Blood Feud

Chapter 23

Callen looked at the house as he pulled up.

Little things were not sitting right with him and he knew it, but his mind refused to go there, so he was dismissing the fact that everyone in the car seemed older than he expected them to be, the niggling feeling of pain, when he had mentioned his grandmother and the fact that the dog was obviously not a puppy anymore.

He was however right now too tired to care, the doctor and Sam helped him into the house, he wasn't sure why he was so tired or why he hurt so much, but he was with his dad and he knew in that house everything was safe.

He walked into his room and fell face first onto the bed.

"A." he called to the dog who immediately jumped up to his place beside Callen on the bed, Callen draped his arm over the dog and buried his face in the dog's shaggy fur so that his dad could not see him cry, "It's all wrong…" he mumbled into the dogs fur.

Sam however heard his son, but closed the door quietly and let him rest. He would ask him later, but right now, his son needed rest.

He walked out to the kitchen where Nell was making coffee for everyone and the doctor sat writing some notes at the kitchen table.

"So what is going on Doc?" Sam asked.

"Like I said earlier, it seems your son is suffering from a form of disassociation. He hasn't lost his memory; rather he seems to be hiding in it." Dr. Dansk said nodding gratefully to Nell as she handed him a coffee.

"Hiding in it?" Sam asked picking up his own cup and joining the doctor at the table.

"I don't know what happened to him before I saw him today. However, it is obvious he has been through some serious trauma and sexual assault, I noticed, the sexual assault was minor, but there was an, as yet unknown, drug in his body. I have no idea what that young man has been through, but he was adamant about one this…it rather stuck with me, 'boy is dead?'

"I think Comescu brainwashed him, trying to wipe out his sense of self, calling him Boy instead of G or Callen."

"G?" the doctor asked.

"His birth name, his mother was…held by Comescu and he was the seventh child but one of only 2 live births. His mother called him G throughout her pregnancy; Yoska kept it after he was born, I didn't get him until he was 13. He was called G or boy his whole life, we kept Callen in memory of his mother and sister, my wife, but gave him my surname when I adopted him." Sam explained.

The doctor noted down everything Sam was telling him.

"And was there any trauma he suffered recently? I was told by Lt. Bates that he was a federal agent, about 6 months into the job, before he was taken by this man was there anything else that might have affected him, I assume he passed his psych evaluation to be allowed out into the field?"

"He did with flying colors," Nell said, "but his adopted Grandmother was killed by the same man who took him. She was important in his life, his first English sentence was Hetty Lange, please help me. Taught to him by his biological father although he had no knowledge at the time that he was his father, I'm not sure he knows now actually, we never told him."

"And Hetty Lange was the woman who died? I am sorry I was not aware of her loss, she was a wonderful woman." The doctor said looking genuinely remorseful, "I would talk to her a lot before Agent Deeks joined you, she looked out a lot for him, and I treated her daughter Amy…Callen…Is your Callen related to her?" he asked only just making the connection.

Sam nodded, "My wife, his sister."

Dr. Dansk paled, "Clara's boy…My God…"

Now he really felt his age, he had been young when he had treated Amy as she had arrived in the US and was then placed with Hetty, his father had also been a doctor who had treated Clara's family and he had prided himself on treating Clara's daughter and had mourned when told of her passing.

"I will do anything I can to help you, free of charge, I owe him that much. However, I cannot heal his mind, I do not have that expertise, Hetty had a psychologist she would consult with on occasion, I think his name was Dr. Getz. He is highly recommended in his field, I can try to find his contact details if that would help." He offered.

Nell smiled, "Nate is well known to our team and is actually en-route here now," she told him.

The doctor nodded, "Of course, Hetty always used the best, I do think that it would be prudent for Callen to rest now, I will leave you a sedative if you need it, and some gauze pads for his back…"

"We were hoping you would stay." Nell said, "I live next door and have a spare room if you wish to use it, however if you feel that you would rather leave and come back tomorrow, I can call you if we need you."

"No…I would like to stay, for a few hours anyway and see how the young man is, if that is alright with you, also I am anxious to see the results of the blood test I took earlier."

Nell nodded, "I'll call Eric and see if he can get the lab to put a rush on them." She said as she pulled out her phone.

Ray pulled up at the safe house as the team was packing up.

"We done?" He asked walking over to Ellie.

"Not quite Calebeck, a few loose ends then we should be going back tonight." DiNozzo said.

"Ok…Here's the report from LAPD on the Hart shooting." He said handing the paper copy to his boss.

DiNozzo flicked through it, "So no leads?" he asked.

Ray shook his head, "LAPD are labeling it a cold case for a while, the hospital security cameras went down before the shooting, the nurse they think may be responsible has gone missing, and there's no sign of her."

DiNozzo was not happy, his gut was not happy but he was not going to say anything for now.

"Get your gear Calebeck we have one stop to make before we leave then we're off." He said and watched with a smirk as his new probie ran for his stuff.

Gibbs looked around the safe house making sure they had not left anything they needed and grabbed the keys to give to Sam later as he grabbed his own bag and walked it out to the car, Ellie filling him in on the flight they were going to take back.

Gibbs sat in the rental car and gunned the engine knowing it would make the others move faster, he had a stop to make before going to Sam's he and the team were going to pay their respects to Hetty.

Callen woke up, "Hey A. you want some food B…" he faltered on the word boy, he pulled his t-shirt off, wincing but not noticing the welts on his back, like they didn't exist.

He pulled another T-shirt out of the drawer and pulled it over his head, "I'm hungry dog, let's go eat." He yawned, he felt in his head better than he had in a while, but his body was still tired.

"A…come on…" he called as he opened his door.

He had not put shoes on and was shuffling along the laminate floor in his socks sleepily rubbing his eyes.

"Hey dad, got any juice," he yawned.

Sam smiled, "You've only been asleep four hours, are you hungry?" Sam asked passing his son a glass of juice.

"Ummm." Callen nodded, "Pizza?"

"OK…" Sam said throwing him the pizza menu, "Get at least four." He said, "Make one sausage cheese and pepperoni, DiNozzo's coming for dinner."

"Really?!" Callen looked surprised, "They're here in LA?"

Sam swore in his head, he had forgotten for a second. "Yeah, Gibbs is with them."

"Cool….you want an all veggie one for grandma?" he asked as he let the dog out into the garden.

"No, she can't make it," Sam said, he still could not tell him.

Callen shrugged ignoring the pain that caused, "Ok…Nell you staying?" he asked.

Nell nodded and rubbed his head, "Never miss pizza night squirt." She laughed.

Callen sat at the table and grabbed a pad, and then he noticed the doctor standing in the corner. "I'm sorry sir, I didn't realize we had company, I should let you choose, are you eating with us?" he asked.

"I would be honored young man," Dr. Dansk said.

"Is there anything you prefer?" Callen asked using all his best manners that Sam had taught him.

"I'm good with anything you choose Callen."

Callen cocked his head at the man wondering for a second how he knew his name, but shrugged it off assuming that his dad had mentioned it.

Callen called the pizza place, put in the order, and handed the phone to Sam to make a credit card payment for the pizza.

"A…come on…" Callen called as he opened the back door to call the dog inside.

Buddy came bounding through the door and sat obediently beside Callen.

Callen looked for the dogs normal bowls and could not find them, "Dad…where's A's stuff, I can't find his bowls?"

Sam shrugged. "I dunno; use the spares for now ok son." He said handing Callen buddy's spare bowls and kibble.

Callen fed the dog and stood, "Can I watch TV please?" he asked his dad.

Sam shook his head; they were still covering the arrest at the Comescu mansion this morning on the news, and linking it to the death of Hetty Lange so TV and radio were out. Then he had a brainwave, "No…you promised Nell an essay remember?"

Both Nell and Callen looked at him confused.

"I did?" Callen looked stricken, "I'm sorry Nell, I completely forgot."

Nell looked at Sam like he had lost his mind…and then gave a fake laugh, "Me too, how about you write me something about Buddy…tell me what you like about having a friend like him." She said deliberately avoiding the word owner and sighing as Callen went off to his room to write.

"What the hell Sam?" she asked "I haven't taught Callen in 12 years."

"He doesn't know that and I had to keep him away from the TV and radio, Hetty and the Comescu shooting are all over it by now."

"Oh…" Nell said getting it.

"Mr. Hanna is right, we want his son to remember, but in his own time. Pushing is not the way to go." Dr. Dansk said. "When the young man is ready then he will remember what it is that right now he is hiding from."

Nell understood, and grinned at Sam, "I'm billing you for this." She grinned.

"I owe you an Oreo Milkshake?" he asked hopefully.

"Two." She grinned and Sam nodded in agreement.

In his room Callen was bored, he had written two pages, but could not think, so he walked over to the radio on the window ledge. Putting it on low so his dad would not hear it he started tapping his foot along with the music, until the station had its news slot.

He sat in stunned silence as he listened to the death of Billionaire Yoska Comescu and the death of Hetty Lange.

He walked out of his room tears streaming out of his eyes and into the kitchen, "Dad…" he croaked.

"Callen! What's wrong?" Sam asked crossing to his son.

"I….I put the radio on, gr…grandma's dead…they said she was dead! Is it true?" he asked sobbing into his dad's shoulder.

Sam nodded and walked to the couch with him. "Yeah…she died a few days ago."

Callen cried as Sam comforted him, "How…?" he asked.

"It doesn't matter now," Sam said, but Callen pushed him away angrily wiping his tears away.

"IT DOES MATTER!" He shouted as he climbed off the sofa, Buddy moving behind him to back up his master.

"Cal, you're not ready yet." Sam tried as he saw Gibbs' rental pull up.

"How can I not be ready I'm not a child!" Callen snapped.

Sam stood up, "I'm still your father Cal, and you need to calm down."

"I wanna see her body…I wanna know how she died." Callen insisted.

"She was killed, by someone and that person is dead now." Sam said as he watched the team exit the car. "You need to calm down."

"Who…who killed her."

"Yos…" Sam started as Gibbs opened the door and noticed instantly the tension between the two of them.

"Everything alright?" Gibbs asked.

Callen looked at him, "No…grandma died and Dad didn't tell me." Callen snapped.

"Cal?" Gibbs growled.

Callen looked sorry but did not say anything, "She was killed Gibbs, he won't tell me who did it."

"Did you think that maybe there was a reason?" Gibbs asked. "We just came from her grave, but if you want I can take you back."

Callen nodded, "Can I dad?" he asked.

"After food, it's just pulling up." Sam said and Callen turned and paled at the sight of the man on the sidewalk.

Gibbs was standing beside him and Cal grabbed Gibbs' gun from his holster and pointed it at Ray. "Gibbs….you gotta arrest him." Callen said

"Why Callen?" Gibbs asked as Ray stood there looking innocent.

"He works for Comescu….he's…..GOD…He's Mast...he's the hit man…I…" Callen stopped as Ray had already got his gun out and was pointing it at Callen.

"He doesn't know what he's saying, boy is traumatized." Ray said.

DiNozzo pulled his own gun and turned it on his teammate, "What did you call him?"

"Callen…I called him Callen." Ray retracted.

"Nope…you called him boy." He said as the pizza boy left the pizzas on the rental car and backed away slowly driving off as fast as he could.

"He's whacked out on drugs boss, he ain't got a clue what he's saying, you know me, I was in D.C. when Hetty died."

"He was boss you know that," Ellie reasoned.

"NO NOT GRANDMA… HE WAS HIRED TO KILL ALLIE!" Callen screamed. "She was kind to me…I help…helped her escape and he came to the master…he was paid to kill her."

DiNozzo turned and looked at Ray, "Drop your weapon Ray, if this is just Callen being confused we'll sort it out, if not, then you need to answer for your crimes."

"Boss?" Ray looked scared for a moment and he moved closer to the house.

"How do you know about the drugs?" Ellie asked pulling her own gun and pointing it at Ray. "I only just got a call from Eric to tell Sam about the test results, none of us knew he'd been drugged." She said.

"Dammit," Ray snapped, "Boy you always were trouble," He snarled at Callen pulling on his t-shirt and dragging him towards him as a shield.

Callen flipped him in one move and put his foot on Ray's chest, "Boy is dead Radu Comescu, you are under arrest for the murder of Allison Hart on the orders of your brother Yoska Comescu." He said aiming the gun at him.

Ellie and Tony moved into cuff him.

"You can't prove anything, as soon as the judge hears what you are…." Radu snapped.

"What I am is a federal agent, I may not have remembered everything, but I know who I am, I am Callen Hanna." As Tony touched him on the shoulder Callen moved away.

"Dad…?" he said.

Sam moved and wrapped his arms around his son, "It's all over son."

Callen shook his head, "Not yet…but soon…I promise soon…" he smirked as he noticed Gibbs picking the pizza boxes off the car, "So dad…Pizza?"

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