Blood Feud

Chapter 10

G fought as hard as he could when the man in the park had turned around and cold cocked Deeks with a brick. Neither of them had given the groundskeeper a second look as they had walked past throwing the ball for A. to chase.

The man had put a strange smelling cloth over G's face and had thrown him into the black van that had pulled up beside him.

By the time Deeks had come too, A was sitting beside him whining and G was nowhere to be seen.

When G woke he realized he was in a vehicle, but not a car, the sounds were strange and the vibrations were all wrong.

He groaned as he sat up, hoping for a second that this was a dream and Grandmother and Sam…his new father were nearby.

He opened his eyes and moved back in shock at the face that stared back at him.

Dracul Comescu looked over at Janvier, "I was not sure until he opened his eyes, but yes, this is Yoska's boy. You have done well."

Janvier nodded, "Thank you, I also appreciate this ride, it gets me out of town quickly and we can restart up the pipeline, the business has been suffering for a long time, Have you had any word on the fate of your brother?" he asked.

Dracul shook his head, "I know he is being questioned by the FBI in Washington which is why we are heading there, it is fortunate that we have a new batch of products to be shipped out this week, I want to check on them before they go."

"I will be personally escorting the product out of the country, it is a pity he is not to be included with the shipment, I never realized just how pretty he is…he would fetch a good price." Janvier sneered.

Dracul shook his head as he got up and walked to the bar on the private plane and poured himself a drink, he sat back down and looked over at the boy, "He is Yoska's…I don't see the attraction, he is a Callen, our sister Alexa insisted he be killed, but Yoska argued to keep him alive, personally I don't swing that way I prefer women, grown up ones at that, but Alexa loves our brother and indulges his….fancies…besides there are enough out there that will pay for our product and it does bring in a good revenue." He looked over at the boy who was shaking as he realized he was on a plane.

"I hope you enjoyed your little taste of freedom boy, it is over now….Yoska will be pleased to have you back, I just hope you haven't forgotten all you have learned." Dracul laughed as G cried silently.

Dracul reached over and untied his bonds…"I am going to rest, you have an interest in him, maybe you could remind the boy his place in the world."

Dracul left and Janvier grinned, "Let's see if you are as good as Yoska bragged." He said as Dracul closed the door.

Sam paced the living room as Deeks filled them in on what had happened, "I have called LAPD, they are searching the park but I couldn't see any sign of him."

Sam grabbed the phone that Nell was talking into, "Is there anything Eric?" he asked his voice conveying the worry he felt.

"There was a black Van, it was reported stolen this morning, LAPD found it at a private airfield,"

"Anything on a plane? Do you know where they were going?"

"All we have so far is that a plane owned by the Comescu corporation took off from there, they had a flight plan to Washington D.C, but we don't know if it is accurate or not."

"Contact all D.C. airports, keep them on alert, and get Hetty and me a flight out there as soon as possible." Sam ordered.

He handed Nell back her phone. "Hetty…it's a Comescu plane, they've taken him to Washington, Eric is booking us flights out there, but I have no idea if he'll still be there when we get to him.

Hetty and Sam walked to their rooms to pack quickly as the others stood worried, "What can we do?" Kensi asked.

"We can co-ordinate everything we have from here." Nate said as he bent down to stroke the dog that was walking around the house looking for G.

"We'd better pack up some supplies for the dog, Sam and Hetty aren't going to be able to take him, we'll take him back to Ops with us."

Nell went and got his basket from G's room and his blanket as Kensi got his food bowls and kibble, Deeks attached his leash as Hetty and Sam walked out with their bags packed.

"Bring him home Sam." Deeks said. "And…tell him, I'm sorry."

Sam pulled Deeks into a one armed hug, "I don't blame you, I know you did your best." Sam told him, "Just make sure you keep the dog in one piece till we get back."

G's eye was half closed as the bruising had started to come out, as Dracul came back into the cabin to get ready for landing.

He was curled into a ball and whimpering in the corner of the plane.

Dracul laughed, "I take it you enjoyed the in-flight entertainment." He said to Janvier.

Janvier smiled, "I can see why Yoska doesn't want to let him go, I consider your debt paid in full." He said as he strapped his own seatbelt up.

"The boy?" Janvier asked as the plane came in for landing.

"Not a concern." Dracul said, he wasn't going to put that on his nice leather seats.

G winced as he hit the wall as he slid backwards when the plane landed, he turned back and sat on his knees, not only because it was expected of him, but also because it was the most comfortable way for him to sit right now.

Dracul smirked as he saw the boy's discomfort.

The plane rolled to a halt and Dracul looked out of the window pleased to see the van they had ordered was already waiting for them.

"Take the boy and put him in the van, we will head to the warehouse to check on the other new merchandise and then I will see if there is any word on my brother."

Janvier reached for Callen and noted with a satisfied smirk that the boy flinched at his touch, "You may belong to Yoska, but I think G. Callen you will never forget me." He whispered into the boy's ear as Dracul disembarked from the plane.

G looked at him, "I am not a slave." He said defiantly.

Janvier turned the boy's head and took him in a bruising kiss, "You are and always will be something for others to use." He snapped.

G shook his head and spat the taste of Janvier away.

"My father will shoot you." He said defiantly, knowing that even now Sam would be looking for him.

"Your father is dead; he shot himself in the head." Janvier said.

G looked at him and could see the truth in his eyes and he buckled to his knees.

Janvier laughed as he pushed the boy down the steps his hands tied in front of him and he fell on his face on the tarmac. He jogged down the last few steps and threw him into the van.

"Maybe…you will learn that you will never be free G. Callen…you will always be a slave."

Pulling up to the warehouse, Janvier handed the box that had been on the van seat to Dracul, "You want to do this?" he asked.

Dracul smiled, "It will help to show the new merchandise what they have to look forward too."

They got out and opened the door to the van.

"Strip." Dracul ordered.

G shook, but nodded and did as ordered. Shedding the last vestiges of his old life with Sam and putting on the shorts that Dracul held out to him.

"And this." Dracul snapped. G lifted his head, but not his eyes as Dracul put a brass collar around his neck and fastened it with a padlock and chain.

G winced as it was chafing his neck, but he knew better than to complain.

Dracul stood up and pulled the chain and G walked along obediently behind them.

As the doors to the warehouse opened G heard the sounds of children crying.

"QUIET!" Dracul snapped as they entered the crying diminished but didn't stop.

"You will all learn that you have a new life now, soon you will be trained and tested and then shipped out to your new masters. If you are obedient life may be tolerable for you, if …" He yanked on G's chain, "Like this one you disobey, then you can see life if not so easy."

G chanced a look up, and his gut clenched, there were about ten to fifteen children, and the eldest looked about 10 years old. They were all still dressed in street clothes, G realized that these kids weren't born to this life; he suspected they had been stolen from their families. A theory confirmed when a little girl of about five said, "I want my mommy, and I want to go home."

Dracul went to hit the girl, but G moved instinctively, "Don't….Master…" he said.

Dracul growled and backhanded G around the face.

G got to his knees and lay prostrate, "Sorry Master." He begged.

Dracul gave and evil smile, "I have a way you can redeem yourself slave,"

"Anything Master." G begged.

"You can train these children…make them ready in 24 hours for testing by myself and Marcel…Make sure they know what to expect…you know what to do…"

G shook his head in horror, "No…Master I…please…"

"Either you do or I will, however, I will take every infraction they make out on you, you will be the one punished and you will still have to watch when I take each and every one of them for the first time."

Janvier laughed at Dracul's suggestion.

G sobbed, he couldn't do this not to another child…but he had no choice, maybe however….

"I'll do it my master." He replied. The older child in the cage knowing what he meant shook his head and backed away pulling the younger one's near him.

"No…you're a sick son of a bitch, you can't do that…" he yelled.

Dracul turned to Janvier, "American parents do not raise their young very well." He sighed.

He turned to the children, "This is G. Callen, your trainer, everything that happens to you will be his fault, everything that happens to him will be your fault. In 24 hours I will first come for that one." Dracul said to G pointing to an eight year old blonde girl. "Have her ready for me."

He took the children and threw them in a room with G; he undid the chain holding G but kept the collar on.

"Don't try anything boy. You know the drill; have the first one ready for when I come in the morning." Dracul ordered.

He shut the door and turned to Janvier, "I hear there is a nice little restaurant in the center of Washington that does good Italian food." He said as they walked away.

G looked over at the children huddled in the corner of the room, eying the chains and the large bed fearfully, He worried about them, but the first thing he needed to do was to see if he could get them out, unfortunately they were also standing between him and the window.

The girl screamed as he took a step towards her, the larger boy placed himself between the girl and G.

"You can't do this you are just a kid yourself, you know this is wrong…what would your parents say?" he tried reasoning with him.

"I no have parents…I have only master." G said.

"You ain't American?" the kid said surprised.

G shook his head, "Moving now please." He said.

"She isn't going with you, this is wrong, you can't do this…they taught us in school, you have to be older and with someone you love to have sex…I mean, you haven't yet have you…? You have to be at least 18…" he said hopefully.

G shrugged not understanding what the boy was talking about. He cocked his head to one side trying to understand the fast flow of words.

"Sex is wrong at our age…you have to be…"

G's face crumpled as he got it, "Eight….I was eight…it is…bad…I hope save you…you trust me?" he asked.

The boy's face looked stunned, his dad was a cop and overhearing he'd heard a lot about things like this. "Eight….Oh my God man, how long you been with these guys?"

"I born to the master…I always belong to master…you have families yes?" he asked.

All the children nodded.

"You need families…I learn families are good…" He climbed up to the window opening it a crack, "You need leave, find families…go home…" he pushed at the glass with his bare feet, wincing as the glass cracked and cut his feet.

"Hey…my name is Jake.." the boy said and held out his hand.

G looked at the hand, "G…my name is G…Callen…"

He started helping G lower the younger children out of the window, "Come with us…" Jake begged, "We can find your family."

"Have no family only master…" G said as they lowered the last child out of the window.

"Find NCIS….NCIS is good, they are safe…they find you family." G said.

Jake turned and hugged G, "Thank you…I will find them…" he promised.

As Jake ran off with the kids, G got down crying as he wished he were going with them, but he knew he had nowhere to go.

He stopped as a small sniffle from under the bed got his attention.

He leant down to see the eight-year-old girl that Dracul had picked out was hiding under the bed.

"No….No you should be gone with Jake…" G said looking but realizing the others were gone.

"I want my mommy." The little girl sobbed.

G pulled her into his arms and hugged her. "I keep you safe…I will." He vowed.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs sat at his desk hoping that there would be no more calls that day, they had just wrapped up a case of a murdered marine, he had missed dinner with Tobias Fornell the night before as he was on a case that in his words made him too sick to eat and he was just plain tired.

He looked over at Ellie, Tim and Tony all finishing up their reports and was about to tell them to head on out when his phone rang.

"Oh…Boss?!" Tony sighed, shooting Gibbs and apologetic look as he realized he'd been heard.

"Gibbs." He said as he answered his phone.

"OK we are on our way." He said.

"Boss?" Tony asked as Gibbs stood up.

"Gear up, we got a bus load of kids, been found by DCPD, they say they were kidnapped and were told to ask for us, eldest kid says there are still two missing."

He told the team and headed for the elevator.

Tony gulped as he and the others headed for the elevator to catch Gibbs up, Tony and Tim sharing a look, cases involving kids didn't sit well with Gibbs, it was going to be another hard one, but they were all hoping for a good outcome.

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