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Rutting Season Came Early?!


It's the day before spring, and Hawks could feel his rut starting early. With his assistant trying to get his attention without him realizing it, will he survive this crazy day? Hawks trying to hide the fact he's extra horny, but he later has to take matters in his hands. Story ideas came from TikTok, from yourlocalyakitori to be specific. If you would like a second chapter, let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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Chater One

Hawks leaned back in his chair after tossing his goggles on his desk, covering his red cheeks with his gloved hands. He groaned, thankful for the solid desk he sat behind.
'Fuck, it's starting too early. Not today of all days.' He slid his hand from his eye, still covering the rest of his face as he glanced over to the woman sitting at her desk with her back to him. The open back of her body suit showed the shimmering tattooed wings on her back. He could see some of the other tattoos as well. Her name is Tsubaki Kubo, her quirk: shikigami. She's able to summon any shikigami as long as it's tattooed on her body. Her long white and black hair was pulled over her shoulder as she typed away at the keyboard. Hawks gritted his teeth and turned away from her, trying not to imagine her bright purple eyes smiling at him. He didn't notice her glancing over her shoulder to look at him. He didn't hear her stand up from her desk and walk over to his until a file folder smacked down on his desk. Hawks jumped in his chair, looking over his shoulder at her. She was glaring at him, her usual warm purple eyes were somewhat cold, her hand on her hips.
"You forgot what today was and you're sitting here not doing anything except moaning. What is wrong with you?" Hawks didn't answer just turned away from her.
"I'm still your boss, Shikigami. You can't yell at me like you can others. If you want, take the rest of the day off. Go home." 'Please go!' He spoke through gritted teeth, he added the after thought as he smelled her scent and light perfume. 'Fuck! This is bad.' He was doing his best at controlling his feathers and keeping the tightness in his pants from showing.
"Fine. I'll be leaving. Remember Hawks, I'll be out for the rest of the week as well." Tsubaki turned, making sure her heels clicked on the wood floor angrily. She was already walking in the elevator when he turned.
"Wait, what?! Why the rest of the week?!"
"I told you. Not my fault you forgot." She held one finger up, pulling her lower eyelid down and sticking her tongue out at him as the doors slid shut. Hawks stood, running to the floor to ceiling windows of his office. He waited just a few minutes before seeing Tsubaki leave the building and walk down the street, her black trench coat covering her hero costume. Hawks narrowed his eyes, his hand clenching into fists at his sides.
'She's my assistant. She's not mine.'
Hawks thought as he turned from the windows.
'Not yet, anyway.' Another voice in his head startled him, making him look over his shoulder to see Tsubaki turn onto another street. He pulled his jacket collar around his face, hiding his bright red cheeks and nose. He did his best to adjust himself before leaving the office as well, his wings tucked in. He immediately flew up into the air once he was outside, it was nearly an unspoken rule that the sky was his, since almost no one else would come up here.
'Just like she will be soon, too.'
"Shut up! She's not mine!" Hawks exclaimed as he flew to the highest point he could, the antenna on top of the tallest skyscraper and settled there.
'Not yet.' Hawks groaned as he leaned back, laying precariously on a beam. His wings spread out under him keeping him steady. He could feel every small breeze, every vibration that was near here. He released the breath he didn't realize he was holding in. He stayed there until he felt his phone vibrate against his leg making him shiver.
'Fuck, even my phone going off is fucking with me.' He thought as he grabbed his phone and looked at who it was before answering.
"Heyo, this is Hawks!"
"Where are you?"
"I'm on patrol. What do you want?" Hawks' feathers ruffled in the breeze, he ran his free hand through his golden locks.
"I want to talk to you."
"You're talking to me now aren't you, Shikigami?" He heard her growl on the other end of the line.
"That's not what I meant and you know it. You know what, I knew it was a bad idea to call you." With that the line went dead. He had heard buzzing in the background, which meant that she was getting a new tattoo.
'I wonder what she's getting?' He continued laying in his spot, his eyes closed as he tried to think of anything, hell even Shigaraki or Dabi, to not think of Tsubaki and how he would think she might feel under him, her soft skin, how her back would arch pushing herself back against him.
"Gah! Stop it, Hawks. Get ahold of yourself." He could feel himself throbbing against his boxers. "Cold shower. I need a cold shower." Hawks rolled off the beam he was on and flew off quickly towards his apartment, which made him fly by Tsubaki's penthouse. He nearly dropped from the sky seeing her laying on her balcony, on her stomach, her back bare. He seethed seeing some guy hovering over her back, until he heard the buzzing of the tattoo gun.
'FUCK!' He pulled his jacket collar up over his nose, his hands shakey as he flew on towards his own house. He landed on his own balcony and stumbled his way to his bathroom, hastily undressing, dropping his clothes uncaring where they landed. His hands turned on the cold water and immediately jumped in, dousing himself with the frigid water making him gasp.
"Fuck. I hate spring. Damn it." He slammed a fist against the tile wall. The water wasn't working as he hoped it would. He turned off the water and grabbed his towel to quickly dry himself before slinging the towel over his shoulders. He groaned and threw himself on the large sectional couch in his living room.
"Of course, I suppose there is only one way, well two ways, but no, one way to stave this BS off. There is only one way.." Hawks trembled as his hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. He released a breath and laid his head back as he started to slowly stroke himself. His eyes closed and he couldn't help but see Tsubaki in his mind's eye. He couldn't help but imagine it was her hand stroking him.
"Oh, fuck. That's it." He started panting as he stroked himself faster. He was so preoccupied, he didn't hear his phone buzz in the pile of clothes behind him. He continued stroking himself, he could feel himself getting close.
"Fuck, yes! So close, so fucking close!"
"Hawks! Why didn't you answer your phone? I've been knocking forever." He jerked his eyes open and quickly pumped his wings, flying out of the open window and sat on the roof as he heard Tsubaki walk into his living room. He heard her walk around the house looking for him, then he saw her walk out to the balcony below him. Hawks bit his lip, panting and shaking as he saw her hair braided to the side, her back and new panther tattoo still exposed.
"I know you're out here. Just tell me what's going on, Hawks. Is there a reason you're avoiding even looking at me?" Hawks bit down on his tongue, sending one feather to retrieve a pair of black sweats. He heard her sigh.
"Fine, have it your way bird brain. As I said before, I'll be leaving soon." He heard as she turned, then heard the door open and slam shut. He released yet another breath he was holding and fell from the roof onto his balcony and glancing around for her before he bolted to the bedroom. He slammed the door shut and leaned against it, panting.
"This is one hell of an edging session. Fuck! This sucks."
"What does?" Hawks snapped his head up to see Tsubaki sitting cross legged on his bed, one elbow on her knee and her chin resting on her knuckles.
"I-I thought you left?" He quickly pulled the towel from around his neck and quickly tried to hid his throbbing boner.
"I'm about to. I just needed to know you'll be alright while I'm go-"
"Please leave!" He cut her off, his eyes closed as he panted out.
"Hawks, c'mon. I've seen you naked before, it's n-"
"I said leave! Now!" He yelled out, one hand holding the towel, the other clenching into a fist and slamming back into the door behind him, his eyes shadowed by his golden hair. 'For your safety Tsubaki.' She flinched at the harshness in his voice, she gave a small sob from her throat as she walked over to the window.
"Fine." Tsubaki dropped from the window, summoning her giant eagle to fly her away. Hawks panted, his breathes were short.
"Why did I snap at her? I shouldn't have done that." He walked forward to the bed and fell backwards onto it.
"Fuck. Her perfume." He groaned as he let the towel drop open, his hand once more gripping his cock tightly. He gasped as he inhaled her soft, sweet perfume as he started to quickly stroke himself. "Oh fuck!" After several minutes, he felt like he was close. He tossed his head back into the bed, more of her perfume enveloped him and with one last pull of his cock, he came with a loud moan. Did he feel bad he jerked off to her image and perfume? Yes, did he care? Also yes. Was he going to do it again later? Most likely. His sex drive and hormones were off the charts because of this early on-set rut that happens every spring. He walked to the bathroom to clean himself before slipping into the black sweats. Hawks walked out to the living room and found his phone ringing and vibrating. He picked it up from the floor and answered it.
"Heyo, this is Hawks."
"Ah, so that's who bird brain is. It should have been obvious." A hoarse voice responded making Hawks still.
"Who is this?"
"Makes me feel sad you don't remember your ol' pal Dabi."
"What do you want, Dabi?" Hawks was seething, first he has to deal with an early rut, and now Dabi feels like he has to fuck with him.
"Oh, just curious to see what you would do about this beauty I just caught." Hawks pulled the phone away to see he was calling on Tsubaki's phone. 'Fuck me.' Hawks groaned and rubbed his neck.
"Again, what do you want, Dabi?"
He heard silence before hearing something get sent flying and a dull thud.
"Mother Fucker, you think you can just tie me up and get away with it?! Now where's my fucking phone, jackass?" Hawks heard Tsubaki screaming at Dabi, as well as several pained groans before her phone was picked up.
"Fucker. Now I'm gonna have to get a new one. The screen is shattered." The call ended and Hawks stood there staring at the phone in his hand. He then turned and walked to the balcony.
"This is going to be one hell of a week. Fuck." He leaned over the railing and soon he saw Tsubaki walk past his place angrily with a couple of her wolf shikigamis following her. One stopped and looked up at him, seemingly smirking at him. The other had a familiar trench coat in its mouth as it padded along after Tsubaki. He let out a laugh before panting again and clenching his fists.
"Fuck!" Hawks turned and bit his fist trying to stay quiet. He continued hearing the clicks of her heels as she walked home. He plopped down on one of the chairs on his balcony, panting lightly as he ran his hand through his hair. He closed his eyes and thought of Tsubaki. He was woken later on, it was dark out already. He could feel himself throbbing with a bigger intensity than before. He groaned and panted, apparently just jacking off wasn't going to work either. Contrary to what everyone believed, he didn't visit any of those love hotels, it wasn't his thing. There was only one thing, or person, that came to mind. He really needed to not think of that. She was his assistant, not his to think of like this. Not his to imagine how soft she would be under him, her perky breasts bouncing up and down as she rode his-
"STOP!!" Hawks gripped the arms of the lawn chair, the plastic crunching under his fist. "This is bullshit!" Hawks shot up and pumped his large vermillion wings. He shot straight up in the air and hovered there, the cool air doing nothing for him. He decided to fly around trying to take his mind off of this raging boner in his sweats. A barking caught his attention, he glanced down to see Tsubaki's wolf shikigamis below him, both of them with a half of Dabi's trenchcoat in their mouths as they sat on the balcony. Hawks let out a chuckle before he heard a soft moan coming from inside of her penthouse. He clenched one hand and covered his mouth with the other. He turned away, but the moaning got louder.
"Oh, fuck. Right there. Fuck, I can't. I need more, please. Please, Kei.. I need you." Hawks' eyes widened as he turned back to her penthouse, he gulped hard before dropping onto her balcony, the wolves glanced at him before standing and running inside, pushing open the french doors to her bedroom. Hawks followed them, watching as they vanished at the foot of her bed. Tsubaki was on her back, her legs spread open. Her eyes were closed, her fingers plunging in and out of her glistening cunt.
'Oh fuck!' Hawks closed his eyes for a moment before he walked over to the bed and grabbed her hand stilling it as he kneeled on the bed.
"I-I heard you c-call out for me.. Tell me to leave. Tell me you don't want me.. right here, right now." Hawks looked up at her, his golden eyes seemingly glowing in the darkness. "It's spring, I won't be able to stop if you say yes, Tsubaki."
"I've been trying. Fuck. I've been trying to get your clueless attention. Fuck me Keigo Takami!"
He immediately latched his lips on her glistening clit, two of his fingers inserting deep inside of her at the same time making her cry out and fist his hair pulling him closer.
"Oh fuck yes!"
"Oh, you taste so fucking good." He licked her clit opposite of his fingers. "So fucking good." Hawks moaned against her, moving his fingers faster, feeling her walls flutter around them. He wrapped his lips around her sensitive clit and suckled softly making her cry out.
"Tsubaki, fuck. You're fucking delicious. I want you all to myself." He curled his fingers inside of her, easily finding her g-spot making her scream out and toss her head back onto the mattress. Hawks pulled away from her, panting against her as his fingers moved in and out of her quickly.
"Fuck, baby. I can't get enough of you." He growled lowly against her thigh gripping it tightly. "Please tell me this isn't a dream. Cum for me, please. Please, babe." His lips caught her clit once more, another cry leaving her lips.
"H-Hawks! I'm g-getting close."
"Call me Keigo, baby bird. Oh fuck." He pulled his fingers from her making her whine. He quickly cleaned his fingers before gripping her thighs and pulling her closer, his tongue digging into her glistening core. He caught her gaze as his tongue worked quickly, her walls fluttering more as she gripped the sheets in her other hand, a scream leaving her as she came in his mouth. His tongue lapped up every drop before he dragged it across her sensitive clit. Hawks continued to lick on her softly, making her orgasm ride a bit longer. He then sat up, licking his lips, his wings straight behind him as he crawled up her body until he hovered over her, her purple eyes looking up into his own golden ones.
"Tell me you want this. Tell me you want me, that you want me deep inside of you. Please, tell me baby bird." Hawks panted, his wings pumping slightly as he lowered to kiss her neck softly making her feel how much he was trembling. "Tell me you'll be mine. Fuck, please tell me."
He could feel her tremble under him, her soft pants and moans like music to his ears. His hands ran over her soft, naked skin, his lips following. He kissed each of her tattoos which seemed to shimmer under her skin.
"Fuck, Keigo. Please take me, fuck. Please, make me yours. Own me." Hawks quickly captured her lips with his own, one hand tangling into her white hair. His wings laid out over both of them. His heart started pounding as she responded to the kiss in earnest, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. He quickly reached down and quickly pushed off his sweat pants, groaning feeling the air hit his aching member. He felt Tsubaki pull away from his lips and start to kiss down his cheek, to his neck, to his collarbone. Hawks panted more feeling her hands roam over his chest, stomach, then ghost over his abs.
"Tsubaki. Fuck." He shuddered as he felt her kiss her way down his chest before he felt her hand brush against his throbbing cock, making him groan. "Fuck, oh fuck. Please stroke me." Hawks bit his lip as her hand wrapped around his girth, then gasped looking down seeing her lips press against the head of his cock. He threaded his hand into her hair and gasped feeling her finally take him into her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue flicked over the head of his cock before she moved down on him, her hand stroking him slowly making him moan and pant.
"Fuck! Your mouth feels so good around my cock. Fuck, yes. Just like that." Hawks groaned out as she pumped her soft hand up and down his shaft. He could feel her tongue working on the underside of him, he reached up and placed his other hand on her head as well before her free hand came up to cup his family jewels.
"Oh, fuck you know how to work a cock don't you. Aahhn.. fuck, Tsubaki!" She had started humming around him before she pulled away for a moment before taking him again, this time taking him all the way in her mouth so her nose tickled the little golden hairs on his pelvis. "Fuck! This isn't your first time is it?" He panted as Tsubaki continued sucking on him. "Ts-Tsubaki, be c-careful." Hawks leaned his head back, his fingers massaging her scalp before he pulled her away from him. "Tsubaki, I'm about to cum." He looked down to see her eyes on him.
"Can you cum again shortly? If I suck this load from you, can you do it again?" Hawks could see the serious look in her eyes and nodded. He was pushed back onto his back just before Tsubaki wrapped her mouth and hands around his cock.
"Fuck! I'm sorry, I have to thrust. Fuck, your mouth feels so fucking amazing." Hawks gripped her head and started to thrust into her mouth gently. He tossed his head back into the tangled sheets of her bed, her natural smell and her perfume enveloping his senses. He moaned loudly as she sucked and quickly stroked the shaft of his cock. He could feel his balls tightening meaning he was very close.
"Fuck, Tsubaki. I'm about to.. fuck. I'm going to nut so fucking hard. God, this feels so fucking good." Tsubaki hummed around the head of hid cock, her tongue flicking across the sensitive slit making him moan out loudly. Hawks gritted his teeth as he released in her mouth.
"Fuck! Yes, fuck. Baby, that feels so good. So fucking good." He felt Tsubaki lick up his shaft after she swallowed his load. He sat up and pulled her up to softly press his lips to hers, he could taste himself on her sweet lips. He panted lightly, the taste of himself got him riled up even more. She pressed her lips back to his as her arms went around his shoulders once more, one hand tangling in his golden hair.
"Tsubaki.. tell me you want me inside you.. tell me you want me... I need to hear it." Hawks muttered in between kisses. She pulled away from him and looked him in the eyes, hers were darkened lightly.
"Take me. Make me yours. Make my body yours." Hawks swallowed before he pushed her shoulder laying her back before he picked up one of her legs behind her knee.
"This might hurt a bit with my size. I-I'll do my best to go slow for you." Hawks gripped himself with his free hand and guided his cock to tease over her still sensitive and wet clit, Tsubaki gasped and clenched her hands in the sheets.
"Fuck, you're still so wet. Are you ready for me?" At her nod, he pressed his tip against her entrance and slowly pushed himself inside of her.
"Fuck! Keigo!" Hawks was panting, she was so fucking tight and he was barely in. He was fighting the urge to completely sheathe himself inside her tight cunt.
"Holy shit. Fuck you're tight." Hawks gripped her thigh and waist as he slowly pushed himself deeper inside of her tight, wet cunt.
"Oh fuck. Fuck, this is driving me crazy, you feel so fucking good around my cock." Tsubaki gripped his hair and his shoulder, her other leg wrapping over his hip, her toes accidentally brushing through his sensitive feathers making him cry out and snap his hips forward. Tsubaki cried out feeling him completely sheath himself inside of her.
"Fuck! Shit, I-I'm so sorry. M-my wings are extra sensitive." Hawks leaned over and kissed her neck softly before she pulled him up to meet her lips in a deep kiss. He pressed his lips back to hers, shivering softly as he stayed as still as possible to let her get used to his size. The hand on her waist travelled up to tangle in her hair. Tsubaki pulled away panting.
"W-wait. I need... air.." Hawks smirked lightly.
"It's alright, I'll give you some more air." He pressed his lips back to hers, a gasp leaving her as he pulled his hips back, then he thrust forward back into her shivering as he did so. Hawks pulled away from the kiss and kissed down to her neck as he thrusted in and out of her tight cunt. Tsubaki was moaning and panting with each thrust, her hand clenching in his hair, her nails lightly scoring his scalp.
"Fuck! Tsubaki, you feel fucking amazing around my cock. You're so fucking tight." Hawks reached down and gripped her other leg picking it up and hooking it over his shoulder, the change made both of them moan out loudly.
"Fuck, Keigo! So deep. Fuck, yes. Right there!"
"There? Is that your sweet spot, baby?" Hawks angled his hips to continue hitting that same spot over and over making her cry out. "Fuck, yes. I feel you getting close baby. Shit, this feels so fucking good."
"Kei-" He cut her off with a passionate kiss as he drove his hips faster and harder to her making her cry out in the kiss letting him deepen the kiss, their tongues fighting for dominance. His wings pumped above them as he pulled away from the kiss, both of them panting hard for air. Hawks gritted his teeth and gripped her waist pulling her closer to him.
"Fuck! Fuck! I'm so fucking close. I'm going to fill you up. Fuck, cum with me baby bird, please. Cum with me." He reached down between their sweaty bodies and found her clit easily before rubbing it with his thumb making her cry out, tossing her head back into the mattress. He thrust into her three more times before he gasped out as he released inside her, he could feel her walls milking him for all he had.
"Fuck!" He leaned over and rested his forehead on her shoulder, as he softly pressed his lips to the skin above her heart, which was beating hard and fast.
"So, tell me. Why were you going to be out for the rest of the week again?" Tsubaki giggled softly making him look up at her.
"I knew you had eyes for me. And I knew what spring meant for you. I figure asking for a week off would be alright if I was spending it like this."
"So you kinda planned this?"
"Well, more like tried and nearly failed. Especially when you yelled at me to leave. I thought that was it."
"So your plan for this week is to not be able to walk at all, huh? I've got news for you babe." Hawks chuckled, a gleam entering his eye.
"Hawks are predators, dear. And you've just been caught. Not only are you not going to walk, you're going to get devoured." Hawks said near her ear with a slight growl to his voice making her shiver. He started nipping and biting on her neck making her moan out softly.
"Do you know all that comes with my spring rut?" Tsubaki shook her head as Hawks used two of his longer feathers to raise her arms above her head. "A full fucking week of this. And you just made yourself my willing pray, baby bird."

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