Blood Feud

Chapter 24

He walked in the house and sat next to the doctor who took out his kit to check him over, "I'm fine doc." Cal insisted brushing him away.

"I will still need to check the welts on your back." Dr. Dansk insisted.

"Can we eat first I'm starving." Callen asked and relaxed as the doctor nodded.

Gibbs came in and put the pizzas on the kitchen table.

"Ya dad has gone with DiNozzo to book Ray…Radu? Into custody." He said as Callen nodded.

"Yeah his name is Radu Comescu, he was Yoska's brother." Callen looked sad and grabbed a slice of pizza absently picking at the topping, "Ya know, Allie was nice…in her own way, she didn't know that he was a Comescu, she just liked him, she told me about Ray, she thought maybe they could have had a life together. She had no idea she was being used." He grabbed a soda Nell put down beside him and took a sip.

Gibbs sat and ate a slice as well wondering how much Callen was ready to hear.

"I had a call from Nate, his plane landed an hour ago and he's going to freshen up and then come over."

"Cool I haven't seen him in ages, but honestly Gibbs, I'm ok." Callen said looking away.

He ate another slice of pizza, "I really am gonna be fine Gibbs, I'll just get Nate to clear me and then I'll go back to work."

Gibbs sighed, "I was thinking of taking you back to D.C with me, I've built a new boat, and I thought you could help me sail it back to Los Angeles."

"Why? It'll be too far away for you to use." Callen said

Gibbs smiled, "That's ok, it's not for me, it's for you…maybe for me to stay on when I'm in town, but I know you liked sailing with Hetty, and The Jackson is not as big, but it is yours."

"Mine?" Callen looked dumbstruck.

Gibbs laughed, "That boat we've been building when you come over for vacations, that's it, it's finished, you worked for her son, she belongs to you as much as me, it was meant to be a 21st birthday present but we didn't get it finished in time."

"Really? God…Gibbs that's awesome!" Callen grinned.

"So you wanna come back with me, I know that Tony would be glad of the company on the flight back, someone to talk movies with,"

"I dunno, I'd have to see what Nate and Dad said, I'm still on my one year probation, I know he said that Director McGee still wants me to have a job, but…I don't want everyone to think that because Sam is my dad, I'm playing on it to get extra time off, I wanna be known to be there on my own merit."

"No one thinks you're using your dad to get a spot on the team," Gibbs replied as the door opened and Tony, Ellie and Sam walked in.

"He all squared away?" Gibbs asked, not referring to Ray or Radu by name.

"Yeah…God Boss, how did I never notice how much of a pain in the ass he was." Tony sighed as he opened the pizza boxes looking for... "Ahh Callen, you are a legend. Sausage, cheese and pepperoni, a God amongst men you are," he grinned taking two slices and inhaling the first one.

He sat heavily on the chair next to Callen and grabbed a soda, "I so need this." He sighed.

Gibbs grinned, "Hey Cal, you thought about maybe transferring to D.C. I hear DiNozzo has a spot on his team."

Callen screwed up his face, "No…sorry Tony, but I like Los Angeles, D.C. is too cold. Besides Buddy likes the beach too much."

Tony gave an exaggerated sigh, "Back to Probie hunting I suppose, it's not fair Sam you get all best agents."

"HEY!" Ellie said punching him in the arm with a grin.

Callen laughed as Sam closed his phone, got a plate and sat beside his son. "You save me some?" he asked

Callen nodded and handed his dad a plate of plain cheese pizza with jalapenos.

Sam smiled as he took it and took a bite, as he swallowed he turned to Callen, "Nate's heading over soon."

Callen nodded, "I don't have to tell him everything today do I?" he asked.

"No you can talk to him later if you want."

Callen shifted uncomfortably and put his food down; he wanted to ask his dad something but he didn't want to seem whiney.

"What?" Sam asked looking at his son.

"Why did you take so long, were you looking for me?" Callen asked.

Sam looked over at his son, he had known this was coming, but so fast?

"We looked for you from the moment you went with him." Sam said.

"Nell used over watch; I should have been easy to find." Callen argued, "That was the plan, you track me get me out and arrest him… what went wrong?" Callen asked looking at Sam.

Sam put his beer down, "Well for a start, you didn't tell me the plan, so I had gone to the safe house where I had assumed you were until I realized that you weren't there, and then…we found you but we couldn't get to you, I had people watching you from the next morning. Gibbs and Renko were on the ridge watching until they found…" Sam stopped as Callen paled and ran from the room.

Gibbs stood up, "I need to talk to him Sam, and he'll be fine." He said and walked off as Nate walked in and started talking with the doctor.

Gibbs walked in the general direction that Callen had taken off in the house and soon heard him in the bathroom relieving his stomach of their earlier meal.

"Cal?" Gibbs said knocking at the door.

He waited as the toilet flushed and the faucet ran.

Callen opened the door and walked past Gibbs to his room and sat on the bed. Pulling his knees up he looked out of the window listening as Gibbs closed the door behind them.

"I guess going to D.C. is out now." He said still not focusing on the older man, "Maybe McGee could transfer me to Siberia. Renko is never gonna wanna work with me." He said in a resigned tone.

"Renko didn't see anything, He just saw you on the leash with Yoska by the pool." Gibbs said softly.

Callen let a tear go but still didn't look at his friend, "But you saw…what I did…what he did…?"

"I did." Gibbs said his tone neutral, "You had that collar on, and you couldn't help it."

"But you didn't know that at the time…did you? DID YOU!" Callen turned and yelled at Gibbs.

Gibbs sat back and sighed.

"So…I take it now you don't wanna be around the fag…you gonna let me lose it again like that cop did, or do you want me to suck you off!" Callen snapped.

He winced as Gibbs slapped him around the back of the head.

"Don't ever say that." Gibbs said, "You are a good kid and a great federal agent, more than that you are my godson, I don't think any less of you for what that animal made you do either now or in the past."

"I thought I could put it behind me but I can't, Renko….didn't see anything?" Callen asked

"No I wouldn't do that to you."

Callen slumped against the wall, "I thought that dad wasn't coming, I thought that what Yoska said was true, I couldn't think clearly and everything was fuzzy all I knew was I wanted out and Sam wasn't there, this time he didn't save me."

He wiped his hands down his face, "I am a trained agent, I shouldn't have relied on Sam, but I tried to get myself out, but I just couldn't think straight. I tried so hard Gibbs, I tried to fight it, but his pull was so strong, he took the pain away…he made it better."

"He drugged you, it was sent to the lab, Nell had Eric check and Eric called Ellie, and it was Rohypnol."

"The date rape drug?" Callen asked his stomach starting to rebel again.

Gibbs nodded, "The only people who know what happened at the poolside are you and me Cal, and I'm not telling anyone, Still want you to help me sail the Jackson up to Los Angeles though."

Callen smiled, "Really?"

"Listen, I'll talk to Tony, maybe he and Ellie can fly back early, Director McGee wants to see you anyway so maybe we can take a later flight up, I can get a motel room, I think you should talk to Nate tonight, before we go…take some time kid even Sam thinks you need to take a break,"

"Why? I can do my job?" Callen argued.

"You've been through a lot these past few days, Director McGee has authorized what you need to recover, about a month I think," Gibbs told him.

Callen knew from past experience that arguing with Gibbs would be useless, especially as he was actually right.

"I will talk to Nate…I don't blame dad, but…" Callen sighed, "I wish he had found me earlier…Gibbs?" he turned to look at the older man, "Did I do the right thing, killing Yoska?"

"Do you think you did?"

"I don't know…I mean for years he was all I knew, he was my everything, then the trainer…my father, Nikita…" he paused and gulped, "Nikita pushed me off the boat and I found grandma and dad…they taught me so much, they taught me what life should be like and what I should and could be…"He allowed himself a few tears as he thought about his grandmother, "she would have lived longer if I hadn't come into their lives."

Gibbs nodded, "She would, that's true." He stopped watching the grief that crossed his godson's face. "But she would not have been as happy as she was when you came into her life."


"You came into her life just as your sister left it, her death left a huge hole in both your dad's and Hetty's lives. Focusing on you, helping you learn English and becoming a normal kid, that helped them, you gave them purpose. You are a force for good Callen Hanna and don't you forget it. You used that force and rid the world of the evil that is Yoska Comescu and with it the past that you were both attached by. Work with Nate, even better if he says' yes we'll bring him with us, you can both work on the boat on the way home." Gibbs said, smiling both at the idea and the thought that Tony would probably faint if he heard him talking so much.

"That's great…do you think Nate will go for it…and dad…and…" Callen stopped with a lopsided grin, he looked at that point a lot younger than his years, "I have to see if Dad will look after Buddy!" he jumped up and wrapped his arms around Gibbs shoulders. "Thanks Gibbs." He said and ran out of the room and smack bang into Nate.

"Gibbs wants you, he's had an idea." He grinned and ran out to clear the time and the trip with his dad.

Nate walked in and looked at Gibbs, "So it went well then?" he asked.

Gibbs nodded, "Good idea that," He admitted, "Sam's smart sometimes."

Nate laughed, "He knows what's good for his kid even then Callen doesn't know what's good for him."

Within 24 hours Callen, bag packed, was at the airport with Nate, Gibbs, Tony and Ellie and getting ready to board a plane to D.C.

Sam and Nell stood at the departure gate and hugged Callen goodbye, "We'll see you in a month son, ready to go back to work." Callen nodded, "I am going to see Director McGee and then I promise I'll work with Nate on the boat on the way home."

"You do everything Nate tells you; he has your best interests at heart Callen." Nell said giving him a hug, "You get better and come home to us."

Callen smiled, "Yes Nell." He turned to his dad, "You'll look after Buddy for me won't you?"

Sam nodded, "I'll take him to work with me and he's going to stay with me at night, although he will spend weekends with Kensi, Deeks and the kids, they are thinking of getting a puppy for the kids,"

Callen laughed, "That's fine, and kids should have a dog."

"We'll see." Sam said, "You work hard and give my best to Director McGee."

The tannoy called their flight and with one last hug Callen turned with the others and headed to the departure gate with the team, he waited as they put their guns and badges through security and went on with them.

Callen sighed as he took his seat, "I can't wait to get my gun and badge back, I can't believe my dad had to send them all the way to D.C. to director McGee."

Gibbs smiled supportively, "It was his way of making sure you turned up I suppose." He said.

"I suppose, I hope I get reinstated," Callen said doing up his seat-belt, "I really love my job."

"Good." Gibbs said as he leant back and closed his eyes, he figured he'd get some sleep on the flight home.

Callen decided to join him, there was no way that Nate would try and do his therapy thing in the air, so he figured the calm before the storm, might as well make the most of it, as he knew the next month would be hard work.

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