Blood Feud

Chapter 13

G looked up as they entered the huge building. There were guards and people bustling about and G gripped Sam's arm tighter.

Hetty smiled as the group went over and joined her and Director Vance.

Hetty was holding a manila folder, "I have all the paper work we need and Leon called the judge, Judge Henry is waiting in his chambers for us." She said and led the way down the corridor to a wood and glass door with Judge T. Henry stenciled in gold on the glass.

Leon knocked and the group entered.

"Director Vance, Ms. Lange…Please come in." Thomas Henry stood as he greeted the curious group.

Leon introduced everyone explaining who they were and then came to the last two, "And this is Special Agent Sam Hanna, from our Los Angeles Office, and this young man is G. Callen."

G looked around at the new man from behind Sam, "He…Good Man?" G asked Sam.

Judge Henry laughed, "I hope so young man, please come here, I'd like to talk to you."

"You no take me from Sam?" G asked worried.

The judge smiled, "I only want to do what is best for you." He said.

G moved to Sam's side and stood up as straight as he could given his injuries, "Sam is best for me." He stated.

"We will see," the judge said smiling at the young man's tenacity.

G sat in the chair the man pointed to and put his hands in his lap.

"Young man, do you know what a Judge is?" Thomas asked.

G shook his head, "No…Like a Master?" he asked.

The judge shook his head. "I help put bad people in jail, but I help people too."

G looked worried, "You put G in Jail?" he asked.

"Whatever for?" the Judge asked, Gibbs whispered in his ear. "Oh my no!" he exclaimed, "You have done nothing wrong, that's not why we are here."

G relaxed a bit at that "Good G no want jail…G want to stay with Sam."

Judge Henry looked through the folder that Hetty had handed him, "Oh my…" he said as he read the circumstances that the FBI had found about G's birth, "So both his biological parents and his half sister are deceased?" he asked.

"Yes your honor." Hetty said.

G cocked his head, he didn't know what Biological or deceased meant yet, but it didn't look good.

Abby knelt by G and held his hand and he shot her a grateful smile.

"And the man that was raising him?"

"He held G as a slave, there is a report from the FBI and he's currently awaiting trial." Leon told him.

"Good…" the judge said as he read more of the file.

G looked at the man…he wasn't sure what was going on at all, but it seemed serious.

"G. Callen, tell me about Sam Hanna?" he asked.

G looked at Sam, "Sam is brave…he saved me…he good man like father should be…Callie says he a daddy….Sam say I too old to call him daddy but Dad ok."

"How would you feel about Sam being your father?" the judge asked.

"Would Sam be father forever?" G asked.

"Yes, this is an adoption hearing, if you agree and I agree then Sam would be responsible for you, he would in effect be your father."

G grinned, "Like Sir said? A real father….Sam is a real father he makes me safe." G said wincing slightly as he grinned as the bruising hurt.

"Sir?" the judge asked.

"Nikita Reznikov his trainer." Hetty said emphasizing the last word the judge nodded in understanding, it was obvious that the boy didn't know yet and he saw no need to open that particular can of worms in his office.

"So would you like Agent Sam Hanna to be your father?" he asked.

G nodded, "I like very much."

The judge nodded, "I cannot see why not, Sam Hanna, do you agree to provide for this boy's every need, mental and physical until he his old enough to take care of himself?"

"And beyond your honor." Sam insisted.

The judge smiled at that. "G. Callen, when a child is adopted he is usually given the name of his adoptive family, however in your case you do not seem to have a first name, would you like to pick one or do you wish to be G. Callen?" he asked.

G thought about what the judge was asking him, he could have his name or a proper name…like Sam.

"Can I be…Callen Hanna? I will be part of my family, my mother…Sam said she was kind, like Amy…and part of Sam…Is that allowed?"

Sam bit his lip, he wasn't going to cry, but damn that boy constantly tugged at his heartstrings.

The judge picked up a seal and stamped the paperwork, "Agent Hanna, if you would sign here…." He said and handed him a pen.

"Congratulations," the judge smiled, "Callen Hanna and Sam Hanna, you are now officially a family."

Callen smiled, "I have name and father?" he asked, hoping he hadn't made a mistake.

The judge nodded, "Yes son, this is your father now."

Callen ran over to the judge and wrapped his arms around him briefly, "Thank you…Bunică…I have a father!" he exclaimed turning to Hetty.

"Yes you do, Callen,"

The judge looked at her, "Bunică?" he asked.

"Romani for Grandmother, He's kind of adopted me too." Hetty smiled.

"I can make that official while we are here." The Judge offered.

"You make Hetty my father too?" Callen asked.

"No your….Bunika?" he said stumbling over the unfamiliar word.

Callen appreciated the sentiment that the judge had tried to use a word he understood; He nodded frantically, "Hetty stay forever too?"

Hetty stood beside him and pulled him into a hug, "Yes Nepotul, I will be here forever too."

Callen smiled he had a father and a grandmother and he was a grandson. He had family.

He sat heavily in the chair as he started to cry.

Hetty looked at him concerned. "Callen?" she asked.

"Master Yoska…He can't take this away no?" he asked as the hint of worry crept in.

"No…" The judge said, "In fact I am granting a restraining order that will keep him away from you forever, apparently the FBI may need you to testify, but any paperwork this man has that says you belong to him is now null and void, this means son, that no one can ever take you away from your father or grandmother again." He told him.

Callen ran over and hugged Sam…"We go home now…I tell Nell?" he asked.

Sam grinned and looked at the Judge who smiled back, "Agent Hanna, you are free to take your family home and congratulations again." He said offering Sam his hand.

Sam shook it gratefully, He was pleased that Callen had been found safe and was now his son. Things could not have gone better.

They left the courthouse and Sam on hearing his new son's stomach rumble suggested that they all go out to eat as a celebration.

Leon had to decline as he had a meeting and Abby had some tests she needed to do, so they said their goodbyes, but Callen insisted that Gibbs join them and the four of them headed out for a meal.

Gibbs took them to his diner and they sat down as Elaine brought them a menu and a plate of sandwiches for Gibbs.

"She already knows what you want?" Sam said surprised.

Gibbs smiled, "If you trust her Elaine will know what you all want to eat." He advised.

They nodded looking at Elaine, "A chicken Cesar salad. For the lady, Steak for the gentleman…and…an all American Hamburger for the young man." She guessed.

Everyone nodded, "I am an American now." Callen said.

"Congratulations." Elaine said, "You young man need a chocolate malt milkshake too. Tea for you ma'am and a coffee." She said.

Again they nodded.

"She never fails." Gibbs smiled.

Elaine came back with the drinks and Callen took a sip from his milkshake. "Dad! This is good…" he sighed as he drank it down.

Sam grinned; he liked Callen calling him dad.

"Don't rush it G…Callen,"

Callen stopped, "Dad…you can call me G if you don't like me being Callen…"

"I love you being Callen Hanna, I am proud of you having my name, but it will take a while for me not to call you G, I got used to it."

Callen smirked, "Ok Dad…you can call me G."

"Thanks son." Sam laughed as Elaine turned up with their food.

G took his first bite of American hamburger, "I like this!" he said his mouth full.

Sam laughed, tomorrow he'd remind his son of his manners, but today, today he was watching his son eat a meal and he was happier than he had been in a while.

After the FBI had given them permission to leave, Callen, Sam and Hetty flew home.

Not wanting to get too far behind, they all headed first to the new OSP building.

"Condemned?" Callen said as he looked at the red sticker on the outside of the building.

Sam smiled "Only on the outside G." he said as he opened the door and the new family all walked in.

Hetty walked in behind them and saw Owen Granger sitting at her desk, she knew she needed to talk to the newly appointed assistant director so she gave Callen a friendly pat on the shoulder and went over to see him.

"Congratulations on the promotion Owen." Hetty said as she walked into her office, it hadn't got any of the style her last office had, but that would be reminded soon.

"Thank you, I kept your desk warm for you, Leon called yesterday to say you were on your way back."

Hetty nodded, "Owen…we need to talk."

He looked up in surprise, "You've just got here Henrietta, what on earth can be wrong, I hear you have a new family member that needs you."

Hetty looked at him sadly and pulled a letter out of his purse, "The boy is Amy Callen's half brother, we found him with this letter, you have to read it, it concerns you."

"Me? How?" Owen asked and he took the letter.

He knew Agent Callen and had clashed with her over the years, Conflicting personalities Nate had called it, he had liked the young agent but she had always pushed his…he stopped his train of thought as the words on the letter filtered through to his brain.

"Amy…was my…No..Hetty really?" He asked as he turned sorrowful eyes to her.

"I am sorry Owen, I truly am, until the boy turned up I had no idea." Hetty admitted,

He looked over at the boy who was laughing at something that Deeks was telling him, and was stroking A. Buddy the dog that hadn't left the detective's side since Agent Hanna went to Washington.

He could see her, Clara, in the way the boy held his head, the way he laughed.

"I should help him, does he have somewhere to stay, I could adopt him…" he wanted to give the boy the chance he hadn't been able to give his daughter, "Does he know…that I am Amy's…father?"

"No…and Sam adopted him in D.C. he's Callen Hanna now." She told him.

Owen nodded, "I would like…if Sam agrees to do something to help, Amy would have wanted it, and maybe I can contribute to his college fund?"

Hetty smiled, she knew Owen was trying to make amends for something that really hadn't been his fault.

"I'm sure Sam will appreciate it." She said.

"Bunică… Deeks said I could bring A home." Callen grinned.

Hetty was pleased he was excited. "Callen Hanna I would like you to meet Owen Granger." She said introducing them both.

"Hello." Callen said.

Owen stared at him, he looked so much like his mother, and he swallowed a lump and shook the boy's hand.

"Hello Callen, I hear you have a new family."

Callen smiled, "I do…I have big family."

Sam walked over, "Callen, we have to go home, do you want to thank Deeks for having A. Buddy for you and get his stuff."

"Yes Dad." Callen said and ran over to the others.

"Agent Hanna, I take it you will be returning to work?" Owen asked.

Sam nodded, "I will, I saw the letter Owen, I am sorry for your loss, Amy would have been thrilled to know you were her father, she had been looking for him for a long time."

Owen looked sad, but tried to hide it.

"Callen could use you in his life, if you don't think it would be too painful, you could come over sometime, I will look out some pictures of Amy you can have as well." Sam told him.

Owen smiled briefly, "I would like that Sam."

Sam turned to make sure Callen was ok, "Hetty, are you coming?" Sam asked.

Hetty shook her head, "I will be home later Sam, you take your boy home." She told him.

In the jail in Washington, Yoska Comescu stood as Fornell told him about the death of his brother and Marcel Janvier. that all rights to G. Callen had been terminated, and that the boy had been adopted. He had hardly blinked at the news of his brother's death, however when he was told about G, he picked up a chair and threw it across the room.

"I WILL FIND HIM; G IS MINE YOU CANNOT KEEP HIM FROM ME!" He screamed as guards flooded into the room, retraining him and taking him off to solitary.

Fornell watched him go, hoping that when the case came to court that Yoska Comescu would go down for a long long time.

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