Bad memories


A young girl wakes up and finds her mum packing hers and her daughters stuff. The young girl is a mum. She moves to London and meets a boy. She finds out that his older brother is her mums ex... read on to find out🥰

Mystery / Romance
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Amelia's POV:

I woke up one morning and heard my mum running around the house. I got up and saw her in her room packing all her stuff; everything.
A:"Mom what are you doing?"
M:"We need to move"
M:"Honey please don't question me, just start packing"
I decided not to ask anything so I just went back to me bedroom and got dressed. Then I packed all my clothes and toiletries. Once I was packed I walked into the room next to mine and saw my one year old daughter sleeping peacefully in her crib. I packed all my daughters clothes except one for today and put all of the bags together. I then walked back to my daughters room and saw that she was starting to wake up.
A:"Hey baby, can I get you dressed?"
O:"No, cuds!"
A:"We will cuddle later baby let's get you ready for the day"
I picked her up out of her crib and Olivia started to snuggle into my chest. I put her down on her changing table and changed her diaper before a cute little outfit on her. I put her hair in two cute ponytails and then took her back to my bedroom.

We got in my bed and I lifted up my shirt so she could breast feed, I always let her feed in the morning. Olivia had her arms wrapped around me so tight, it was so cute. Then my mom walked in.
M:"Good, you two are okay"
A:"Yeah, why wouldn't we be?"
M:"No reason... let's just get going"
A:"Okay, she's almost done"
Olivia finished feeding and my mom took the bags downstairs. She put them in the car as I got mine and Olivia's shoes on. My mum began to get very impatient when so I quickly grabbed the last few things from the house and went to the car. I put Olivia in her car seat and then I sat in the front. As we drove away my mom let out a sigh of relief, I still didn't know why.
A:"Mom, where are we moving to?"
M:"My home town, Nana and Papa left their old house to us... I was just too nervous to go back to my old home, u-until today"
A:"Why did we have to leave so suddenly?"
M:"N-no reason just relax and try to get some sleep"
I nodded and closed my eyes for a bit... but I suddenly woke up when Olivia was crying.
A:"Olivia, baby I'm sitting right up here"
A:"Sweetheart I'm here"
She didn't calm down.
A:"Mom can you stop the car, I need to get in the back with her"
M:"Quickly please"
My mom pulled the car over and I hopped in the back seat. I moved to the middle so I was next to Olivia and I gave her my hand.
A:"You're okay baby"
She was still crying so I grabbed my bag and gave her the bottle that I had pumped last night. Olivia finally started to calm down but she kept her tiny hands wrapped around my fingers, not wanting to let go. Once she finished her bottle she pulled me towards her. I kissed Olivia's cheeks and held her hand... I didn't know what was bothering her but I could tell she was upset. For the next few hours I didn't let go of my baby girl but finally she fell asleep. But as a few more minutes went by mum mom started slowing down. I looked out of the window and noticed this sign for London.

Heyy guys hope you like this one as well as u like the other one. Love you all and hope you have or had a great day.🥰
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