Blood Feud

Chapter 11

G looked at the girl who was sobbing in his arms, "What you name?" he asked.

She rubbed her eyes and looked at him, "You talk funny." She sniffed. "My name is Callie."

G smiled, "Like Callen…my name…G…Callen….Callie."

"I want my daddy." The little girl said putting her thumb in her mouth.

"What a daddy?" G asked.

Callie stopped sniffing and looked at him, "A daddy is brave; he looks after you and keeps you safe, my daddy is a marine. He will rescue me." She said with conviction. "My mommy said my daddy is a hero."

G thought about it, "Sam is a hero." He said, after all Sam had found him in the boatshed and had taken him in.

"Sam is your Daddy?" Callie asked.

G thought about it, "Is daddy like father?" he asked.

The little girl nodded, "Oh yes, my father is my daddy." She told her.

"Sam is my daddy." He told her.

She sighed and laid her head down on his shoulder.

Gibbs pulled up next to a bunch of agency cars, "Looking for Agent Tom Monroe?" he said to the trooper standing with the others.

"Over there with Agent Fornell sir." He said.

"Fornell's here?" Tony asked looking at the collective group of agents and wondered if they were a 'gaggle' of agents.

"DiNozzo." Gibbs snapped and Tony rushed to catch up with him.

"Agent Gibbs?" Tom Monroe asked as he turned to the group.

Gibbs ignored him, "What the hell is going on Tobias?" he snapped.

Fornell shot an apologetic look at Monroe and stood in for him, "We have information that this warehouse is a hub for human trafficking, adults and children.

"So why are we here?" he asked.

"I called you," Another man interrupted. "Name's Jack Hudson, Detective, Baltimore PD. We picked up a load of kids about 12 or thirteen a few hours ago, they were all kidnap victims, they said they were saved by an older boy, he told them to ask for NCIS and only NCIS. He trusted you guys, according to Jake, the oldest…" the cop swallowed, "My son, the boy was left behind along with an eight-year-old girl…Agent Gibbs, this kid saved my boy, I wanna help get him out."

Gibbs nodded, as did Fornell, they both knew if it had been Kelly, or Emily they would both be there to help.

"You stay close to a federal agent, you understand?" he ordered.

Jack nodded, "Yes sir."

Fornell and Tony groaned but Gibbs said nothing.

"So what's the plan?"

Fornell passed him the map, "We have the building staked out, two people left and hour ago, we are waiting to see if they come back, we have one of the ring leaders, a Romanian national, Yoska Comescu in custody. Have a shit load of evidence on him Jethro, but until those kids escaped, we did not know where they were."

"So now?" Gibbs snapped.

"Got some people on the two that left they are heading back, we think others may be coming, gonna let them go inside and get settled and then swoop on the lot of them."

They all took their positions and were out of sight as Dracul and Janvier arrived back at the warehouse.

"You told the boy you'd be longer." Janvier said and Dracul laughed.

"So he'll be punished, not my circus, not my monkeys." He laughed again.

Dracul opened the door, walked past the other rooms, looking at the pathetic bits of meat sitting inside there, "This lot ship out tonight, you can leave with them if you wish." He said to Janvier.

"I should, I need to get set up myself, I will take one of the children with me, they are always useful in smuggling stuff across the borders no one tends to search children."

"Ok…" Dracul did not want to argue with this man.

"Dracul Comescu…it is really quiet…" Janvier said suspiciously.

Dracul drew his gun, "Yes it is."

They walked towards the room where the children were being held and Dracul unlocked the large padlock and bolt.

"Callie…hide!" G hissed and opened a small closet door and pushed her inside, "Stay silent….Shh." he said and closed the door and looked around frantically for something to use as a weapon to defend the child.

"BOY!" Dracul's voice made him jump, "Where are they?"He yelled in Romanian.

"They are gone and they are safe." G said defiantly, he hoped Sam would be proud of him.

Dracul stormed across the room and yanked the pipe that G had picked up out of his hand.

"You DARE to use this on me boy?" Dracul snarled and raised the pipe and hit the boy around the head and torso repeatedly, not listening to the boy's cries.

Callie curled up in the closet her hands over her ears and tears streaming down her face at his screams.

"Where are they?" he yelled.

"No…here!" G cried out.

There was a crash and a bang and lots of yelling from outside.

Dracul dropped the boy on the floor and picked his gun up with Janvier to head towards the noise.

As he left, G grabbed the pipe and hauled his bloody body towards the closet door, to protect the child.

Gibbs took point with Fornell as the group entered the building, one team headed to the side doors and found rows upon rows of people, tied up and tired.

"Take them out, look out for the ringleaders." Fornell warned.

Munroe led the people outside as Dracul and Janvier came around the corner and started firing at the Agents.

"FBI Drop your weapons." Fornell called.

"Please don't." Tony said under his breath, Gibbs shot him a glare but secretly agreed with his senior field agent.

Luckily, for Tony, they did not and they came out firing.

Within moments, both Dracul and Janvier were dead on the floor.

"Clear!" Tony called as he kicked the guns away from the men.

There was a metal clang from a room at the back and the men looked at each other and headed in the direction of the sound.

They heard frantic whispering before they opened the door, "Stay shh." They heard a boy's voice.

"Ok…" a small girl's voice replied.

They opened the door to see what looked like a teenage boy, holding a piece of lead piping.

"Drop the weapon." Tony said as they raised their guns at the boy.

G didn't understand what they were saying, but he saw the guns and assumed that Dracul has sent them in to get the girl away from him.

"No." he said holding the pipe higher.

"Drop the weapon and lay down on the floor!" Gibbs said.

G cocked his head, "Vam pridetsya ubit' menyasperva prezhde chem YA pozvolil tebe prikosnut'sya Cassie" [You will have to kill me first before I let you touch Cassie.] He snarled.

Gibbs stopped understanding. "Vy russkiy ?" [You Russian?] He asked.

G shrugged. He didn't know.

"Moi imena agent Gibbs NCIS my zdes', chtoby pomoch'" [My name is Agent Gibbs, NCIS, we are here to help.] He said.

G looked at them, "NCIS….Hetty Lange….Help?" he said.

Gibbs nodded.

"I trust NCIS…you help Cassie?" he asked his English halting.

Gibbs put his gun away and the others followed suit, "I have to take you in kid till we know who you are."

"No help Cassie." He insisted.

"Boss, I called the paramedics." Tony said walking back into the room after leaving as soon as he had seen the state of the kid.

"Help Cassie." G said as he fell to his knees he lifted and obviously injured arm and pointed shakily at the small door in the wall.


Fornell walked into the room having waited for the Medical Examiner to take Dracul and Janvier away.

"G?" he said looking at the kid on his knees on the floor.

"Fortnell?" G said stumbling over the man's name.

Tobias took off his jacket and draped it over the boy's shoulders as G, with his one good hand clung to the only friendly face he knew.

"Do Hetty and Sam know you're here?" he asked.

G looked up at him with sad eyes, despite what he had told Cassie, he knew that his father was dead, Janvier had told him he shot himself.

"Sam…dead…with mother and Amy and Nikita." He said hoping he got his words right.

"Sam's dead?" Fornell looked surprised, he hadn't heard that.

"Janvier…he…he…." G's breathing increased as he looked around for Janvier and Dracul.

"They are dead kid, we got them."

"Master…dead…too?" G asked not exactly sure he was hopeful of a yes answer.

"Master? What the hell Tobias?" Gibbs snapped.

"Yoska Comescu is the head of this trafficking ring. He'll be going down for a long time." Tobias turned to G, "I am sorry about Sam kid, he was a good agent."

They stood up to go; Tony had already left carrying Cassie outside and handing the girl off to Ellie who had gone with her in the ambulance.

"Where I go now?" G asked.

"You need to go to the hospital and get your injuries fixed, then we will need to talk to you at NCIS and get a statement." Gibbs said.

"Yes Sir." G said and followed them out.

They arrived at the hospital and Gibbs and Fornell both waited with him while he was treated.

When he was in x-ray Fornell filled Gibbs in on what he knew about the kid.

"My God he went through all that?" Gibbs sighed.

"Yeah I had heard he was doing well with Hetty and Sam, it's a shame about him."

"I hadn't heard." Gibbs admitted, "As soon as he's ready we need to get him back to NCIS, some of the parents want to thank him for saving their children."

"I finished Fortnell." G said as he walked out of the cubicle holding his newly plastered arm. "You take me now?" he asked.

"You're coming with me." Gibbs said.

G nodded and followed him. He said nothing but shot a worried look to Fornell.

"I'm coming too Jethro, the kids scared, he needs someone he knows there."

Gibbs nodded and the left the hospital.

Arriving at NCIS, G looked worried as he saw the security and the guards on the door.

"I.D." The guard said as he looked at the battered kid.

"I.D?" G asked and looked at Tobias.

"He's with us." Fornell said flashing his badge.

"I need to search him." The security guard moved to touch G and he jumped away.

"No…No…touch…not a slave…you no touch." G said shaking his head.

Gibbs stood in front of the boy, "Harry, give the kid a break, he's been through a lot and has just rescued a load of kids."

"The child trafficking ring?" Harry asked amazed.

Gibbs nodded,

"The families are upstairs," he turned to G, "I'm sorry kid, I didn't know."

G followed the two men into the elevator and jumped in surprise as the door shut.

"It's ok G. we'll talk to Director Vance and we will see if we can find out who can have you, you won't be alone." He promised.

Hetty and Sam had arrived at NCIS an hour earlier and were being filled in by Vance on the raid that Gibbs and his team were on with the FBI. They had been told how G had saved the other children at the expense of himself and Sam was proud for his boy and worried sick.

"I need to see him, what if something has happened." Sam said pacing the director's office.

"I have been informed that he is on his way here Gibbs and Fornell are bringing him in." Vance said as he stood up to head out to the mezzanine.

Sam and Hetty headed down the stairs to the bullpen where Agent Gibbs' team were finishing off their reports before Gibbs got back.

"Agent Hanna, Ms Lange." Tim said as they walked in.

"Any word?" Sam asked.

"I couldn't get hold of Gibbs' cell phone so I assume he is in the elevator on the way up."

They looked over as the doors opened and both Gibbs and Fornell walked out.

Fornell stopped dead, "Agent Hanna I thought you were dead!" he exclaimed in shock.

"Dead?" Sam said surprised.

G stopped dead, "They say you dead? You not dead?" he said quietly looking at him.

Sam dropped to one knee, "G…I'm not dead." Sam said making sure the boy could see his eyes.

"DADDY!" G yelled and ran the few steps to Sam's arms and held him tight.

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