Strickler x markus

Chapter three

Hours past and it was nearing on six, i looked at the window and placed my dagger on the floor, i walked over to the door and cracked it, the house was silent but i knew they were downstairs and so i shut the door and walked over to the window and messed with the lock and managed to get it open, i walked back over to my bed and pulled the blankets and fashioned a makeshift rope then made my way down, when i got to the bottom i ran over to jim’s house and knocked on the door “hey you're that kid from the other day” i turned around to see the other kid who i assume is toby “yes i am” i said as the door opened “hey guys, ready to see the town Michael” i looked over and nodded “i would like to get to know the town” i smiled and stepped out of the way so jim could get past me “his name is Michael? And how did you get to know him in one day?” toby said as jim got off the steps with me following behind “i didn’t, i just learned his name when we helped move the boxes and i offered to show him around town” toby looked at me then at jim “do you think we can trust the guy you met yesterday, does he not give you horror movie killer vibes” “well he hasn’t killed us yet has he” jim responded to toby as we started to walk down the street, after an hour or so i was sitting on a park bench looking at the stars while toby and jim sat talking “what are you looking at Michael?” jim asked as he looked at the stars “my grandparents, and my mother” “what do you mean?” toby said looking up at the stars as well “my grandparents died before i was born with my mother following after i graduated middle school” my smile faded “i’m sorry to hear about that Michael, i bet they were great people” jim said making tears come to my eyes “they were, they were my best friends” i whispered and looked at the ground and put my hands on my knees “but thats in the past and tomorrows a new day” i smiled “i know they are watching over me and the remainder of my family” i said as i heard the bushes rustling, i looked out of the corner of my eye then i shot up and pulled my gun out and pointed it at two stone like figures who put their hands up, the other two looked at where i was pointing and shot up as well “blinky, argh what are you doing here?” Jim said as Toby tried to take the gun from my grasp “how do you know them jim?” i asked as i lowered my gun “they are some of my friends” he said as i walked forward, gave him my gun and came face to face with the stone like figures “fascinating” i said under my breath as i circled them “absolutely fascinating” i stood in front of them “sorry for pointing my gun at you, it was either that or this” i said as i pulled out a stake from my boot i then put it back and looked at jim and toby “i should go home now, i’ll see you two after school” i walked over and grabbed my gun from his hands and started to walk home while whistling ‘don’t worry be happy’ leaving the boys and the stone like creatures with a face of utter shock, then my phone buzzed “FBI” i answered only to have my father and bobby on the other line “where are you” “just out for a walk, where are you” i gave a smart remark “looking for you, we told you not to leave the house” bobby said “don’t worry i have my gun, holy water, and a stake and not to mention a bible” i listed off the things that i had on me

“It doesn’t matter what you have where are you” i sighed “i’m by the bridge into town, i’ll go in the shadows and be ready to do whatever is necessary” i said more or less following the rule book for when i went out “you better be there or your going to be in even more trouble than you already are” my dad said as he ended the call
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