Blood Feud

Chapter 6

The week pasted uneventfully, G worked hard with Nell on improving his English. He spent every moment he was not with her practicing his letters and the words she had taught him. G had settled somewhat apprehensively into his new role, Hetty and Sam were relaxing as he was more accepting to the fact that he did not have to do everything and that he was no longer a slave.

He did miss his master still, but he liked the new people he had met, they gave him a feeling of warmth and they so far had not lifted a hand to punish him, as his master did on occasion.

Nell looked up as Hetty walked in the door with two men. Nell recognized one of the men as Director Vance, but even she didn't know the other man.

"Miss Jones." Vance said by way of greeting.

"Director Vance, Sir…" Nell started.

G stiffened at the word Sir, he knew Sir meant a master and this man seemed to be in authority, even Hetty seemed to defer to him as they entered the room.

He dropped his pencil and sat straight his eyes at the floor in submission, he wanted to drop to his knees but both Hetty and Sam had said that was wrong and that he should not do that anymore.

He shook slightly as Vance walked over and stood in front of him, "Is this the boy, Henrietta?" he asked.

Hetty moved to reassure G, but as Vance put a hand on his shoulder, he jumped and dropped to his knees.

"What the hell?" Vance said shocked.

"It's alright G, this is my boss from work Director Vance, and Tobias Fornell from the FBI in Washington, they have just come to meet you and talk to you." Hetty said in Romani to calm him down.

G lifted his head slightly to look for permission to rise and Hetty nodded.

"As you can see Leon, the boy is traumatized." Hetty watched as Nell walked over to G and guided him gently back to the table they had been working on.

"You should have turned him over to the authorities as soon as you found him." Fornell said, "We could still charge you for kidnapping, his stepfather put in a missing person's report the day he disappeared."

"I put my report in, he wasn't kidnapped, he turned up in the boatshed on the day of my wife's funeral. He asked for Hetty by name and handed her a letter."

"Do you have proof of that?" Fornell asked.

"I'm sure Eric will get you the proof from the camera's in the boat shed." Hetty said, "I assume G's word would not be enough for you."

"How on earth am I supposed to understand him from what you said he doesn't speak English?" Fornell snapped.

G looked up he was not sure what was going on but he knew that the two men were angry with Hetty and somehow it was his fault.

Nell had kept a steadying hand on his arm, but he shook her off and even though he was shaking he stood up and walked towards the men, "I English speak." He said. He turned to Hetty, "Tell them I can speak English if it means they won't hurt you."

"What did he say?" Tobias said, He looked apologetically at the boy who shuddered at the tone of his voice.

"He said, Agent Fornell; that I was to tell you that he can speak English if it meant you would not hurt me." Hetty said with pride in her voice at G's selfless act.

"Does he understand enough for us to ask him some questions?" Vance asked.

Hetty nodded, "I will translate if you wish if he gets stuck."

Fornell did not look happy but he nodded anyway.

"G, This man is FBI Agent Tobias Fornell, he wants you to tell him as best as you can in English, how you came to be here," Hetty said in Romani.

She gestured for G to sit on the couch, he did, looking intently at his hands, and trying to make sure the words he used were the right ones.

"I come with my…Master to America…we see died…Amy Callen died?" He stopped and asked Hetty if that was right, the words he was using to convey what he wanted to say.

"He came with his master to attend a funeral…Amy's." She confirmed.

"Master Comescu…he…go…I stay…I bad…I must go…I swim far with letter and good words…" G said.

"Good words?" Tobias asked.

G smiled at this, these words he knew. "Hetty Lange Help me please." He said. "Good words… I learn from Sir. Not forget words ever."

Tobias nodded.

G shrugged, "Hetty help me…I stay here…she…and Sam…Fa…family?" he looked as he stumbled over the last word.

Hetty smiled her eyes tearing up.

Vance felt for the boy, thinking of his own son. But he still had to tell Hetty the reason that Fornell had been involved.

"We had a report that the boy had been kidnapped, there is a man claiming to be his stepfather and he is insisting that the boy be returned to him."

"Who?" Hetty asked worried as a knot formed in her gut.

"Yoska Comescu." Fornell said.

"Master?!" G looked around.

Fornell scowled at the look on the boys' face.

"Master?... What the hell?"

"Master here?" G asked looking towards the door, on one hand he really wanted to see him, to go back to what was familiar to him, but he also didn't want to leave Sam and Hetty.

"Is he?" Hetty asked.

Fornell nodded, "He is outside, and he had been given the address of where his son was and insisted on accompanying us."

"Who gave him this address?" Hetty asked already planning to move to another house.

"He didn't say, Yoska Comescu is rich, I assume he hired a private detective." Fornell said.

"You do realize he kept this boy from birth as a slave." Hetty said getting angry her voice even and low.

"Do you have proof?" Fornell asked.

"His mother's word. I have the letter that G told you about." Hetty stood up and walked to her office as G walked to the window.

He saw Yoska sitting in the car and started to shake, he shouldn't be here, and if the master saw him in these…clothes he would punish him. He felt like he had betrayed him because he had been disobeying him by learning to read and write.

"G?" Nell said as Hetty walked back in, "Are you alright?"

He started pulling frantically at his clothes trying to get them off.

"What is he doing?" Vance asked.

"M…Master…" G was sobbing. He didn't know what he needed to do but he needed to try and do the right thing.

Hetty went to hold him and he wriggled out of his grip and ran to the door kicking off his sneakers and throwing his t-shirt to the ground, he threw open the door and ran across the gravel. Throwing himself to the floor as Yoska got out of the car.

"G?" He said.

"Master…I'm sorry…please, don't kill me." G begged lying prostrate on the floor.

Yoska bit back a smile, but bent down to see him. He ran his hand through his boy's hair as Hetty turned to Tobias.

"Get him away from G, he thinks Yoska is going to kill him, this is not the way a parent acts." Hetty argued.

"You stole my boy!" Yoska snapped at him.

"Master do you not want me anymore?" G asked.

Yoska bent down and stood G up holding him tight, "You will pay for leaving me, but I missed you and you belong to me, you are my slave I will hear you scream for me again." He whispered in the boys' ear.

G looked over at Hetty, she looked sad and worried. Yoska…G could see the fury in his eyes and the hand on his arm was hurting, he twisted uncomfortably and Tobias saw it.

"Let the boy go sir." Fornell said.

"My slave." Yoska said again, "Remember that these people will pay for keeping you."

G pulled himself away and scrambled towards Hetty, hurt and confused. "NO!" he said "I no slave…Hetty say I kid…No…slave…No…yours…No kill Hetty!" he sobbed as he moved towards her.

Tobias and Vance moved in-between the man and the boy as Sam pulled up in his charger.

"SAM!" G yelled.

Sam jumped out of the car seeing a nearly naked G lying on the floor, pieces of the gravel were cutting into his skin and he was practically hysterical.

"What the hell is going on?"

"That is his master." Hetty said pointing at Yoska.

"Aw hell no." Sam drew his gun, "You can get the hell off this property."

"The boy is mine, he is legally mine." Yoska insisted, "You have no right to keep me from the child."

Sam pulled an envelope out of his back pocket, "I have a court order here, granting me temporary custody of G. Callen." He said handing the paperwork to Vance, "He's staying here; I'm applying to adopt him."

Tobias looked at the paperwork and turned to Yoska, "This is all in order and right now I'm not sure you are the best person to be looking after the boy, here in America we have due process, and I suggest that you find yourself a lawyer and fight this in court."

Yoska looked furious and G shook harder.

"I will leave and I will get a lawyer and you boy will be mine again." He walked towards the car and turned back to look at G.

"It will not get to court, they will be dead before we get that far…you are my slave and you will pay for this, you will be as dead as your parents and you will scream for me again." Yoska got into the car and he peeled out of the driveway as G knelt down on his hands and knees and vomited over the gravel.

Sam moved to his knees beside him and pulled the shaking boy into his arms.

"Shhh….it's gonna be ok G, I've got ya you're safe." He said repeatedly while rubbing the sobbing boy's back.

He shot Hetty a look of anger and concern.

Hetty turned to Vance, "He can't go back to him," she stated.

Vance and Fornell nodded. "Agreed," they both said.

"Let's get back inside." Hetty said and stood aside as Sam picked G up and carried him in.

Nell moved over as Sam lay G down on the couch and she covered him with a blanket. "Sleep G…" she said stroking his forehead.

Soon the adrenaline wore off and G, still weeping and sniffling fell asleep.

Finally Sam left his side and walked into the kitchen where Tobias, Vance, Hetty and Nell sat around the table and were looking at the court order Sam had handed them earlier.

"I called the Los Angeles field office, I'm putting a tail on Comescu, and I saw enough to convince me that he's definitely got some sort of Master/Slave dynamic going on here. Do you think we could get the boy to testify against him?" Tobias asked.

"No…you're not putting him through that." Sam said, "You saw what happened just now…"

Tobias stood up, "Agent Hanna, I'm not saying right now, but you can't let him get away with this, this is according to the letter that your mother in law handed me, the man who killed your wife and the boy's biological mother."

Sam sighed; he knew that eventually he might have to let G talk to them.

"Help me…help me build a case so G can stay away from that man, Help me to give him the kind of life that he deserves to have and if he is ready and willing I'll allow him to testify, if you can build a strong enough case."

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