Strickler x markus


Don't ask, just don't

Fantasy / Romance
Mr. Bday
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Chapter 1

The earliest memory I have of my dad and uncle we're when my dad got married to an arc angel named Gabriel just a few days after my moms death, after that we moved from city to city, town to town and even after all this they still wouldn't let me go to school or even out in public all because they we're scared of Crowley and what he might do if he got his hands on me, but that's not the point right now, welcome to my memories, enjoy

After seeing miles and miles of road we finally arrived in a small town called Arcadia oaks and just the look of the town peeked my interest as we drove past a school with two boys on bikes going home, later we pulled into a driveway of our new and temporary home (yay), but I was a nice two story house with a basement that would soon have soundproof all over the place but away from that, when I got out of the car and was being escorted to my room by my step dad "do you guys need help with those boxes?" I looked over to see the two kids from the school, my father looked over then at me "get to your room" I nodded and went on my way to the smallest bedroom with a window that could be locked with a key (spooky I know), I settled down in the corner of the room watching as they brought in boxes when the boy in the blue jacket saw me as he exited the room my uncle chose, he walked in and put his hand out "hi my name is Jim" he smiled "what's your name" I hesitated but eventually put my hand out "Michael Thompson " I lied and I was just about to shake his hand when my uncle's husband showed up at the door "what are you doing" Jim turned around "I was just introducing myself sir" he looked at Jim then at me "we don't required your help any more, you can go home" Jim nodded and said goodbye before leaving

"What did you do" my father said in a low disappointed voice "I gave him a name, I was just being friendly dad" he looked me in the eyes "why would you talk to him" "maybe because I didn't want to be an asshole" I said back as I crossed my arms "markus do you know who he could have been" I sighed "yes dad" "and you knew the risks" "yes dad" I said once more with tears threatening to pool out of my eyes "I'm not mad at you, I'm just very worried" he said in his usual low and calming voice, he put his hand on my knee "you know I love you right" I nodded and wiped tears from my eyes "don't cry" he got out of his chair and pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back "I just have to be worried because of the life we live, you know that" I nodded and gave a sniffle "thanks dad" he smiled "love you kiddo" "love you too dad" I smiled and hugged him back

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