Blood Feud

Chapter 19

Cal woke up feeling warm, he was not sure for a second where he was but he felt a woman with him.

He gave a small smile and then winced as the pain ripped through him then he remembered.

He was at Yoska Comescu's house, he was back.

He heard whispers, women...he couldn't tell what they were saying but it felt comforting and he felt a bit comforted.

He knew he had been there at least a day and already much longer than the plan they had set out called for. He was worried, running the plan through with Nell when he had come back to Los Angeles he had been assured with the overwatch program there was no way they could lose him.

If Yoska had taken him, again it would have taken hours for them to track him down.

Ally moved beside him, "No!" she breathed as she woke up sharply.

"Ally, its ok he's not here right now." Callen assured her.

"I…I can't…I can't do this…" she sobbed, "I wanna go home." He looked at her and she looked a lot younger than her thirty-nine years.

"I promise you won't be alone I won't let him hurt you." Callen promised.

She looked at him, his blue eyes burning brightly in the dark. She smiled, "Thank you Cal." She said feeling better…"But I kinda need to protect you, it's my fault you are in this situation, I believed his lies, I truly believed he cared about you."

Callen moved away a bit, making sure she had most of the blanket, "You told the Master where to find me?" he said incredulously.

"I asked around, Yoska is powerful, he has friends in all sorts of places, one of them told me about the office of special projects in Los Angeles and you working there."

Callen started at that OSP was supposed to be top secret. That was the reason, primarily, Tim had agreed to his posting there. A posting where if any threat from his past had come he was supposed to be safe.

"So who told you about OSP?" He asked rounding on Allison.

Her answer was interrupted by Stefan, "G, you are to service the master this afternoon, move away from the woman, I need to attach your collar."

"My collar?" Cal asked looking at the thing suspiciously.

Stefan smiled, "The master has new ones now, the leash is for show, if you leave the perimeter of the house you will be electrocuted, it has a biometric sensor. If the master dies, you will die, and you will wear it forever and forever be linked to him."

"What if I take it off?" Callen snapped for a second the agent he had been jumping to the fore.

"You will lose your hands and your head boy, there is a small explosive in the clasp and no one but the master can remove it." Stefan said as he locked the collar around Callen's neck.

Callen shot Allison a look, he knew he had lost, there was no escape for him now, "Run…try to run, find Sam Hanna…tell him I'm sorry." He said as he moved away from Stefan to grab her in a hug.

Stefan pressed a button and a surge of electricity shot through them both. As he pulled Callen away a piece of the blanket caught in the door to stop it from shutting properly.

Allison watched as they went upstairs and realized that despite her misgivings about the boy when they had first met he was giving her a chance to get away.

Grabbing a blanket and ripping a hole in it, she slipped it over her head, and snuck out through the open bars of her cell.

Sam was pacing like a bear with a sore head while DiNozzo stirred a big pot of sauce, "We should be out doing something!" Sam snapped, keeping his voice low as Kensi and Deeks' daughter was asleep on the couch nearby.

Tony smiled, "Sam, you have Gibbs on the case, you know how much he cares for your boy, they are kindred spirits he will move heaven and earth to bring him back.

Moreover, he was right because at that moment, sniper scope in hand Gibbs and Renko pulled up to the ridge above Yoska Comescu's palatial home.

"That the house," Renko asked squatting behind a bush to get a good view with a camera in his hand.

Gibbs nodded, "Yep," he said and used his scope to measure the distance and check the best angle out for if he could do it a clean shot on Yoska.

Both froze as Yoska appeared on the patio, Callen walking behind him attached to a leather leash, Yoska sat in the lounge chair and Callen knelt with his head bowed beside him.

Gibbs muffled a curse as he saw the newly formed welts on Callen's back and knew exactly what made them.

"Why is he just sitting there?" Renko asked amazed, "Why isn't he trying to get away, I mean the old guy's wearing nothing more than a pair of Speedo's he obviously hasn't got a gun in there?"

Gibbs shrugged, he'd wondered that as well, but still Callen sat there meek and tranquil, not moving a muscle.

Yoska clicked his fingers and Callen stood up and moved position,

Renko and Gibbs watched with a mixture of surprise and disgust as Yoska put his hand down Callen's shorts, Callen's face never changed from the blank stare he was showing, then at another command he allowed his master to pull him in for a kiss and they watched as Yoska moved Callen's head lower to service him. Gibbs looked through his sniper scope and watched for a second just to see if it were true, he saw a tear leave Callen's eyes but not a flicker on his face of any emotion at all.

As he moved the sniper scope, he noticed movement off to the side by the large hedge that surrounded the property.

"My…God?" Gibbs spluttered in surprise, "Isn't that…Allison Hart?" he asked and passed Renko the scope.

"Who?" Renko asked.

"Come on we need to pick her up." Gibbs said as he headed almost silently back to the van.

Allison pushed herself through the hedge, her body despite the protection of the blanket, was cut by the small branches and thorns in the hedge.

She wished she were wearing, jeans, boots…well anything other than a blanket, but it was an improvement on earlier, she only hoped she could find someone who wasn't in the pay of Yoska Comescu to help her.

She fell the last inch through the hedge and landed in a heap on the floor.

Taking a moment to steady herself she got to her feet and she ran towards the road, she had no idea where she was or where she was going all she knew is that anywhere was better than where she had been.

She panicked as the sound of a car slowed behind her, she couldn't see anywhere to hide she moved closer and closer to the edge of the road as the car slowed beside her.

She cried out in relief as the window wound down and she recognized the face.

"Gibbs….Help me!" she sobbed as she passed out.

Gibbs was out of the car in an instant and he lifted her into the back of his car, "Renko drive us to the hospital, she needs medical attention."

"What about Callen?" Renko asked worried.

"We have all the information we need for now and Allison needs help." Gibbs growled.

Renko gunned the engine and set the car on course downhill to the nearest hospital. While on the hill behind them, a faint alarm rang out in the Comescu Mansion.

Yoska had just settled into a relaxing position, his slave was once again knelt beside him on the patio and he was sated and pleasantly tired, he had moved the boy off him as he felt the sun shift into the right position to warm his now re-oiled body, just as the alarms blared out.

"What!" Yoska yelled annoyed as he sat up pulling on Callen's leash.

"Sir!" Stefan all but ran to Yoska's side, "The woman…Hart…she's gone!" he panted and cringed as he delivered the news.

"Have you checked the grounds?" Yoska asked.

Stefan nodded quickly, "she has taken a blanket, and there are parts of the blanket on the perimeter hedging."

Yoska looked at Callen who quickly hid a small smile hearing that she had escaped.

"This is your fault boy." He snapped, Yoska looked at Stefan, "I want all blankets and anything else removed from the boys cell, there will be no more food or water, until you tell us what you told her." He finished turning to Callen.

"I told her nothing Master." Callen said his head bowed.

"He is lying he held the woman and whispered into her ear," Stefan said.

Yoska reached over to the table that was next to his sun lounger, "You told her nothing boy?"

"G my name is G." Callen snapped, he needed to hold onto this.

Yoska hit the button and Callen screamed as he convulsed on the deck. "Your name is now boy and only boy. G. Callen and Callen Hanna are dead do you understand."

"No….I….I'm G…Callen…Hanna…" Callen stammered as the electricity shot through him.

"You are boy." Yoska said and hit the button again.

"NOOOOOO!" Callen screamed.

Yoska topped it up and reached for a small cattle prod, hitting him with that and the collar at the same time Callen screamed again.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Yoska screamed at him.

"Nooo….B….B…boy….I am boy….please Master, I am boy….boy is good….please Master save me…" Callen sobbed.

Yoska put the prod down and shot a smirk at Stefan who nodded and moved off, "Find her…kill her." Yoska said quietly.

"Boy?" Yoska put his arms out; "Come here boy and master will make the last of the pain go away." He told Callen.

Callen shuffled, too scared to pull at his collar, into his masters arms and sighed as the second his master held him all the pain stopped.

His breath hitched as he sobbed with the residual memories of the pain, "Th…thank you Master." He said genuinely glad the pain was gone.

Yoska stroked his back and kissed his forehead, "The Master will always make your pain go away, remember it is the outsiders that cause pain, the woman who left caused this pain, if she brings people back it will cause more pain and only Master can make the pain go, only master loves you." He took a small pill bottle from an ornate tin on the table and dropped it into a drink. "Drink this it will help with the pain."

Callen gave a small smile and looked at Yoska adoringly, "Thank you master." He said.

He drank the drink and within moments, his limbs and eyes seemed heavy. "Master?" he asked.

"It is just to help you relax," Yoska said, he clicked his fingers and two rather well built men walked into view, "Take boy and place him on my bed, I will not need to be disturbed tonight, then join the search parties for the woman."

The men nodded and lifted the boy up and took him into Yoska's private quarters.

Allison woke up, listening to a steady beep and worrying it was the collar.

"Cal?" she said before her eyes opened.

"Allison?" a voice came from her side.

Allison flinched, "Who…?" she blinked as her eyes adjusted, "Gibbs?"

Gibbs reached out for her hand, "Allison, what happened…?"

"Comescu, he took me…I…I failed him, didn't tell him…everything he wanted to know, I couldn't, took me a while…" she stopped as she shook for a second, "Cal…he told me…I have to find Sam…Sam Hanna, I have to tell him!" she sobbed for a second, "I can't help him, it's too late."

"We know Allison," Gibbs said, "but we are going to get him out of there." He promised.

She closed her eyes for a second in relief; if Gibbs was going to save him then he would save him.

"NO!" She shouted and sat up, "You can't save him!"

Gibbs let a dark look cross his face, "I can't save Callen?"

Allison moved her hair from her face and turned to look at him, "He will die if you take him from his master; he said to tell Sam he was sorry, but it's too late."

She lay back down totally exhausted as the nurse came in to replace her IV and top up her sedative.

"I think you should let her rest now Mr. Gibbs, I have your number and I promise I will call the moment she wakes up." She said as Gibbs stood to leave tapping a sleeping Renko on the shoulder.

"Come on Mike." He said and they walked down the corridor leaving her to sleep.

Sam couldn't believe it when Gibbs told him what he had seen in Yoska's mansion, and that they had pulled Allison Hart, Yoska's lawyer practically naked on the side of the road and what she had said.

He stood up and walked towards Gibbs, grabbing him by the shirt and slamming him into a wall.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'LL DIE?" Sam snapped, "He's a federal agent and you just accused him of….of…with him!" he couldn't hide the tear of anger that escaped. Was it anger or was it helplessness? Sam himself didn't know.

"Sam..!" Gibbs said calmly, "Agent Hanna…calm down, I will send someone to talk to Allison tomorrow and we'll find out what she meant, I saw what I saw, I can't change that, but I can tell you if she could escape there is nothing stopping your son from doing the same thing." He said placating Sam as the man calmed down slowly.

"If there is nothing stopping him, then why is he still there?" Sam asked.

Gibbs didn't know and shook his head, "I'll send Calebeck to guard Allison and as soon as she's awake we'll get her statement,"

Sam nodded, "I'm sorry, thanks Gibbs."

Normally he would have given Sam a line about apologizing, but this was his son, and Gibbs' godson, both men knew how much there was at stake.

Sam sank down into a chair as Nell walked in, and Gibbs walked out to get Calebeck to guard M. Allison Hart for the night.

She walked up to him and put a comforting hand on Sam's shoulder, "You wanna tell me about it partner?" she asked.

Sam shook his head, but filled her in on what he knew so far anyway.

Ray Calebeck grinned as he finally ditched the team and headed in the direction of the hospital. He pulled over on his way to make a phone call.

"Sir, it's me, I know where Ms Hart is…what do you want me to do with her?" he asked awaiting instructions.

He smiled as he listened to the voice on the other end, "So…I take it you'll give me my money in the usual way?"

He grinned more as this was confirmed, "Thank you sir, as always a pleasure doing business with you."

He carried on towards the hospital, parked up and checked his gun, taking a silencer out of his go bag which he hadn't removed from his car.

He walked up to the room that Gibbs had told him she was in and he opened the door slowly to see her asleep on the bed.

He smiled as he sat down, she had always been the most beautiful when she was asleep. He leant over and kissed her slowly on the forehead.

She opened her eyes slowly and blinked as someone stood over her, she smiled and then her smile faltered.


"Comescu says you're fired, I did love you Allison, but I am going to miss you." He said and before she could scream he raised his gun and fired, shooting her squarely between the eyes.

He turned and walked out of the room, a nurse was heading to her room and he intercepted her, "Allison is sleeping she asked not to be disturbed for a few hours, I'm off to get a coffee, would you like to join me?"

The nurse nodded, it was time for her break after all and she turned to follow, not only Allison's killer but the man who would turn out to be her killer as well, to her doom.

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