Strickler x markus

Chapter two

The next day of setting up the house was to bring in some wepons, just enough to defend ourselves in case of a demon attack or vampires, I walked outside to grab the mail and something's from the car while my father, uncle, my other uncle, and my step dad carved protective runes and things in the house when I heard voices, I turned my head to see jim, a woman who I would assume was his mother, and an older man, jim turned and waved to me I smiled and walked over to the trunk of the car and opened it "who's that jim?" The woman asked "he's the new kid that moved in next door, you know the people me and Toby helped yesterday" jim responded as he started to walk over, I slammed the trunk shut and turned around with a smile on my face "wow what was that for" "nothing, just a nervous tick" I quickly came up with "well are you busy later, because we were wondering if you wanted a tour of the town" he asked ending in a smile “yeah that sounds fantastic what time should i be at your door” i asked walking away from the car “how about six” i nodded “six sounds good” i walked over to my door only to be stopped by the older man “sorry to intrude but i happened to overhear that you are new in town” i nodded “the names Michael, Michael Thompson nice to meet you now if you don’t mind i really have something i need to do so if you’ll just excuse me” i said as i walked past him and shut the front door “who was that” my father asked as he came down the stairs “i don’t know, i didn’t ask his name” i said as i made my way to the basement when i heard cheeps “what in the world” i muttered to myself as i turned the corner to see an abandoned baby bird, i picked it up gentilly and i put the tools down, i walked back upstairs and out the front door over to jim’s house and knocked on the door three times “hello” the door opened to reveal the woman from earlier “hi i don’t mean to disturb you but i found this baby bird and i was wondering if you had any washcloths or baby formula i could use to take care of him” i said in a relatively fast voice “yeah i think i have something you could use, come on in” she said with a smile and moved out of the way, i walked in and shut the door behind me and i stood there and waited “oh hey Michael, what are you doing here” i looked over to see jim “i found this bird and i just asked your mother for somethings” i responded as i opened my hands a little for him to see it “that’s nice of you to take care of defenceless animal” i looked over to see the older man as jim’s mother came over with a small container and a washcloth “this should be good, how long do you think it will take to get it up and flying” she said as i placed the bird in the cloth then took the cloth from her hand “thank you, since you were so nice to me i have to pay you back” i said with a smile as she handed me the container “you don’t have to” “but i insist” i said as i opened the door “i will see you later jim” i walked out shutting the door behind me and walking back into the temp house
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