Blood Feud

Chapter 18

M. Allison Hart had closed her office early, she had heard that Yoska Comescu had broken out of prison and she felt for that kid he had been trying to find, she really did.

In fact, she had asked about him after the trial, she had believed that Yoska was what he appeared to be a stepfather who had lost the child he had loved. The scene in the courtroom she had been convinced had been a travesty, NCIS poking its nose in as usual where it was not wanted.

She had looked up Callen Hanna over the years watching as he went through college and FLETC eventually joining NCIS. It had taken her a while, but she had found out where he was posted thanks to a 'romance' with a new Agent who was quite willing to give her information. It had not been until her last visit to Yoska when she had handed over the information on where his son was that his demeanor had changed.

Yoska had sat in the conference room, such as it was, waiting for his lawyer to visit.

"So do you have what I need?" he asked his face impassive.

M. Allison Hart took a file out of her briefcase, "I do, I finally got it." She placed the file with pictures on the desk.

Yoska opened the file looking at how much his boy had grown; he had a dog and was out running in one picture. In another, he was doing an assault course. "Where is he?" he asked.

"He's been moved back to Los Angeles, he is a federal Agent, and he joined NCIS and is part of their special projects division. He goes by Agent G. Callen."

At that Yoska's mask snapped, "I knew he missed me, he was mine and will be again," he stroked the picture of Callen lovingly, "I will come for you boy and you will scream for me again."

She took a step back at that, "You…you want to hurt him?" she asked.

Yoska smiled, "Of course woman, that's the best part, breaking him and watching him cry."

"You'll never get out of here, I'm reporting this." She said knowing she would lose her practice for breaking client confidentiality but she didn't care, not for this.

"You are fired as my lawyer, you were useless anyway…you put me in here for years and took so long in finding the information I needed. It is lucky for you that I am a patient man." He smiled evilly, "Or maybe it is unlucky for you…for when I am out you too will pay for failing me."

She picked up her papers and briefcase, "Well, Mr. Comescu, it is lucky for me then that you will never be getting out of here." She snapped motioning for the guard to open the door.

Yoska stood and turned to her as the guard came to unshackle him, "Never say never Miss Hart."

Now she was shutting up shop and getting the 'hell outta dodge'.

She had been informed that Yoska had managed to escape a federal prison and the FBI were looking for him. He by extension would be looking for her and she would rather not be here if he turned up. She had packed a suitcase and told her building manager that she was going on an extended vacation; she was just awaiting her taxi to the airport. Mexico seemed lovely this time of year.

She walked to where she had told the taxi to meet her carrying her suitcase as a voice in the shadows stopped her.

"Going somewhere Miss Hart?"

Her blood drained from her face and by the time she had mustered up the courage to scream all that was left of her ever being there was a single solitary shoe on the sidewalk.

Callen turned to the woman in the dark, from her voice he knew he had met her before, he was worried that she had worked for the master before and was there to hurt him.

But he waited for her answer, nothing was forthcoming so he asked again.

"Who are you?"

"My name's Allison Hart…who are you?" she sniffed. She had been beaten and assaulted and right now, she could not cope, all her previous bravado was gone, she was just scared.

"Allison Hart?" Callen knew that name…but where from? "The lawyer? You were Comescu's lawyer!" he snapped. "Are you here to spy on me for him now, he's already won, he's ruined my life, taken me from my father and killed my grandmother, what more do you want from me!"

"Did you not see me as I came in…" she sobbed. "I'm as much of a prisoner here as you are…G isn't it? He said your name is G…He blames me for losing his case and not keeping track of you."

"Didn't stop him though did it." Callen snapped.

"I….I didn't know…I'm sorry." She sobbed.

He could not listen to her cry, "Allison…listen…it will be ok as long as you do as he tells you. I will do my best to keep you safe." He promised, he had never liked her but was a federal agent, he needed to keep her safe from Yoska…and having someone else to talk to was a comfort.

The door at the top of the stairs opened and light flooded down in the basement.

"Boy, the Master wants you now." A man said as he walked down the stairs. The old man looked the boy up and down, "You have grown G, welcome back to where you belong, don't upset him."

G nodded and waited as the old man opened the door, "It is good to see you are well Stefan, sir."

The old man smiled, "I have been promoted to trainer, I was never as good as your father, but still…Nikita was a good man."

G had to grip the railing hard, "Nikita was my father?" he asked shocked.

Stefan nodded, "We all assumed you knew boy, come now, we can't keep the master waiting."

G let a few tears fall while his head was bowed, no one could see and no one could punish him, but a lot was flooding back to him as he walked through the house, being here as a small child. Nikita playing with him when the master was away; telling him out there was safety and a man one day who would be a father to him and keep him safe.

He stopped outside a large guilded door. Stefan knocked and opened the door.

"The boy is here Master." He said and pushed G on his shoulder so he sank to his knees, head bowed as he had been taught so long ago.

"You have done well Stefan, go and see to A." G flinched as he realized that his master had shortened Allison's name.

The door shut and Yoska smiled picking up a riding crop, "I have missed you so much G, we have a lot to catch up on."

Stefan was only halfway down the hallway before the screams started.

DiNozzo put the file down he had been holding, "So this was your plan, who came up with this?" he asked as Sam grabbed the file and tossed it to Kensi.

"I did with Cal, a long time ago," Sam said, "I had hoped that he would let me know that he was still going to do this." He growled.

Kensi moved as a page fluttered from her file, Bishop picked it up and handed it to her, "Thanks, the baby kicked." She said with a smile, she shot a glance out of the window where the kids were playing with Deeks in the large garden of the safe house.

"Daddy…My turn!" Cody shouted as he tried to climb on his father's back.

Kensi could not help but smile at them, a small slice of normality in all the chaos.

"He told me about the plan before he joined FLETC," Nell told them, "he said I needed to know just in case, but it had hinged on keeping you and Hetty safe."

"We made this plan up when he was thirteen; it was never supposed to be actioned, it was just so he could feel safe and sleep after the Comescu trial." Sam admitted.

"Well, Cal took it to heart, he knows we will find him, and thanks to the overwatch patch I put on him we should have been." Nell said looking away guilty.

"Should have been?" Gibbs growled.

"We tracked him into the hills, but he went through a dead zone, we lost him." She said.

Kensi moved her eight and a half months pregnant body over to the dining table and got out her laptop and a jar of pickles. "Ok I'm gonna see what I can get from here Nell, log me on and I'll trace them and see if he comes out from anywhere."

She set the laptop up, "I'm leaving Deeks here to watch you both," Nell said.

"No…" Kensi snapped, "You're best chance at finding Callen is to have Deeks in the field, Dom'll be fine watching us, won't you Dominic." Kensi grinned at her former partner.

Dominic nodded, "I'll keep you all safe Kensi." He vowed not seeing Sam's eyes roll.

"So any word on where Comescu is staying?" DiNozzo asked.

"There was rumors of C.F & Q Holdings owning a large mansion in the hills, they are a legitimate company run by the Comescus, I've had requests out for a warrant but I wasn't getting anywhere, so I'm asking the Director if he can help." Nell said picking up the phone.

"Let me." DiNozzo said as Gibbs walked outside to watch Deeks with his children.

"Director McGee's office."

"Hey Claire, baby. I need to talk to the director is he in?" DiNozzo said.

In Washington, Claire DiNozzo sighed, "Sure honey, and yes I'm fine and I miss you I'll put you through." She smiled as she put her husband through to the director.

"I miss you too sweetie." Tony said.

Tim in D.C. grinned, "I love you too DiNozzo." he laughed, it wasn't the first time Claire had done that to her husband.

"Hey McDirector…I need a favor." Tony grinned.

"What do you want Tony?" Tim asked.

"I need a warrant from a Los Angeles Judge to raid a house in Beverly Hills owned by C.F & Q Holdings; we think that's where Agent Callen is."

"DO you have any proof?" Tim asked, "The fallout if I get the wrong place…"

"Listen McWorry, you sent your best team here, we say he's there so you gonna trust us?"

Tim sighed, "I'll make the call…and DiNozzo…its McDirector…SIR to you." He smirked.

"Thanks Tim, look after my girl, I'll call you later." Tony said as he put the phone down.

Mike looked at DiNozzo with newfound admiration, "You get away with calling the director of NCIS names?" he breathed in awe.

DiNozzo shrugged, "Doesn't everybody." He yelped as Gibbs headslapped him.

"Stop giving the newbie's bad ideas, did Tim say yes on the warrant?" he asked.

"He's gonna do it, we just have to wait for his call, Claire will email it over." DiNozzo said knowing his wife's secretarial skills were the best.

They waited as Kensi looked up the plans to the house online and they worked on a plan of action to get Callen out of there.

Two hours later DiNozzo's phone rang, "Hey Claire, you ok?" he asked. He waited as she talked on the other end of the line. "Really, no one at all…damn." He snapped, "Ok…tell Tim, it's not his fault, as soon as they send it you send it to us and we'll be ready to roll." He said. "Love you hun." He hung up and looked at the others.

"How connected is this Comescu? We can't get any judge to sign off on the warrant for the mansion, not for 48 hours until a Judge Shield comes back from her vacation, she's agreed to sign it but can't get back any earlier than that." He told them.

"48 hours! My boy has to be there for 48 hours!" Sam exclaimed livid. Buddy barked as Sam shouted, he stopped and patted the dog, "It's ok, we'll bring him back, he'll be ok." He said softly stroking the dog's fur, trying to keep his rage in check.

"We use this time wisely," Gibbs said, "I'll take Renko and we'll go and drive past this mansion, see if we can get the lay of the land, Bishop, you and Nell work on a profile of this Comescu, I want all you got."

"Yes boss…" Ellie said and shot an apologetic look to DiNozzo who shrugged. When Gibbs took charge, nothing stood in his way.

"Dominic, you and Calebeck check out the arsenal, I don't wanna be running out of ammunition in mid fight."

DiNozzo sighed, if it got the job done he was prepared to take the back seat, "Boss?" he asked with a small I give up glare.

"Food DiNozzo…there's a lot of us and we are all gonna be here…how did you put it once, we are going to the mattresses." Gibbs smirked and DiNozzo grinned.

"The 'Godfather' boss, I'm touched, I'll put the sauce on." He laughed as he patted Sam on the back, "Come on I could use a hand." He said knowing that Sam needed to be doing something and he could not be in on the planning of the raid.

Callen retched as he was thrown back into his cell, and automatically reached for the water he knew would be in a bowl on the floor to wash his wounds.

" that you…are you ok?" Allison asked worried."

Callen bit back a sob, as he cleaned the blood running down his body, "I'm fine," he said in a shaky voice.

Allison pushed on the door between their cells and was surprised to find it unlocked. She pushed through; ignoring the fact she was naked and grabbed the other cloth to help wash his wounds.

"What did he do to you?" she asked horrified by the state of him, he was bruised and bleeding.

"Re…Re-education, I needed it, the master said I was weak." Callen sniffed.

She pulled him into a hug, "It is gonna be ok Callen, someone will know we are here, someone will rescue us."

He pulled away from her for a second and winced. "It hurts." He whimpered.

She pulled him tight and held him, "It will be over soon won't it?" she asked not even sure her earlier statement was true. She looked in the basket beside the bowl in the dim light, and saw some antiseptic balm. She opened the tube and gently applied it on him.

"Thank you." He said looking at her.

She smiled, "We are not alone…not really, it's gonna be ok kid."

"Thank you Miss Hart." He said again.

"Ally…call me Ally."

"Cal…" he said and winced as she put more balm on him.

She helped him to the cot, grabbed the blanket off her cot and the fell asleep huddled together, for warmth, safety and for what it was worth, comfort.

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