Hannah calmly positioned a finger on a downwards motion, on the top of her collarbone.
She steadily moved her hand gradually, with her two fingers arched in a certain place to hit a spot, that would make her go wild.
Hannah's breathing felt like, she was being sucked in by a hoover.
Hannah's hand reached for the lining of her pants, and at a slow motion, entered her soaked pants, and began fingering herself.

Draco started to admire Hannah in front of himself, adored the fact that he was making her feel so good.
Draco started to stroke his 10 inch wand again, began stroking the shaft and started to wank himself off, still keeping lustful eyes on Hannah.

"That's it baby, good girl for not questioning daddy". Draco replied back, to the secret woman on the phone.
"Anything for you daddy" the woman answered back, seductively.
"Turn on the speed to 6 first, we don't want you to go cum too hard, do we? Draco responded back, still grinning to Hannah sickeningly.
"Ok, daddy" answered back to Draco, no questions asked.
"Good girl" Draco replied back, in a seductive voice.

"How do you want me to enter the naughty naughty item, daddy?" The mystery woman asked Draco, curiously.
"Ride it, like you would if it was my cock"
Draco answered back to the mystery woman, in a peaceful tone.
The woman began to ride, her naughty naughty item.
"Fuckkkkk, Draco mmmmm, it's so deep in my soaked pussy" replied the mystery woman, as she was enjoying her high, that was coming.
"DONT YOU DARE CUM YET! Draco instructed the woman, in a enraged tone of voice.

"Im sorry baby, you just make me feel sooooo good, huhhhh" responded the mystery woman, knowing that she needed to hold it in.
"Beg for it" commanded Draco.
"Please, Draco, pretty please? The woman responded back, into the phone.
Hannah's eyes dilated, and she was now fingering herself at a fast speed.
"Nice girls get rewarded, unlike naughty girls that cum without my permission.
Draco responded back to the mystery woman, as he was winking to Hannah.
Hannah came to her high, eyes rolled back inside her head, and felt like she was on cloud 9.

"YES" Hannah screamed, not too loud for Scorpius to hear but, loud enough for Draco.
Draco watched Hannah ride out her orgasm, still maintaining eye contact.
"What was that Draco? the mystery woman asked Draco, concerned.
"Oh, don't worry. I think my son has just made his girlfriend orgasm" Draco answered back to the woman, winking at Hannah.
Hannah accidentally dropped the glass that she was still holding, and the glass smashed to the ground.
"Fuck" she thought to herself.
Draco noticed the smashed glass, and Hannah panicked and ran back to Scorpius room.
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