Blood Feud

Chapter 12

Sam teared up as he held G in arms, "G…I missed you are you ok?" he said holding him tight.

"I…I sorry Sam…I…" G pulled away.

"G?" Hetty walked over and stood behind Sam concerned at the shame on the boy's face.

"G what is it?" she asked.

"I…bad…I sorry." G said.

Gibbs looked over at the makeshift family; he had just put the phone down on the hospital having gotten the full medical report on the boy. He'd been glad it hadn't been ready when they had left the hospital; he wasn't sure after hearing the full extent of the boy's injuries that he would have been able to drive them safely back.

Gibbs walked over to them, "I need to take your statement," he said.

G looked at him fearfully.

"Agent Gibbs, do you need to do that right now?" Hetty asked, "We've just got him back, I need to see what his injuries are."

Gibbs motioned for her to follow him.

"Ma'am, I don't know what your relationship is to the boy, but I got a full report of his injuries, you may not want to know."

Hetty sighed "It can't be any worse than what has already happened to him. I can see the broken arm and bruising are his ribs injured?" she asked.

Gibbs nodded, "Two fractures, I just got word from the hospital, they ran a rape kit on the boy and it came back positive."

Hetty closed her eyes in pain for a moment.

"I take it Agent Hanna isn't the boy's biological father?" Gibbs asked not wanting to assume anything.

"No. He was married to G's sister, my adopted daughter, Agent Callen from Los Angeles."

Gibbs nodded, "I'd heard of her, she was a good agent, I'm sorry for your loss."

Hetty sighed again, "Thank you. I hear that Dracul Comescu and Marcel Janvier were killed in the raid on the warehouse, and that the other children were rescued?"

"Yes ma'am." Gibbs said.

Hetty scoffed, "Now, Jethro, we work for the same agency and I don't like that Ma'am stuff even less than you like being called Sir."

Gibbs chuckled a bit at that.

"We have enough evidence to turn over to the FBI; apparently they have a Yoska Comescu in custody and enough on him now to charge him with human trafficking on US soil. He's gonna be staying here for a long long time." He said with a satisfied smile.

Director Vance came over to them, "Hetty, I have just got off the phone with the lawyer, if Agent Hanna agrees with your suggestion there is a judge will see you both and the boy in an hour."

Hetty smiled and nodded, "I know he feels the same way; however Agent Gibbs wanted to…debrief G now."

"Agent Gibbs can it wait?" Vance asked.

Gibbs looked over at the large man comforting the boy and on the sly checking him out for his injuries and nodded. "As soon as you are done Miss Lange, give me a call and we'll talk again, I know Tobias wants to make sure they have everything they need to bring Comescu down."

Tony walked over to G with his lock picking kit, "You want me to take that off?" he asked pointing to the collar the boy wore.

G nodded, "Thank please." He said.

Tony smiled, "You're welcome…you remind me of my last partner, you ever thought about being an Agent when you grow up?" he asked as he got to work on the collar.

"I be Agent…like Daddy?"

Sam rolled his eyes, "G…Dad…if you want you can call me Dad…you're nearly fourteen and fourteen year olds in the US don't going around calling their fathers Daddy."

"But Cassie said Father is Daddy and Daddy is brave and keeps you safe, you Sam, you father…you keep me safe?" G reasoned.

Sam nodded, "Ok but Dad…yeah?" he offered, "Same as Daddy, just less breath."

G gave him the, 'I don't understand but I'm gonna agree anyway' look, and a short nod. "Ok Dad." He said as the collar fell off him.

G smiled feeling freer and rubbed at his neck.

"Here, G?" Ellie said holding a bag, "These are for you, there are clean clothes and showers this way." She said pointing towards them.

Sam went with him and followed Ellie.

"Thank you Agent Bishop." Sam said with a smile.

"Hey the kid is a hero, he deserves to be treated like one." She replied not noticing the sad look cross G's face.

G walked into the shower cubicle as Sam handed him the toiletries and a towel and wrapped his plaster casted arm in a waterproof, "Wash up and then we'll head back upstairs to Grandma."

G nodded and went to do as he was asked.

As the water cascaded around him, G allowed some tears to fall, no one could see him cry here and no one could judge.

As he washed himself he thought of Ellie's words, he wasn't a hero. Not at all. He had allowed Janvier to use him, he had despite the fact that he knew now it was wrong he had reacted to Janvier's touch, his body had, in his eyes, enjoyed it. He had let Sam down. He had until Callie had looked at him terrified been willing to do as his master's brother had ordered him.

He was just as bad, he was a monster.

He let the water run cold as he stood there, tears falling. If Sam knew…he wouldn't want him anymore and the FBI men would take him away and throw him in a cell with Yoska.

The thought made him heave and Sam was there in an instant.

"G…You ok?" he asked shutting off the water and wrapping the boy in a towel.

G nodded, but didn't say anything.

"Ok," Sam said brightly, "Let's get you dried off and dressed, I know you know how to do it now, but it's gonna be hard with that arm in a cast and I know you wanna get back upstairs as soon as we can.

He helped G dress and pretty soon they were heading back up to the bullpen.

Gibbs watched as the boy stepped off the elevator, their eyes locked and Gibbs was surprised at the amount of Guilt that he saw in the young man's face.

"Director?" Gibbs said.

Hetty and Vance turned as Gibbs called. "I need to speak to the boy now, before you go." He said his gut churning, he knew if he left it, it would be too late.

Hetty wasn't happy but she understood the job.

"Very well Agent Gibbs." She said as Sam stood there.

"We will observe." She told him.

G looked at them, he didn't know what that word meant but as the Agent led him away he looked at Sam with sad eyes. "I sorry." He said and turned to follow Gibbs down the corridor.

"He's sorry?" Sam asked confused,

Hetty shrugged, "I think that our young Mr. Callen has something going on that he needs to talk to Agent Gibbs about."

They followed at a distance and went into the observation room where Tobias was already waiting.

"I hope he has some good information for us, I watched his birth on DVD yesterday and what that slime-bag did to his mother was horrifying, I also watched some of the DVD of this kid's upbringing…I want that sick SOB to rot in hell!" he sighed.

"I agree," Hetty said taking a seat next to him.

Gibbs sat in the interrogation room and placed a folder on the table.

"G. Callen." He said looking at the boy.

G nodded.

"We want you to tell us what happened do you think you can do that from the time you were taken to when we found you?" Gibbs asked.

G looked guiltily at his hands.

"I was walking A. Buddy with Mr. Deeks and a man took me from the park."

"A buddy? Does he have a name?" Gibbs asked.

G nodded, "A. Buddy."

Gibbs looked annoyed. "What's your buddy's name?"

"A. Buddy."

The speaker in the wall crackled to life, "Err. Boss, the name of the kids' dog is A. Buddy." Tim said.

"Thanks McGee." Gibbs said and turned to G. "Did you see the man who took you?" he asked.

G nodded, "I couldn't stop him hurting Mr. Deeks, he threatened to shoot A." he looked down blinking rapidly to control his emotions.

"It's ok, who was the man who took you."

"My master's brother called him Janvier and Marcel." He said.

Gibbs wrote the name down, "Can you tell me what happened next?"

"He put a …." He stopped searching for the word…. "tkan'yu"

"Cloth." Gibbs translated and G nodded.

"Over my face…" he put his hand over his mouth to show what he meant. "And I sleep."

"Ok…Where were you when you woke up?" Gibbs asked.

"I in a airplane…in sky…?" he spread his arms out like wings and Gibbs nodded his understanding. "Dracul and Janvier in airplane…we go to Wash-ing-tone…for master."

"Did they say anything about their plans?"

G got uncomfortable, "No…Dracul he got sleep in plane at back…I….I had to pay money owed by master."

"How…?" Gibbs asked his gut churning, he figure he was getting close now.

"I…" G looked away. "I pay …"

"You had money?" Gibbs pushed, he hated seeing the distress that was on the boy's face but he knew if the boy could just say the right words, Yoska Comescu would go down.

Sam on the other side of the glass got angry. "He can't do this can't you see he's scared. Get Gibbs to stop…he's frightening him." He stood up and Hetty put a hand on his arm.

"Agent Gibbs has to do this Sam."

G got up and walked to the far corner of the room, putting as much distance as he could between himself and Gibbs.

"What happened on the plane?" Gibbs asked again.

"I…I…no mean to…I know it wrong, Sam said it wrong…I no leave, I no hide..I…I sorry…" G slunk down the wall and burst into tears, "I no fight him…I let him…I evil…"

Gibbs crouched down, "G I saw the hospital report I know what he did to you it wasn't your fault."

G cried harder and Sam pushed his way out of observation and opened the door to interrogation.

"Agent Hanna?" Gibbs growled.

"Can it Gibbs, you're upsetting my boy."

"I need him to say it, we need it on record."

G stood up and wiped his eyes angrily, the man needed him to say it, so say it he would.

"He made me sex with him. I no like…then my body like…I say no…but I thing…property, I have no choice…then I told to do sex with girl Cassie…to make her like me…I no do that it is wrong I am wrong…" G ran past Sam out the open door as Sam stood there in shock.

"He didn't do it to the girl, he couldn't have done." Sam argued defending his boy.

"He didn't…but G's results came back from the hospital, he was raped recently and we now know by Janvier.

G ran blindly down the hallway until he came to the end of the corridor. He heard loud music and stopped as he saw a young woman in pigtails rollerblading around a workbench, He stood watching her for a moment.

She stopped with a start as she noticed the kid peeking from behind the doorframe and she turned her music down.

"Hey there!" she smiled. "You alright?"

G stared at her, more precisely he stared at her neck, she was wearing a collar.

"You slave?" he asked.

She looked confused, "Sorry…what?"

He pointed to her neck, "You slave?" he asked again.

"Oh this…? No," she smiled, "I'm a Goth…I wear it because…well it's cool." She told him.

"Slave not cool, it wrong…I'm wrong." G said and he let a tear fall.

"Of course slavery is wrong, unless you agree to it…but that's a whole other discussion for when you are older young man," she grinned.

G looked at her, "Agree? How you agree? Slave's born slaves they no get choice."

"Silly no one is born a slave anymore." Abby argued.

"I was." G told her.

She was about to disagree with him, but the look on his face told her he was telling the truth.

"Were you one of those kids that was kidnapped at the warehouse?" she asked.

G nodded and shook his head, "My masters at big house…I…taken back…where G belong."

"G?" she asked.

"G…me…" he said pointing to himself.

"Cool what does the G stand for?" Abby asked, sitting on a chair and rolling her feet back and forth.

"G." G said.

Abby smiled, "I'm Abby Sciuto, I work here."

G remembered the two name thing. "G. Callen." He said pointing to himself. "I….Here."

Abby smiled, "Well yes, G. Callen, yes you are here."

"G!" Sam's voice echoed down the corridor.

G looked frightened and his eyes quickly searched for somewhere to hide.

"You scared of him?" Abby asked worried for the boy.

G gave a brief nod, "I make him mad." He said, he knew Sam would be angry at him for not telling the truth straight away.

"In here." Abby said opening the door to her office and closing it with the remote control, "You'll be safe there."

Sam, Gibbs and Hetty all walked into Abby's office.

"Abbs…did you see a boy in here."

"in here?" Abby asked.



"Abbs…" Gibbs glared at her.

"Ok, Ok he was here…he's scared I promised him I wouldn't let him get hurt, you won't hurt him will you?" Abby said rolling up to Sam and crossing her arms at him.

"No…He's my…He's gonna be my son." Sam said.

"So, why is he scared?" Abby asked glancing back at her office where G was hiding under her desk.

Gibbs took the remote and opened the door.

"I SORRY!" G shrieked covering his head.

"G…G. it's ok."Sam said softly. "You were very brave, you are not wrong, what happened to you wasn't your fault, that man raped you, what he did was wrong and you are not responsible. You are not wrong."

At Sam's words Abby's hands flew up to her mouth in shock and Gibbs put an arm around her.

"I no wrong?" G asked, "Sam still father, Dad?"

Sam nodded.

"Master no take G again?" he asked, his body still shaking.

"No…If you want we can go see a judge, he'll make you my son forever." Sam said.

G looked up hope all over his face, "I like yes?"

Sam smiled, "I like yes." He affirmed.

G wrapped his arms around Sam, "Go now…yes?"

Sam nodded, "Gibbs, we could use a witness or two…not sure how these things work, maybe just in case?" he asked.

"Abby come?" G asked.

Abby grinned, "Can I Gibbs."

"Shoes Abby." He said pointing to her platforms and she changed quickly and they all left.

Walking up to the courthouse, G gripped tightly to Sam's hand hoping upon hope that nothing would take him away again.

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