Blood Feud

Chapter 15

As opulent as The Jefferson was, and it was indeed a very opulent hotel, Callen wasn't really paying any attention as they walked in, got their room keys from the friendly woman on reception and headed up to their rooms.

"Wow Callen, look at this room, isn't it great!" Sam said over enthusiastically trying to get his son to cheer up.

"Yeah…it's great dad." Callen said putting his bag down and falling face first onto the bed.

"Come on you're in Washington, maybe if we get time we can do some sightseeing before we go back."

"Daaaaad!" Callen groaned his face still buried in the pillow.

"Come on, UP!" Sam nudged him in the foot. "You smell like airplane and you need to eat. Hetty made reservations in the restaurant for half an hour. You don't wanna be late."

"Not hungry." Callen mumbled.

Sam rolled his eyes at his son, "Ok so here…" he threw his cell phone on the bed beside his son, it bounced and settled by his hand, "You call your grandmother and tell her you're not eating."

Callen got up and humphed his way to his bag, pulled out his wash stuff and walked into the bathroom slamming the door, Sam smirked and turned as he heard a knock to the door of his room.

"Hey," Sam smiled as he opened the door to see Nell standing there, "Everything ok partner?" he asked.

"Yeah Sam, I was just gonna ask you that I heard some yelling…well, Hetty heard the yelling and sent me to check on you." Nell sighed.

"Callen…is being a teenager." Sam sighed, "It's a good thing right? I mean it's better than when he first got here."

Nell nodded, "Is he holding out ok, it's gotta be hard on him." She said worried.

"I know it is, but if I give into this…" Sam sighed and sat back down on the bed Callen had just vacated. "I don't want him to start to use this as an excuse to misbehave and go off the rails. He's got too much potential; I don't want him using his past to end up mixing with the wrong crowd."

Nell shook her head, "I don't think he will, but give him a bit of a break Sam, he doesn't even know if he will have to testify yet." She told him.

Sam nodded at her, she was right.

Another door opened and Callen stepped out naked, rubbing a small hand towel over his head to get the water out of his eyes,

"Dad…you seen my towels….EEK!" he screamed and ran back into the bathroom. "DAD YOU NEVER SAID NELL WAS HERE!" he screamed.

Sam laughed as Nell had blushed and covered her eyes and his son was cursing in 3 languages in the bathroom.

Sam knocked on the door.

"GO AWAY!" Callen yelled.

"She didn't see anything." Sam said.

"I DON'T CARE GO AWAY!" Callen yelled back.

"I have a towel…can't slip it under the door son." Sam said calmly.

The lock clicked and Callen's hand reached out and grabbed the towel slamming the door shut. "Thank you…" Sam heard behind the muffled door.

"I had better go, I'll see more of you…and less of him at dinner," she winked to her partner; it was all Sam could do not to laugh aloud.

An hour later, Sam and Callen walked into the dining room. He avoided Nell's eyes but sat down next to his grandmother as they ordered dinner.

Halfway through the meal a woman at a nearby table seemed to be paying extra attention to them.

However, no one at the table noticed as they tried to keep Callen distracted by telling him all they knew about Washington D.C. and the monuments they had there.

Callen listened intently, maybe being in Washington wouldn't be so bad, he knew his family and the teams were spoiling him and he was slightly enjoying it, he'd even got over his earlier incident with Nell as she told him all about the library of congress.

He excused himself as he needed to use the bathroom; Sam pointed him in the right direction and gave a slight glance as the slim brunette that headed in the same direction.

"Sam…You got your eye on that one, I noticed no wedding ring partner," Nell quipped.

"No…Not my type." He said, she was pretty but even though he didn't talk about it he still missed Amy.

Nell got it and nodded.

"We need to come back here on our honeymoon Kensalina," Deeks grinned.

"I'd have to let you marry me first Deeks." Kensi grinned winking at Nell.

"I would I really would…." Deeks said in earnest.

Kensi hummed and looked him up and down, "Maybe a haircut first…" She said.

Deeks paled, "I…but I…don't you like this…it's styled by pillow." He sighed.

Kensi looked and grinned and Deeks sighed in relief, "For a second there I thought you were really going to." He said as Callen sat back at the table.

"No…not this time sweetie."

"This time…No…sugar bear…!"

"You ok Callen?" Sam asked his son was quiet and pale.

"I'm fine dad…just…just tired from the trip, can I go to our room?" he asked.

Sam nodded and handed Callen the key.

"Night guys." Callen said and headed upstairs.

As soon as he got to his room he locked the door and moved a chair behind the door, curled up on his bed and cried.

The next morning he was up before Sam and dressed as Sam came out of the bathroom.

He had been abnormally quiet all night and morning and Sam was concerned, but he figured that it was nerves.

They all made it to the courthouse by ten and Jethro Gibbs was outside to meet them, "Vance sent me, figured you guys could use the backup, Hey Callen, nice to meet you again." He said as he held out his hand.

"Hello." Callen said as he shook it, he didn't meet Gibbs eyes and his gut was telling him something was wrong, like Sam he put it down to the impending court hearing.

"Vance has arranged a room for you guys to meet away from the camera's, the judge wants to see you before court Callen, she's gonna meet you in the waiting room."

Callen gave a curt not and walked towards the room Gibbs indicated.

Opening the door he stopped as he saw the judge sitting there.

"Hi…I'm Judge Elaine Matthews, I take it you're Callen Hanna?" she said with a smile.

Callen nodded. "Yes Ma'am."

"Young man I am so very pleased to meet you. Come and sit down," she looked up as the others entered. "And you are?" she asked.

Sam shook her hand, "Sam Hanna, Callen's adoptive father, this is Hetty Lange his grandmother, and our team from Los Angeles…and Agent Gibbs from NCIS, on protective detail." He said introducing everyone.

"Are you all right with talking with everyone here?" Judge Matthews asked.

Callen shrugged, he wasn't but he knew if he said so it wouldn't be good.

"Ok," the judge continued. "I have here a request from Mr. Comescu's lawyer, he contests the charges against you and would like you to testify in open court, how do you feel about that?"

"I…I want to testify in open court…" Callen said as the others gasped.

"Callen are you sure son?" Sam asked.

"I need to do this." Callen said resolutely.

Sam nodded; he understood Callen's need to tell everyone what happened to him.

"Very well, we are due to convene in ten minutes and you will be called first all right?" the judge said, this didn't sit well with her but if it was what the boy wanted, then he was entitled.

Callen nodded, he stood up and walked to the window, avoiding everyone his hands clenched in his pockets in fists.

The bailiff came in, "If you are not testifying her honor has made space available for you in court if you'd like to go in." he said.

The others left with him, Sam hung back for a second.

"Callen, are you sure this is what you want to do?" Sam asked.

"Yes dad…" Callen turned unshed tears in his eyes and he crossed the room and hugged his dad, "I love you…I'm sorry, I have to do this," he said.

"Ok…I'll be in court right there if you need me." Sam said giving his son a squeeze and left with the bailiff.

The door opened again and the dark haired woman from the restaurant came into the room.

"Did you tell her?" she snapped.

"Yes…I'll say what you told me to say." Callen said stepping away from her. "You promise that you won't hurt them?" he asked.

"Mr. Comescu has given me his word he just wants his son back, you must miss him terribly." M. Allison Hart said to the boy.

"No…not at all," Callen said.

Ms Hart stepped forward and slapped him, "You need to keep your end of the bargain, you know what will happen if you don't."

Callen gulped and nodded, "I will." He said as she walked out the door.

Callen waited shaking until the bailiff called him and he followed the man and walked into the courtroom and was sworn in.

"Callen Hanna, can you tell us your birth name, for the record please?" the judge asked.

"G. Callen Ma'am." He said, he shot a look over at Hetty and relaxed as she was sitting between Sam and Gibbs, looking behind her he saw a man he hadn't seen since his childhood. Vlad Comescu.

"How long have you known Yoska Comescu?" M. Allison Hart asked him.

"All my life Ma'am."

"How do you know him?" she asked.

"He was my stepfather."

Fornell and the team shifted uncomfortably at his revelation.

"How did you feel when you were taken away from him." She asked.

"I was hurt and confused, Mas…My father hadn't done anything wrong, he loved me, but I was told lies about him and I was told I had to st…stay with Mr. Hanna." He couldn't look at anyone now.

"Do you like living with Mr. Hanna?"

"Yes…" Callen blurted out before he could stop it and Ms Hart glared at him. "But I miss my Mas…Father and my home, I can't talk in my own language anymore and I miss my uncles as well…" he said staring pointedly at Sam and Hetty trying to get them to understand.

Sam stared in shock, he turned to Gibbs "What's he doing?" he hissed.

"I don't know, he's your son, did he say anything?" Gibbs asked.

Sam shook his head, "I thought we were ok…I never expected this." He whispered.

He looked sadly at his son who wouldn't meet his eyes.

"Your honor!" the District Attorney said standing up, "The evidence we have shows this boy is lying."

The judge turned to Callen, "Mr. Hanna, lying on the stand is called perjury; it is a federal offence…"

Callen shook, "I didn't mean too…." He turned to Yoska, "Please Master….don't kill her…I tried!" he pleaded.

The man behind Hetty moved and Callen leapt over the stand and ran towards him.

"NO! LEAVE HER ALONE I LIED FOR YOU!" he yelled and for a second Sam thought Callen was talking to him and stood there shocked then Callen pushed past him and jumped on the man behind him.

There was chaos in the courtroom as the bailiffs and security went to part the man and boy.

Callen was clung to the man behind Hetty screaming at him in Romani.

Hetty looked shocked as the man yelled at Callen.

"Get an ambulance." Hetty said.

The bailiffs pulled the man off Callen and Gibbs cuffed him.

Sam looked down to see Callen lying there. "I am sorry dad, I didn't mean to lie, and Vlad was going to kill Hetty." He gasped; Sam suddenly noticed the blood and the knife on the floor.

Sam dropped to his knees, "Cal…!" he pressed against the wound, "Get me an ambulance!" he yelled echoing Hetty's earlier cry.

The judge adjourned the court and had M. Allison Hart arrested.

A few hours later Callen was in Bethesda and the judge was sitting with Sam in the room waiting for him to wake up.

"Dad…?" Callen said as he woke up.

"I'm here Cal, you're going to be ok."

"Is grandma ok…they said…they said they were going to stab her…did they…did I stop them?" he asked a tear sliding past his eyes, "If anyone hurt her, I'd never forgive myself." He said.

"She's fine, she's talking to Agent Fornell right now." Sam reassured him.

"I didn't mean it dad….I really didn't…." he tried to sit up and winced.

"I know son," Sam said helping to raise his son's bed head so he was more comfortable.

"Am I going to jail for lying?" he asked worried.

"No." The judge said making Callen jump. "But I would like to know why you lied in my court?"

"The lady…she was in the bathroom yesterday, she told me that Vlad Comescu was watching Grandma and if I didn't do as they told me they would kill her, and afterwards if I didn't say what she told me in court, they would kill Sam too, and then Yoska would get me back and my punishment would be worse than before." He said crying unashamedly now. "I can't go through the punishment again, I could be his slave again as long as I knew Dad and Grandma were safe, too many people have died because of me, my mother, my father…" he wiped his eyes and looked away, "I overheard you and grandma talking about it."

"I'm sorry son, I didn't want to hurt you…"

Callen looked at him amazed, "You have never hurt me, you taught me what it was like to be a kid, to know how to really be treated, I love you so much…I owe you so much…"

Sam hugged him, "You owe me nothing." He said.

"If I have to go back to him, I wanted you to know that." Callen said looking at the floor.

"Callen…." Judge Matthews said, "It is unorthodox, but I had the DA show me the evidence they had in the case. I can assure you, you will not be called on to testify, and we have ruled in closed court. Mr. Comescu has been sentenced to life without parole and M. Allison Hart his lawyer has been sentenced to five years for witness tampering. Vlad Comescu, the man that attacked you has also been charged and will be sentenced at a later date. I can promise you that you will never see them again." She assured him.

"So…I don't have to go back to Mas…him?" Callen asked.

The judge smiled, "No Mr. Hanna, you do however, have to as soon as you are discharged, go to see the sights in this great nation of ours. One thing did come up though, the fact that you are not actually an American citizen."

Callen looked worried; they had talked about illegal immigrants and deportation in schools.

"As such, I have been talking to a senator, who has, if you agree been talking to immigration,"

"Do I have to leave?" Callen asked sadly.

She smiled, "No, but if you agree, we think you should be naturalized."

Callen looked at her, "Will it hurt?" he asked.

Sam laughed, "She means we will make you an American citizen and you will never be forced to leave again."

Callen nodded, "Please….yes please, I want to stay with Sam and become and Agent like he is!" he grinned excitedly.

Sam walked out as the judge answered Callen.

The judge laughed, "I think you'll make a great Agent someday." She said as Sam walked back in with a man in robes.

"Callen Hanna…?" he asked.

Callen nodded, "Raise your right hand…" he said and started the ceremony to make him a naturalized citizen.

A few minutes later, Callen looked at them all.

"Is that it? Am I an American now?" he asked.

They laughed, "You are that Cal," Sam said and ruffled his son's hair.

Callen lay back as the painkillers started to overwhelm him, "I'm tired dad…when I wake up, you'll still be here won't you, this isn't a dream?" he asked.

"I'll be here son, Sleep…it's over…you're safe now." Sam said as Callen drifted off.

Sam turned to the judge, "Thank you, your honor."

"No thank you Mr. Hanna, you raise that boy right and he'll be a credit to you someday." She said.

Sam smiled at his sleeping son, "He already is." He replied.

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