What can you expect from war? More war, what do you get from Extinction? Despair...

Scifi / Fantasy
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Hank would walk over a dead grunt pulling a knife out of its head almost immediately throwing it at another breaching the stomach, as the grunt was falling to the ground he would pull the knife out and throw it back to hank.

After the knife barely missed him, hank then took out his rifle and shot the grunt...

Location : Somewhere Nevada

Subject: Hank

Time : 8:42 PM

Hank would walk out of the bar finishing his bear throwing it into the garbage, noticing the usual firefight breaking out at the park. Hank would take his rifle making sure it was loaded, after he would put it back on his back.

Hank would look around to see if anything was out of the ordinary, he would notice a strange figure on top of the nearby office building holding a sniper rifle. Hank would then proceed to walk into the building grabbing his rifle expecting an ambush, as he walked into the office he had the odd feeling that it was too quiet.

Hank activated the elevator and started climbing to the top of the building. After a minute of being in the elevator it stopped, the doors would open revealing an army of gun wielding grunts ready to ambush, little did they know Hank was prepared.

Hank would take his rifle off his back and start to shoot at the grunts ready to capture him, one after one dropping to the ground his rifle would run out of ammo, attempting to improvise since there where only a handful of grunts left he would bash two of their heads in with the stock of the rifle, then he would throw the rifle at the last one knocking it out. Hank would walk over to the knocked out grunt and would stomp his head in finishing the job.

Hank would then climb up the stairs the rest of the way up, as he got to the top he would throw his knife piercing the sniper’s head, that of which would fall onto the ground.

He would walk towards the railing of the building and would look down, seeing hundreds of grunts fighting amongst themselves. Hank would open his backpack and pull out a grenade, as he put on his backpack he would pull the pin of the gernade and throw it to the ground. As it was just about to hit the ground the gernade blew up, killing some of the grunts.

Hank would grab the rope hanging on his hip and tie it to the railing of the stairs, taking the rope and would through it off the edge of the building. After the rope reached the ground Hank would then start to climb down, as he reached the ground a flatbed truck pulled up next to him

As the truck was pulling up Hank heard a voice saying

"Hank get in!"

Hank would then climb Into the flatbed and sit down.

"So Sanford, did you get the c4?" Hank asked

"Yeah, while I was grabbing c4 while Deimos was snooping through their data" Sanford replied

As Deimos and Hank where talking Sanford would start driving...

Meanwhile at the auditors headquarters...

The auditor would look over his cameras, noticing Sanford's truck leaving the office building. He would then flip up a switch and would activate the improbability drive.

Meanwhile with Hank, Deimos, and Sanford...

"Hank, what is the game plan? And why do we need 20 pounds of c4?" Sanford asked

"We're going after the Auditor, that c4 is to blow up the blast doors. 5 inch steel is not going break by yelling at it, Sanford." Replied Hank while checking the c4

"Oh Hank, I put a box of ammo back there." Deimos said to Hank while checking the security of the Auditors base

"Still snooping through other people stuff aren't you Deimos?" Sanford jokingly said to Deimos

"Well are you still using that old shotgun?" Deimos asked Sanford

"ITS A GOOD GUN DEIMOS" Saford yelled at Deimos

"Oh shut up you two" yelled Hank while he was taking out a gernade and stuffing it into his backpack

They would arrive about a mile from the auditors headquarters, they would then start to hike the rest of the way

"Careful, they have agents everywhere" Said Hank while he was taking out his rifle

Meanwhile inside the auditors headquarters

The auditor would look over his monitors seeing an error message saying 'compromised timeline... Improbability drive deactivated...'

Meanwhile back with hank

“Let me ask you this, why are we walking the rest of the way? It’s not like the truck is out of fuel” Sanford asked hank

“Well let me ask you this, do you want to deal with an army of 1332 agents? If so go back to the truck and drive the rest of the way there.” Hand yelled

“Alright” Sanford replied running back to the truck


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