Blood Feud

Chapter 2


G had grown more. He very rarely slept in his own cell at night anymore; he had become adept at servicing his master.

Yoska shared all his slaves, except this one. G was his and his alone.

Nikita still saw glimpses of the boy who looked at him with hatred and looked on his master with absolute adoration.

Nikita still held on to the letter that Clara had written before she had died looking for his chance to get G to leave Yoska and find this Hetty Lange in America.

In fact the only English words G knew were, 'Hetty Lange Please help me'.

Apart from that G spoke only Romani and only when his master allowed him to speak.

He was thirteen and a half now; he couldn't read nor write, his master had not permitted it, which meant he could conduct his business with the boy in the room.

G slept on a large gilded cushion which was placed at the foot of the Masters bed. At first Yoska had kept him attached by a chain, now the only time the boy was chained was when there was company, and the chain was solid gold to show people the wealth and power that Yoska Comescu possessed.

G would never look at anyone but his master when in a room with company and only when he was ordered to, Yoska would sometimes get drunk and make G service him while others watched, but he knew his master loved him as he would never allow anyone else to touch him.

"You are mine boy don't forget that, you will only leave when I don't want you anymore." Yoska said lying in bed and stroking G's beautiful long dirty blond hair.

G looked into his Masters face as his eyes were closed, he leant carefully into the touch, and the feeling of being loved that he so craved. He didn't understand why his trainer had been so mad, and strangely sad, with him when he had said he loved his master.

For he truly did, he felt loved and wanted and safe. The memory of his first encounter had been buried as had his time before that.

He looked at the square thing his master kept by his bed, it was, he was told, a book called a diary, he had seen the squiggly lines in it, his master on one of his indulgent days had explained that they were words and meant things that he had no need to understand.

G nodded, if the master said he didn't need to know then he didn't need to know.

But still he was curious he couldn't help that it was in his nature.

He jumped as the phone by the master's bed rang.

Yoska woke up and grabbed the receiver as G listened to the waves slapping against the side of the Yacht they were on.

"What?!" Yoska said, G fought the urge to look up and check on his master instead focusing his gaze at his feet.

"Amy Callen. You're sure that the name you were told?" he asked.

Callen…the name rang a bell for G, his trainer had used it once or twice, but he knew not to interrupt so turned his thoughts again to the blue Mediterranean waters outside in the hope his master would allow him to swim again.

"And you are sure she's dead?" Yoska asked waiting for an answer, "But she was married…any children?"

"No…that's a pity, so I have the last one then." Yoska looked over at G who was still kneeling on the bed.

"Thank you for informing me," Yoska put the phone down and then picked up the intercom. "Captain make the yacht ready as soon as convenient we sail for Los Angeles, I have a funeral to attend."

He pulled G to him and lay back on the silken sheets, "We are going to America." He smiled indulgently as he placed his hands on the last Callen…his Callen.

Sam sat on the ground in horror as he watched the fireball that had been their car.

Kensi and Deeks came running to him. "Sam are you ok, where's Amy?" Kensi asked in horror.

Sam pointed to the car, "She made me run after the suspect, it was her turn to drive, the truck came out of nowhere…she's dead Kens, my wife is dead…oh God!" he dropped his head into his hands and sobbed as he watched his wife's body burn in the car in front of him, he knew she had died instantly.

"Hetty…" He said his voice hoarse, "Someone has to tell her mom."

Eric's voice came over the earwig, "Hetty was in ops, she knows. Nell's taken her out." He said his own voice breaking.

Sam was helped up as the police and paramedics arrived, Kensi steered him towards a paramedic to get checked out for shock as Deeks dealt with the LAPD.

One of whom heard the woman's name and slipped off to make a call.

A week later, Sam stood by his wife's grave his hand held tightly by his operations manager and mother in law.

"She died in the line of duty Sam, being an NCIS Agent meant everything to Amy. She wanted to much to be like her birth mother." Hetty said softly.

"How can I go on from this Hetty, I can't go back there, to work…Amy is still all over that place, I went there this morning, I could still hear her laugh, her banter with me in the mornings, I even saw that ratty old bed roll she left behind the couch, before you insisted she move back in with you… did you know she kept it there even after we were married?" he asked.

Hetty shook her head as people slowly left the graveside.

She scanned the crowd her eyes stopping on a lone figure in the back, who was paying more attention to them than the grave itself.

Saying nothing she turned back to Sam, "Sam Hanna you are still my son in law and my family, you are the lead agent on this team and they need you. Nell Jones has been assigned to fill the vacant spot on the team…" he voice cracked slightly at that, "You need time to grieve son, we all do…but the bad guys don't rest, Ms Blye, Mr. Deeks and Miss Jones will keep things running as best they can, take some time, get away and then come back to us, to your family."

Sam wiped his eyes, "No…Amy would kill me…would have killed me, she'd want me back as soon as I could, let me try Hetty for her, for her memory."

Hetty nodded and walked with Sam to the large limousine where the rest of the team were waiting.

Nikita looked through the dusty box in his bunk in the bowels of the yacht.

He pulled out the small handwritten letter Clara had written a few months before her son's birth.

G was knelt in the same position he had been when the Master had put on his black suit and left focusing on the waves and calming the knot in his stomach.

Nikita walked into the masters' room and G looked up in shock.

"Sir?" he asked as he looked into his trainers eyes,

Nikita took a deep breath and lied for the first time to his son. "The master has told me to tell you that he does not want you anymore."

G's eyes filled with tears, "What did I do wrong?" he asked.

Nikita bit his cheek as he backhanded G around the face, "You are not to talk back, he says you are worthless and scum and to get off his boat."

Nikita grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hauled him to the side of the boat. "This is Los Angeles, you are to take this letter and go…you know what you have to say, your English words?" Nikita prompted.

G nodded, "But what if the master changes his mind?" he asked.

Nikita hit him again, "You do not ask questions, the master says if he sees you he will kill you,"

He pushed G over the edge and watched as the boy swam towards the small boathouse in the marina.

Knowing he had done all he could to keep the boy as safe as he could he watched as the small boy's body got further and further from the boat.

He reached into the waistband of his trousers and pulled out the gun that he had stolen months earlier.

His eyes focusing on the boy in the water he put the gun to his temple, "I saved him Clara…I'm coming." He looked over and saw his beloved Clara standing at the bow of the yacht watching as her son swam away, she turned to Nikita held out her hand and smiled.

He pulled the trigger and fired.

G stopped at the bang and watched as his trainer fell dead, the master must have ordered that he thought as adrenaline and fear rushing through him he swam towards the nearest building.

He got underneath the boathouse just as the sun was going down.

He was cold, terrified and exhausted. He looked up and saw a small trapdoor in the floor and he pushed it.

Luck was on his side as the floor gave and the trapdoor opened, he pulled his small exhausted body in through the gap and lay for a few moments on the wooden decking gasping for breath still clutching tightly to the letter in his hand.

He closed his eyes for a moment resting feeling a comforting breeze stroke over him as if a hand were caressing his forehead.

At the wake Sam was talking to Eric as Eric's phone went off.

He looked at it surprised; everyone who had his number was there with him.

He pulled out his cell phone and his eyes widened at the information on the screen. "The boat-shed has been compromised." He said.

The team stood up and headed for the door. "Keep us informed Eric," Sam said and nodded to Nell to join him.

Pulling up to the boat-shed nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so Sam took point as they entered the building.

The first thing they noticed was that the fridge door was ajar and looking Kensi noticed that food and drink was missing from the store they kept there.

Sam placed his hand up making sure no one talked as they fanned out in the small building.

There was a noise and he gave the team hand signals to back him up.

He walked over to the couch where he noticed wet footprints and a discarded sandwich wrapper.

The footprints looked small and by the looks of the way they were imprinted on the floor the intruder was hurt.

"Come out from behind there." He said.

There was a sniffle and movement, but no one stood up.

Sam grabbed the end of the sofa and roughly threw it away from him, he was angry that whoever this was had done this on the day of his wife's funeral.

"GET UP!" he yelled pointing his gun.

He stopped as he saw a small, battered and bleeding boy huddled in the corner looking at him terrified.

He quickly moved his gun away and looked at the child, he crouched down spreading his hands wide, "Hey…it's ok, my name is Sam, what's yours?" he asked as the others backed up and stowed their guns.

G looked at the man, he had the same commanding presence as his master and his heart ached as he missed him, his brain tried desperately to remember the one sentence of English he knew.

His eyes darted from side to side, the terror apparent on his face.

G moved to his knees and bowed as he had been taught, he held the letter aloft and said the words he knew by heart, "Hetty Lange please help me?"

Sam looked at the boy stunned.

"No my name is Sam, but I can find her." He said.

"Hetty Lange please help me." G said again.

He didn't understand, the man was supposed to take the letter, he said the words exactly as he had been taught them but the man hadn't moved.

What was he doing wrong?

He let a tear fall, he tried again, "Hetty Lange please help me." He said a small sob escaping moving the letter in his hand hoping the man, maybe his new master understood.

He didn't understand any of the other words the large man was saying.

"Hetty Lange please?" G said tiring out again.

Sam moved and G scrambled into the corner covering his head with his arms.

"Hetty Lange please help me!" he shrieked.

Sam looked over at Nell and Kensi who were looking equally confused at the boy's behavior. Deeks had stepped out to call Eric and have him fill Hetty in on what they had found.

Kensi walked over and placed a hand on Sam's shoulder, "Hey let me." She offered, Sam moved away but instead of calming the boy started shaking as the woman came nearer.

Women were the Masters property, he was not allowed to touch them or look at them.

"Hey," Kensi said softly, "What's your name?" she asked.

"Hetty please help me Lange?" G said getting the words wrong in his panic.

Kensi looked over at Sam, "I don't think he speaks English."

She looked at him and pointed to herself "Kensi Blye." She said, then she pointed to Sam. "Sam Hanna." She continued with a small smile as the boy's eyes lit up as he understood what she was trying to tell him.

She pointed to him.

He realized that they wanted to know his name, they had two names…he had two names, he had been told his name by his trainer…he fought to remember his name and pointed to himself.

"G. Ca…Callen." He said.

The people in the room with him looked shocked, he didn't like it here, he had done what they wanted and they looked upset with him, he dropped the letter and scrambled away.

Kensi picked up the letter and walked over to a shocked looking Sam.

"Did he say Callen?" he asked.

"It doesn't mean anything, Callen must be a popular name, Amy said she was born in Romania maybe it's common there." Kensi argued.

Sam stared at the boy, his gut told him Kensi was wrong, the boy in his haste to move had shot Sam a look of worry and he had looked so much like his dead wife his heart hurt.

Had Amy had a son?

Had she cheated on him and not said anything?

He moved as Hetty walked into the room.

G looked at this small woman and recognized the same aura of power that his master exuded, he knew that she was in charge and that he would have to answer to her.

"Mr. Hanna?" she said looking at the scene in front of her.

Sam handed her the letter and Hetty blanched as she recognized the handwriting.

"Clara…?" she took the letter and read it.

She looked up with tears in her eyes, "Sam…this is Amy's little brother." She told him.

"How? Amy's mother died in Romania in the seventies." Sam snapped.

"Apparently not." Hetty walked over to the boy and switched to Romanian. "This letter tells me that Clara Callen is your mother, she wanted me to look after you."

G's face darkened, "Clara Callen was a whore," he spat, "She deserved to die giving birth to this worthless whelp." He didn't realize that every word he was saying broke the older woman's heart.

"She was your mother and she loved you." Hetty said softly, "She trusted me to look after you."

G shook his head, "No…No….I belong to my master, he loves me…he allows me to live…" He knew these words always made his master smile he was still hoping his master was nearby and he was having a joke with him.

G looked for his master but not seeing him he teared up, "Please I want my master…"

Hetty crouched down to the shaking boy, "G…?" she said he went to the resting pose he knew on his knees his head bent down.

"Ma'am…will the master be coming for me?" he asked hopefully.

Hetty looked at him and realized that this was all the boy knew.

"No you are to stay with us now." She told him, "You will be a slave no more…you will have the life your mother wanted you to have."

G looked scared but he knew he was to do as he was ordered. He must belong to one of them now, he allowed his eyes to quickly assess them all, which one though, and he had no idea who was his new owner.

Hetty turned to Sam, "You are his nearest relative, he should go home with you, but if you can't do it I understand."

Sam took the letter Hetty had been holding and read it looking over at the boy, "She had six other siblings?" he said stunned, "And his name is only G?"

Hetty nodded.

G got it, the large man was his new master, he hoped the new man would be gentle with him.

He scrambled across the room and dropped to his knees at Sam's feet, "Master." He said reverently.

"I'll take him home with me, but you're going to have to help me, I don't speak Romani and I sure as heck am not his master." Sam said shocked.

"We will head to my home for now Sam, we will figure this out." Hetty said appeasing her son in law.

Hetty smiled and turned to the others, "Ms. Blye if you can secure the boat-shed, Mr. Hanna and I will take young Mr. Callen home."

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