Blood Feud

Chapter 21

"Let him die." Sam growled annoyed.

Callen looked up at him with tears in his eyes, "I don't want to die dad…please don't let him die…help me…" he begged as he tried desperately to staunch the blood flow.

"You won't die if he does Cal…he's brainwashed you." Sam said trying to pull him away as the paramedics turned up.

"No you don't understand…" he realized he was still wearing a bandana around his neck, he reached up and pulled it away showing Sam, he turned his head, not moving his hands at all, "It's bio-metric and wired dad. If he dies I die, if he leaves here I die, if I leave here I die….Dad….please…I don't want to die." Callen could not stop the tear that escaped him.

Sam stared at the collar around his son's neck in horror as what he was told sank in.

Callen moved as the paramedics started working on him.

Sam pulled his son into a hug for a second and Callen tensed and pushed away looking over at Yoska.

"If it blows I…I don't want you hurt." Callen said.

"Gibbs!" Sam yelled.

Running past the paramedics Gibbs came over, "I need the bomb squad…the collar is wired to explode." He explained. Gibbs gave a curt nod and motioned to DiNozzo to come over.

He met him and told him what Sam had said, Sam in the meantime had gone over to the paramedics, "I need a scalpel." He said

"I can give you one sir, but we have to get this man to a hospital." The paramedic said as they put Yoska on a gurney,

"No." Sam snapped, "See that kid over there." He said pointing to Callen. "If that man leaves here he dies, if he leaves with him, he'll die…until I get that collar safely removed from around his neck he isn't going anywhere, and he doesn't die…as soon as that collar is off I don't give a damn what you do to him."

The paramedic paled at the operation managers' tone, and nodded. "We'll keep him alive." He promised.

Sam took the scalpel and turned back to Callen.

Callen's eyes widened at the instrument, "I…no, I…Dad…no…it will blow…" he said shaking his head and backing away.

"Cal…" Sam stopped knowing he was scaring his son, "I love you…you do know that don't you."

Callen nodded and gulped, "I love you too dad, thank you for everything…you saved me."

"Oh no…this isn't the end, you will not die." Sam said noticing Gibbs' nod of approval, "I can disarm this, I have been trained I was a seal before I joined NCIS and married your sister. You think I'd ever let her down or let you die?"

Callen shook his head and took one-step closer.

"Hetty, Amy and your parents are all watching over you and none of them want you to die, I won't let you die, trust me son." Sam said.

Callen's eyes were glassy, as were two of the LAPD cops who were close enough to hear what the Hulk of an operations manager was saying to this kid, his son.

Callen gulped again, "Ok…dad…but if you think it's gonna blow…run…please…I don't want you to die."

Yoska looked up having regained consciousness again, "You will kill him, he will die and take his place with me in hell!" he yelled.

Callen flinched but Gibbs placed his hand firmly on his shoulder.

"Trust your dad." Gibbs said simply. Not moving his eyes from Callens' as Sam did his work.

Neither man moved a muscle, not while the scene around them changed, the paramedics working on Yoska who had passed out again, and the bomb squad turning up. Some after instructions from DiNozzo took off and searched the perimeter for explosives, which they proceeded to find transmitters every few feet, which they assumed (Correctly), was wired to the collar around the terrified young man's neck, which had not moved while the ex-seal worked on him.

It seemed to Callen like hours, his eyes flicking every few minutes to his master on the gurney checking he was still alive. He felt his body start to shake, the firm, but gentle hand of Gibbs steadying him as Sam worked behind him on the collar. His brain registered Stefan's frustrated screaming as he was put in the back of an LAPD squad car after guns and drugs were found in the basement of the house.

Suddenly there was a clatter and Callen jumped.

"It's off son…you're free." Sam said as he moved his son away from the dreaded device and off to safety as the bomb squad moved in.

"Free?" Callen blinked in confusion, his hands wanting to touch where the collar had been but his fear was too much for his hands to complete the task.

"The collar is gone." Gibbs reinforced.

"So…not linked to… its gone?" Callen asked again.

"Yes son, it's….Callen?" Sam broke off as Callen turned and walked over to his Master.

"How is he?" He asked the paramedic, leaving Gibbs, DiNozzo and Sam looking stunned.

"He'll be fine, it was a flesh wound and he's lost a lot of blood, but it is replaceable and he will live." The Paramedic said as he got Yoska moved ready to put him in the ambulance.

"Can I have a moment?" Callen asked.

The Paramedic nodded and went to clean up their gear.

He leant over Yoska, ignoring the others, as his master woke up.

"No Collar?" Yoska croaked.

Callen smiled, "I never needed a collar, while you live I will always belong to you, you know that don't you?" He said.

Sam looked horrified at Callen's words but Yoska looked delighted.

"I know you will always be mine." He pulled Callen down for a kiss, "You will always be mine boy," he affirmed.

Callen nodded, "Boy will always be yours." He agreed stroking a comforting hand down the older man's face.

He turned away with a small smirk and walked towards Sam, he hugged his father, "I'm sorry dad I need to do this."

Sam slumped as Callen turned away again and walked back to Yoska.

"But Master." Callen said a bit louder, "It's time for boy to die."

"NO!" Sam screamed as Callen produced a gun. Sam felt in horror and his own hip holster that was now empty.

His son was going to kill himself with his gun!

Callen held the gun, just how he had been trained and shot a surprised Yoska right between the eyes.

Callen dropped the gun and sank to his knees, hands moving automatically behind his head, while the LAPD moved in to cuff him.

Within seconds the collar that was in a fireproof box exploded.

He turned and looked at his father, "Now I'm free." He said as the last of Yoska's lifeblood bled out over the gurney spilling in small rivers onto the floor.

Callen meekly did as the LAPD officers directed, he knew he had just thrown away his career, he had shot an unarmed and injured man in front of the LAPD and federal agents.

However, at that moment he felt awesome. For the first time in his life, he was totally free of the threat of a Comescu. He sat in the back of the police car and cried in happiness.

Sam watched his son sobbing in the back of the car and staring at the dead body of Yoska Comescu and he got mad.

"I can't believe it Gibbs, even dead he's still hurting my boy, and he's lost everything because of that man." Sam sighed as he watched Callen being taken away.

DiNozzo turned back to them his phone to his ear, "Thanks Tim…I owe you." He said as he hung up.

"What was that?" Sam asked.

Tony smiled, "I filled Tim in on the situation, he's getting our lawyers on it, his job is safe, he will fight in Callen's corner with SECNAV if needed, and NCIS will post his bail."

Sam looked relieved, "Thank you, he shouldn't be in jail any longer than needed, He's been a prisoner long enough." Sam said.

He called Nell to fill in the rest of them on what had happened, get Deeks to go to the police precinct to watch over Callen and then he watched as DiNozzo and Gibbs organized the crime scene, before they headed to the precinct to find Callen.

Callen was taken from the squad car and down to processing; he never made eye contact nor said a word.

He could not help it, his mind had gone into shock, he had killed his master, he had not died, but he was back in chains, it was, he knew the handcuffs that had made him retreat into his mind.

"Sit there." The officer said as he helped the younger man sit down.

"What ya got there?" an older officer said as he looked at the blank face of the man on the bench.

"Been told he was a federal agent, G. Callen according to his credentials," he handed the badge Sam had passed to him over the desk.

"He say what the G stands for?" the older cop asked looking down at the paperwork and starting to fill it in.

The other cop shook his head, "He hasn't said a word Pete, not since we stuck him in the cruiser."

"What's he in for?" Pete asked.

"Murder," The cop said.

"You sure, it says he's a fed?" Pete asked looking up at the thin young man. "Doesn't look like he's capable of it."

"I'm a witness, me and Jake over there, and half a dozen feds. Walked up to a guy bleeding on a gurney, kissed him and then shot him in the head."

Pete shuddered, "Eww…fag?"

Stan shook his head, "I don't know…it's strange…something is different…I…"

"They are all strange aren't they?" Pete said looking over at him, his attitude different now, "Kid…what's your name."

G did not look up he stared at the floor.

Stan walked over and touched him on the shoulder and Callen dropped to his knees, "Boy is sorry." He said instinctively without thinking.

"Hey, kid it's ok, we just want your name."

"Boy….no…not anymore, G my name is G…Callen…Hanna…Callen Hanna…I think?"

Stan did feel for the kid having watched all he had been through, "Sit down kid, don't worry about it."

He helped G back onto the bench.

"I think he needs a doctor, he's definitely in shock." Stan said to Pete.

Pete looked over at him, "Just sign him over I'll get the doc to look at him." He said as Stan signed the card, took one last look at G and walked out.

"Eventually…" he finished as Stan left.

He looked at Callen on the bench, "Ya know guys like you caused my son to kill himself." Pete snarled, "And you're a murderer too, ya ain't getting any special favors from me." He said as he walked over to Callen. "Up." He ordered.

Without making eye contact, Callen stood and walked where he was directed, Pete knew he was right about the kid being ashamed, he was not like the other prisoners he had dealt with that day, he did not answer back, and he was not making eye contact.

"Get in there, I'll send the doctor down eventually for you." He snapped, he undid the handcuffs and slammed the cell door shut.

Callen immediately sank to his knees in the corner his head bowed waiting.

Pete looked through the bars, "Praying ain't gonna help ya kid, you had cops as witnesses, and you are going down for this." He said and turned missing the tear Callen allowed to fall before completely closing down.

Deeks kissed Kensi goodbye and with a small pat on his son's head, he headed immediately to the precinct to find his old boss Lt. Bates.

He passed the groups of cops, those who knew who he was eyed him with suspicion.

Climbing the stairs he stopped for a second before he knocked on Bates' office door.

"Come in!" Bates called from the other side.

"Hey!" Deeks said as he poked his head around the door.

Bates smiled, "Deeks, you finally come to your senses and quit NCIS to come back to us?" he asked hopefully.

Deeks shook his head, "Nope the wife'd kill me." He admitted. "She's pregnant again." He told his friend.

"Another one what is this, number four?" He grinned.

Deeks shook his head, "Three, we had one of each trying for an alien now." He joked.

Bates laughed, "I've missed your sense of humor Marty." He admitted, "So what's brought you back to us…crossed case?" he asked.

Deeks stopped smiling and sank into the chair next to Bates' desk, "No…I wish, this is more…messy." He admitted.

He sat for a moment and took the coffee that Bates offered him. Then he outlined all that had happened with Callen and Yoska Comescu.

Bates listened dispassionately, "Ok so we know he's guilty of murder, but from what you've told me, he needs some serious help…poor kid." Bates took a moment, "But he is a federal Agent?" he asked.

"Yeah a new probie on my team, been on there for six months, he's also our operation managers adopted son."

"Hanna's kid?" Bates was amazed, he knew Hanna had replaced Hetty when she left and was just as formidable but didn't know he'd had a kid.

"Long story." Deeks sighed, "But he's been through so much, Comescu had a bio-metric bomb around the kids neck, kept him as a slave from birth till we found him at 13."

"Hell…" Bates swore. "And he's in our interrogation room right?" he asked.

"I should think so, you don't tend to put traumatized people straight in a cell do you?" Deeks asked.

"No…he should be in a holding room waiting for a doctor to sign him off as mentally fit for a cell. Let's go and see him."

The two men left and walked downstairs to holding.

"Pete!" Bates called over to the older cop.

Pete looked up and grinned, "Bates…long time no see, you come down to promote me?" he joked knowing he was two weeks off retirement.

Bates shook his head, "You're too well known for undercover Pete and your wife'd kill me if you got shot just before your pension comes due."

Pete laughed, "Ok ok…so what do I owe the pleasure."

"We're looking for someone brought in earlier this morning, kid about 26…Callen…"

"Oh the fag." Pete said and Deeks glared at him.

"What'd you say?"

Pete shrugged, "Ain't my problem, kid wouldn't even tell us his name, got three for him. Only seems to answer to boy though, a bit touched I think."

"What did the doctor say?" Bates asked.

"Not called him yet, I've been busy." Pete admitted.

"So he's in a holding room?" Deeks asked a knot of worry forming in his gut.

"Na…wasn't co-operating so we shoved him in a cell." Pete said.

"Dammit!" Deeks exploded. "He's been in there too long, let me see him now!"

"Who the hell are you?" Pete asked.

"He's with me…" Bates snarled, "Take us to him and call a doctor now!" he ordered.

Pete grabbed the keys and silently sent up a prayer that the kid was ok, honestly he had not even bothered to check on him since he had shut the door, after all he was alone, no one to bother him so he couldn't see the problem.

They walked around the corner and Deeks dashed ahead as he caught sight of Callen.

"Get that door open now."

Callen was curled in a fetal ball wedged under the bench.

"Cal…Callen…?" Deeks said as he squatted nearby. "its Deeks…your ok now…The doctor's on his way to see you…you're going to be ok…"

"Gonna die…cop said…I was free…Deeks I was finally free…dad's gonna hate me. Master was right, I'm gonna go to hell…"

Callen was shaking now, "Master este corect eu nu va fi niciodata liber ... eu ar trebui să fi murit cu el ... eu ar trebui să moară." [Master is right I will never be free...I should have died with him...I should die] He rambled repeatedly as he started to rock.

"What's he saying?" Bates asked.

Deeks shrugged "I don't know but I don't like it, where is that doctor?" he asked looking beyond Bates down the corridor.

Bates looked at Pete, "I called him ok…he's coming…I didn't know…" the old cop said trying to cover himself.

Deeks moved to pull Callen into his arms, "It's gonna be ok Cal, you're safe now…it's ok…" he said this quickly turned from a mantra into a full on prayer as he prayed that Callen would be all right.

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