Blood Feud

Chapter 22

Deeks sat there rocking Callen slowly and telling him calmly that it would be ok over and over again.

Pete looked at Bates, "He one of them fags too, that his boyfriend?" he asked.

Bates grabbed Pete by the lapels and shoved him out of the door of the cell and across the hallway to the wall.

"Is that why you didn't get him a doctor Pete…you homophobic?" Bates snarled.

Pete put his hands up, "He's just like my boy…one of them!" he spat.

"You know nothing about what this man has been through," Bates dropped him and wiped his hands on his trousers, "Take off Pete, you're on suspension."

"I got two weeks till retirement…you can't do this to me!" Pete snapped.

"Oh I can and I just did, report to your watch commander and get him to come down here. I don't wanna see your face again; if I do you can kiss your pension goodbye."

"You don't have the clout to do that Bates." Pete growled.

Bates smiled, "Maybe not, but the Director of NCIS in Washington Director McGee and the secretary of the Navy does."

Pete stormed off grumbling as the Doctor turned up.

"Doctor Dansk, hi…" Bates said walking up to him.

He smiled, "Lt. Bates, it's been a while, one of yours in there?" he asked.

Bates shook his head, "Nope, but he's with an old friend of yours." He admitted.

They walked down the hallway and could hear Deeks' voice still talking softly to Callen.

"Deeks?" The doctor asked.

Bates shook his head, "Nope not this time, this one is an NCIS Federal Agent, but he's…well…Here's the thing." Bates stopped and filled him in on what Deeks had told him earlier.

"Poor kid." Dr Dansk said feeling all of his sixty-three years at that point. He walked forward and opened the door slowly noting how the younger man tensed up when he entered.

"My name is Dr. Dansk; I'm here to help you." He said putting his bag down and crouching so he was at eye level with Callen. "I am told your name is Callen Hanna?" he asked.

Callen slowly looked up at him. "Callen…Hanna? Yes…boy is dead…I'm Callen…" He smiled and a tear fell down his cheek.

"It's ok Callen," The doctor said, "Can you come and sit on the bench?"

Callen looked at Deeks and noticed he had his team leader by the t-shirt his hands locked and he really didn't want to let go.

He uncurled his hands slowly keeping the old man in sight at all times.

He stood still shaking, he didn't know why he was shaking he trembled as he took a step towards the bench and Deeks wrapped an arm around his waist, "You'll be ok Cal, I got ya."

Callen smiled at Deeks, "I will be won't I…I mean…?" he didn't finish that statement, he knew what was rattling around in his head right now, he knew he was away from Yoska, He knew…at least he thought he knew that Yoska was dead, although he had dreamt that so many times in his life he wasn't sure. His arms ached, in fact he ached all over…"I need my drink…" he whispered afraid to ask for anything.

"I can get you a drink," Bates said hearing him, "What do you want?"

Callen shrugged, "I don't know…the master gave me a drink, it made the pain go away…I…he...he made the pain go away…"

Callen's emotions were all in a jumble, he was hurting and the master wasn't here to stop it and that was his fault. He collapsed onto the bench, Deeks' arms stopping him from falling onto the floor.

"I think maybe you were given some kind of drug, I will need to take some blood from you to see if there is any trace left in your system and I have a painkiller that might help I just need to know where you hurt?"

Callen looked at him, "My…My back hurts a bit sir…and…my back." He said stopping at what he wanted to say looking at Deeks worried.

"Callen, do you want me and Bates to go outside so you can talk to the doctor alone?" Deeks asked.

Callen looked up at him with apprehension in his eyes, "You will come back won't you?" he asked with a small hopeful smile.

Deeks grinned back, "We'll be right outside the door there, yell if you need me and I'll be in, in a flash."

Callen nodded, and watched as Bates and Deeks left, and then turned to the doctor and started to lift his shirt.

The doctor paled as he saw the state of Callen's back.

"What happened?" he asked in shock.

Callen shrugged, "Boy was bad, he said no when the master wanted him, but its ok really, he learned and he's dead now." He said dispassionately.

"The man who did this?" The doctor asked and he really hoped it was the case as he took the first aid kit out of his bag.

Callen gave a small laugh, "And boy too…" he focused on the wall as the doctor applied gauze pads to the wounds.

"We need to get you to hospital and get it treated." He said and stood up.

Callen pulled his shirt down and blinked, "Get what treated?" he asked.

"The wounds on your back…and …below." Despite them not being mentioned he had noticed the tearing and bruising that was on the young man's body.

"Ok…" Callen replied nonplused and sat down on the bench. "When's my dad coming?" he asked.

"Your…dad? Er…I don't know let me go and ask the officers."

Callen blinked, "Officers, am I in trouble?" he asked worried.

The doctor smiled, "I'm sure it's nothing, you stay there. For a second Mr. Hanna."

"Cal." He grinned, "Ok Doc." He pulled one leg up and started whistling.

The doctor walked out of the room and over to where Deeks and Bates were standing.

"I need to get him to a hospital; he needs to be seen by specialists." He said concerned.

"What's wrong, what did that…?" Deeks snarled but the Doctor cut him off.

"You misunderstand me, he does have wounds that are serious and need immediate treatment but the thing that worries me most is the disassociation he is suffering from right now, he seems to be jumping from one emotion to another, he at one point had no idea what had happened to his back."

Deeks looked down as his phone beeped. He opened the message and grinned, "Sam just texted he's on his way, and NCIS Internal Affairs has judged the killing good. He's got the paperwork to have Callen released…listen doc, he really needs to be with his family, can you treat him at home, we have a psychologist on staff, he can come in and treat Cal, if that's ok with you."

"I would rather he were in a controlled environment, however if I can come and see…that is if his family will allow, if it is suitable I will sign the consent form."

Deeks grinned. He walked into the holding room, over to Callen who was sitting on the bench and handed him two painkillers.

"Uncle Marty…Is dad with you, can I go home now?" Callen asked.

For a second Deeks faltered, this was not the Callen he'd left behind only a few minutes earlier. "Yeah, your dad is on the way, then a quick stop at the hospital for some things and home yeah?"

Callen grinned, "Cool I want to take A. out for a walk."

"A?" Deeks said and remembered "Oh A, yeah he's missed you. Now take the medicine before your dad gets here ok?"

Callen smiled, "Ok uncle Marty."

Deeks closed the door up and walked over to the two men, "Hell, you weren't kidding. Callen hasn't called the dog A. since he was about 13 or 14. What the hell caused this?" Deeks asked.

"I am assuming it is trauma related Callen has gone back in his time to when he felt the safest; I wonder what happened about that age for him to pick it. However, I do not believe it is amnesia, he seems to flit between this and now."

"That was when Sam first adopted him and got him the puppy, he was G. Callen and his English wasn't so good so he called the dog A. Buddy. He was happiest then, I am worried though, because he will have to find out about his grandmothers death again, if he's as fragile as you say he is that isn't going to be good for him."

"Gentlemen, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let us just follow Mr. Hanna's lead and see what happens, and deal with each hurdle as we arrive at it." Dr. Dansk said.

He went to pick up his bag as the doors opened and Sam, Gibbs and Nell walked in.

"Hey guys, I got the text from DiNozzo, Director McGee cleared Callen."

"Great, where is he?" Sam asked.

"Mr. Hanna…" Bates started, "There was an incident which we need to make you aware of."

Sam looked down at Bates like he was about to crush him and then Bate knew that Hetty Lange had indeed picked a worthy successor.

"What…Happened?" he growled.

Bates filled him in on the negligence, Pete had shown when Callen was first brought in and the action being taken against him now, Sam fidgeted balling his fist as he was told and Nell put a hand on her partners shoulder.

Then the doctor told him about Callen's injuries, and his peculiar reaction afterwards.

Sam stood up, "Where is my son, we're going home."

Deeks led him down to the holding room they had moved him too and opened the door.

"DAD!" Callen grinned, "I missed you…where am I, no one will tell me?"

Sam walked across the room and mindful of his son's injuries he gathered him in his arms, "It doesn't matter son, you're safe and we are going home and no one is ever gonna hurt you again." He promised.

"They can't, I'm with you."

Sam turned him and they walked out of the door.

Callen looked at the men and the policemen outside. He stopped and looked over at his dad. "Did I do something wrong? They aren't gonna take me away from you are they dad?"

Sam shook his head, "No son, no one is ever gonna take you again." He reiterated.

Nell looked up at them, "Callen…hey are you ok?" she asked as she came over and kissed him on the cheek.

Callen blushed and wiped his cheek with the back of his hand. "Nell….yuk!"

Nell shot Sam a look of amusement, "Ok Callen, let's take you home."

Callen nodded as he looked around, "Where's grandma?" he asked not seeing her, "Is she mad at me?"

Nell shook her head. "No Cal, she's not mad…but she can't be here right now." She said sadly.

"Ok…can we see her later?" he asked.

"Maybe, let's just get to the hospital, the doctor is coming back with us but we need to pick up a few things." She said her hand on his shoulder instantly calming him.

"Ok…I'm tired," he yawned.

Nell took him out to the car as Sam and Deeks followed.

"Are we still at the safe house?" Deeks asked.

Sam shook his head, "Kensi and the kids went home earlier, Gibbs and the D.C team are staying there until the report comes in on Allison Hart's murder, I'm taking Callen back to my house, Owen dropped buddy off there earlier and I took some of his stuff back there from his apartment, I was hoping he'd stay with me for a few days, and right now he really can't stay anywhere else."

"What are you gonna do when Hetty doesn't turn up?" Deeks asked mindful to keep his voice low.

"I wanna see what the doc says about that drug that's in his system, but I called Nate, he's on his way to my house to meet with Callen, I want him around when I tell him."

"I hope this isn't permanent Sam, Callen is a hell of an agent and I need him back on my team." Deeks said.

Sam smiled, "Thanks man, I appreciate that, I'll let you know how it goes with the doc, maybe you could pick Nate up from the airport tomorrow?" he asked.

Deeks smiled, "Sure, I'll take the kids with me, they love Uncle Nate and Kensi can put her feet up."

Sam smiled, "You spoil her." He laughed.

"She's having my baby, I'm always gonna spoil her." Deeks said, "Besides I remember a certain senior agent once telling me that if I didn't treat Kensi like a princess he'd break me in two."

Sam laughed, "I did, didn't I."

Deeks nodded and patted Sam on the back as he headed for his car.

Sam caught up with the others and Callen was sat in the back hugging buddy.

"Cal, have you put your safety belt on yet?" he asked as he climbed in next to the doctor.

Nell looked over, "It's on and buddy has his harness on we are all ready to go back here."

Sam turned on the engine, "Ok then let's head home." He said.

After swinging past the hospital, they continued on their way home, Sam hoping that for tonight at least his son would get a good night sleep and they could deal with, whatever this was tomorrow.

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