Blood Feud

Chapter 20

An hour later Ray sauntered up the hallway towards Allison Harts room, he showed his badge at the nurses desk, "I'm here to see M. Allison Hart." He told the woman on duty.

"She's been asleep since she was…?" The nurse stopped looking at her record.

"What's wrong?" Ray Calebeck asked with false worry in his voice.

"There are no notes on Ms Hart's file; she should have been checked an hour ago." The nurse said with annoyance, "Would you mind giving me a moment to do Ms Harts stats and then I'll let you in to see her." The nurse grabbed a clipboard, walked into Allison's room, and gave a huge scream.

Stifling a small smirk and running in after her Ray pulled his issued gun, "What's wrong?" he asked, he saw Allison on the bed a bullet neatly in her forehead and pulled out his phone and called DiNozzo.

"Boss, I just got to the hospital, traffic was murder; someone's been here first and Ms Hart is dead, the nurse is calling LAPD seeing as she wasn't a marine or navy."

"Ok…ok will do boss." He said, he moved the nurse that had found her out of the room and closed the door, "LAPD are on their way ma'am, this is now a crime scene you will have to stay out of here until it is processed." He said.

She nodded and moved away, He stood guard waiting for LAPD to get there as he heard the Nurse asking for Janey, the Nurse that was supposed to have taken Allison Hart's vitals earlier.

He allowed himself a small smile, he was good, very good and not leaving evidence and he doubted anyone would find the body of Nurse Janey for at least a month or so.

Callen woke up on a soft bed a warm arm over him and for a moment, he felt safe.

Then he opened his eyes, it had not been a dream. His hand reached up and grazed the collar at his neck and his muscles ached from the re-education the master had given him earlier, but he knew now, until…if ...he was rescued, then he could be Callen again, right now he was boy and his master was breathing so that meant he could.

His heart broke as he realized that he had been here for three days, surely they would have come for him by now…unless Sam was glad to have him out of his hair, maybe the master had been telling the truth, maybe they knew where he was but had decided that he wasn't worth the effort.

He was sure at one point he had seen Gibbs…and maybe someone else on the rise above the house watching him and they had just left.

Maybe Sam wanted to be sure he was here.

He took a deep breath and held in a sob, he was not weak and he would not cry.

"It is alright my boy, I know you need to grieve, you have suffered greatly, being promised things that would never be, and your disappointment must be great." Yoska said as he stroked Callen's arm comfortingly.

Callen leant into his master's embrace and sobbed, Yoska had not promised him freedom, or a life of his own, he had not promised him anything except love and comfort, he had not lied to him, he had told him the collar was going to hurt and it had. Try as he might Callen felt himself falling for his master's words and comfort. He felt himself falling back into the old patterns he knew from childhood.

Yoska smiled behind his boy, as he felt him relax and accept his comfort, he knew that at that point he had won.

Sam jumped up as Ellie walked into the main room with, finally, a signed warrant to search the Comescu home.

He looked it over and nearly snarled at her, "What do you mean, we can't forcibly remove Callen Hanna from the premises?" he snapped reading the paper.

"Apparently someone warned the Comescu's we were here and planning to do this, Comescu's lawyer contacted the judge with a restraining order, you, Gibbs and Agent DiNozzo are allowed to search the premises for illegal weaponry and signs of anyone being held against their will. However, if Callen Hanna aka G. Callen is on the premises and he does not want to leave you cannot force him or arrest him unless you actually see him breaking the law… I'm sorry it was the best we could get." She said.

"Thanks." Sam sighed, "I'll take it." He said and turned to Gibbs and DiNozzo. "So when do we go?"

"After coffee." Gibbs said and headed for the kitchen, "Food first, you'll be in a better frame of mind." He added to Sam.

Sam grinned, "Yeah coz when I put a bullet in that asshole I wanna be well fed.

They sat at the table, Gibbs looking over the paper again, DiNozzo sighed, "There is no loophole boss, if there had been Ellie would have found it, linked it to a tootsie roll and exploited it."

Gibbs gave a small laugh as Deeks looked at them, as he was halfway out the door with a coffee cup, "What?" he asked.

DiNozzo looked up surprised, "Bishop has a food association memory."

Deeks gave a shrug, "Like Kensi, doughnuts and Twinkies, I get it, way to go bishop." He grinned and went to take his wife a coffee before she killed him.

"So what's the verdict on Hart?" Nell asked as she joined them at the table.

"Ray says LAPD are going to look at it but it looks like a nurse was in the pay of the Comescu's and she shot Hart and ran." DiNozzo said.

"That the warrant? When are we going?" she asked picking it up.

"We're not…DiNozzo, Gibbs and I are." Sam said watching her face.

Nell looked up in shock, "No…I…what?!"

She looked at the paper, "How did the judge know exactly who to put on the order?" she asked.

"I don't know, I didn't mention names just that the D.C. MCRT needed a warrant, I don't think Director McGee used name either?" Bishop said.

"So Comescu's lawyer told them our names, question is how did he or she know them?" Nell asked her mind whirring.

They all looked at each other, "I don't know…Nell, you get on that this morning, and I'm going to get my boy back." Sam said.

Yoska stood up and turned, his hand out to Callen, "Boy, I am going to shower, join me." He ordered.

Callen hurriedly got up and joined his master in the shower, relishing the warm water that flowed over his skin.

He was surprised that his master didn't take him in the shower instead, for the first time he washed his hair and body and turned Callen to do the same to him.

"I care about you…you belong to me don't forget that." He said working Callen in the shower.

"I…I belong to you master…" Callen panted as he reached his peak with tears in his eyes.

"I love you, you are mine and only mine,"

"Only yours," Callen repeated as he leant against the cool tile and waited as Yoska washed him off.

Yoska stepped out of the shower handing Callen a soft white towel. "We need to get ready I hear we will be having guests today."

"Yes Master." Callen replied, he reached for the thin cotton shorts he had worn the past few days.

"No…not today, we need to make an impression today." Yoska ordered and handed him a pair of Cotton slacks and a light aqua blue silk shirt that was only buttoned near the navel.

"I need you to understand now boy, whatever these men say they are liars, you want to stay with me don't you boy?"

For a second Callen wanted to say no, but Yoska gave him a drink and made him drink it up, again Callen felt slightly light headed and compliant. "You want to stay with me?" Yoska asked again.

Callen dropped to his knees and nodded, "Yes master, this boy wants to stay."

Yoska smiled and ruffled his hair. "Good boy."

Callen nodded, "I am a good boy." He said rubbing his arms in comfort.

"Come, I expect our guests will be here shortly. I want you with me." Yoska got up and walked to a lavish reception room.

He sat in an overstuffed armchair and pointed to the cushion, "sit." He ordered, "Unless I give you permission you are not to talk to our guests or look at them understand?"

"Yes Master, boy understands." Callen said eager to please.

Yoska smiled. "Also remember, if I die you die, If you leave the premises with me you die, if you go more than one room from me without permission you die."

"Yes Master." Callen bowed his head and sat.

Two cars pulled up in the driveway and Yoska watched as the men got out on a close circuit monitor, "They are here, remember what I talked about, you will not disappoint me now will you," he said showing Callen the remote to the collar in his pocket.

"No Master, Boy will not disappoint you…Never disappoint you…" Callen looked up pleading at his master.

Yoska could not help himself and as he heard Stefan open the door, he pulled Callen up for a kiss, "You are my boy."

"Your boy," Callen whispered with a smile as he sank back onto the cushion the drug in his system kicking in full force.

Gibbs, Sam and Tony were surprised when a man opened the door to the large home and stood waiting for them to get out of the car.

"NCIS." Sam said, "We have a warrant to search the premises."

Stefan smiled, "Of course, the master is expecting you, do you care for a beverage?" he asked politely.

"No." Gibbs snapped.

"Then please, follow me the Master is in the reception room." Stefan said.

He knocked on the door and opened it as Yoska called for him to enter.

"Sir, the gentlemen from NCIS are here to see you."

"Thank you Stefan, please…show them in."

Yoska stood as they entered but Callen kept his eyes to the floor.

"Come in gentlemen, please be seated." He said waving his hands in the direction of the couch.

"Callen?" Sam said as he saw his son.

Callen flinched but did not move.

He heart leapt with hope when it heard Sam's voice but all the things Yoska said piled in his mind, he could do nothing and he knew it.

"Boy you may look up." Yoska said.

Callen raised his head and with sad eyes looked around at the three men.

"As you can see he has not been harmed." Yoska said sitting down and putting his hand on Callen's head, Callen leant into the touch nuzzling Yoska's hand.

Sam drew his weapon, "Let my boy go you son of a bitch!" he snarled.

Callen jumped up and stood in front of Yoska, "No…" he said spreading his arms to ensure that Sam didn't shoot him, "Don't kill him."

Yoska put a hand on Callen's shoulder, "It's ok boy, Sam is just upset, he doesn't mean to kill me."

"You are an escaped fugitive from jail, I am within my rights to shoot you." Sam snarled.

Callen sniffed as tears came to his eyes.

"I am on Romanian soil here, did you not check this mansion belongs to the Romanian consulate, which is why my lawyer allowed you three to enter, you cannot forcibly take me from here."

"No but we can take Callen," Tony bluffed.

"Boy is an adult, both here on Romanian soil, which I will add is the country of his birth, he was forced to become a US citizen, but he may stay or leave as he wishes at anytime." Yoska said.


Callen leant on the ground and covered his head with his arms. "No….NO I am boy, boy is good…please don't make me leave…Master…" he turned his eyes on Yoska pleading. He knew if Yoska insisted he go with them, he would be dead before he left the grounds.

"I cannot stop them boy, not if they wish to take you."

Callen backed away from the men, "No…no I don't want to…I can't leave…" he shook his head and backed up to the wall.

Yoska looked out of the window and smiled on time the LAPD had turned up.

"Cal, you are coming home, it will be ok."

Sam grabbed Callen by the hand, yes, the boy was brainwashed now but he would be ok after a few weeks and he would have his son back.

Yoska stood back his arms in the universal gesture of surrender.

Callen stared in horror as he realized that he was letting him go.

He threw himself at Yoska's feet, "No Master please, don't let them take me!" he pleaded.

Sam grabbed Callen and walked him out of the house as the LAPD got out of their cars.

"HELP ME!" Callen screamed.

Sam looked at him confused, "Cal, we're going home, it will be ok." He said softly.

Callen stared terrified at the gate.

"No…NO NO, You can't make me go….I don't want to go, I've done nothing wrong…please don't take me."

"Sir…let the boy go." The LAPD officer said drawing his gun.

"It's ok, we are NCIS this boy is a material witness in the murder of Allison Hart." Gibbs said.

Callen dropped to the ground, "She's dead?" he breathed in shock.

Sam crouched down to him, "Yeah Comescu had her killed."

Callen shook his head, "He didn't he couldn't have he was with me all the time."

The LAPD officer turned to Callen, "Sir, you will need to go down to the station and give us a statement."

Callen shook his head, again glancing at the gate that would kill him if he crossed it.

"NO…No I can't…I am a Romanian citizen on Romani soil, you cannot force me to go." He said standing up and backing to the house.

"No you're not, you are a naturalized US citizen, I was there when you renounced your Romanian nationality." Sam said.

"No…No…I take it back I was a kid, I didn't understand…you can't make me."

"Sir please calm down and we can go down to the station to discuss it." The officer said not liking what was happening here. "Sirs' I need to see your identification again and do you have a warrant?" he asked.

Gibbs and DiNozzo handed the officer their badges and Gibbs took Sam's off him as he handed it over, Callen still struggling.

Callen tried to pull away.

"STOP IT," Sam snapped.

Years of being Sam's son instantly stopped Callen from wriggling, but he inched back towards the house and away from the gate.

Yoska watched the situation unfold and decided to play his trump card and claim back his boy.

He walked out and called Callen.

"Boy!" He called, "Did you tell them that you wanted to stay and you were Romani?" he asked.

"I tried…they are making me leave sir, please…Master…stop them!" Callen pleaded.

Yoska reached inside his suit for the restraining order that was his trump card. However, one of the LAPD officers panicked and shot him in the chest.

Callen screamed and wrenched himself out of Sam's grip and ran to his master, putting his hands over the hole.

"Master please…Please don't die on me…don't die!" he begged.

"Call 911!" Tony shouted at the officer as he turned to help Callen stem the blood flow.

"If I die you die…if they take me away from you, you die. They did this to you boy, they killed you." Yoska breathed as Callen cried.

Sam tried pulling him away and Callen pulled back determined to save both his and his masters life.

"Let him die!" Sam snapped.

"No…If he dies I die!" Callen said desperately stemming the blood flow, "I can't live without him."

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