Blood Feud

Chapter 7

Sam took G upstairs and lay him down on the bed; he had sobbed himself to sleep.

Walking back down the stairs he stormed into the room where Vance and Tobias were waiting.

"What the hell….You brought that guy here and put G in danger?" Sam stormed.

Vance stood between Sam and Tobias.

"Agent Hanna, Agent Fornell had a legitimate complaint they a child had been kidnapped, you expect him to act any other way?"

Hetty walked over and put a hand on Sam's arm. "Calm down, G is safe."

"Director, you saw his reaction, he was terrified of him."

"He ran to Mr. Comescu, Agent Hanna…I saw that." Vance had hated the way the boy had acted but he couldn't deny what he had seen.

"G has bruises on his arm now where Comescu gripped him, he didn't have them this morning. He just sobbed himself to sleep and you heard him, he was afraid for Hetty's life." Sam argued. "He is in my care right now, and if I have my way I will be adopting him. It's what his sister would have wanted."

"You're sure he is your late wife's brother?" Fornell asked.

Hetty looked at Vance, "I had Ms Sciuto run the DNA you sent me, there is enough of a familial match to show that they had one parent in common, seeing as we know that Owen Granger hasn't been to Romania since he picked up Amy Callen from the beach, we have to assume that they have the same mother. The other part of his DNA matched a body taken from Yoska Comescu's yacht, a deck-hand, Nikita Reznikov."

"So…His father was on the yacht and Comescu had been married to his mother?" Tobias asked.

Hetty finally handed over the letter, "According to his mother, she was taken from the beach in 1974 by Yoska Comescu and she was held by him as a captive, she miscarried or bore a number of children all of whom were killed and G was the seventh child Clara had bore."

Tobias read the letter, "I will need this as evidence, we have people following Comescu, I believe you when you say he's involved in the slave trade, we have a few other people who have corroborated what you have told us about him. But eventually we may need to have the boy testify."

"He can't do it, not right now, He needs help. Nell is teaching him English and to read and write, I called Nate, he's going to come and talk to G as soon as his English is good enough."

"Nate?" Tobias asked.

"Nate Getz, he is our Operational Psychologist." Hetty said.

"How long do you think it will be before the boy…"

"G, his name is G." Sam interjected.

"Sorry, G…" Tobias sighed, "How long do you think it will be before G is able to talk?"

Sam shook his head, "I don't know, He's been through a lot."

Nell walked in and handed them all a drink, "G has been learning English for a week, he can already get out most of what he wants to say, this does not mean he is a genius, but he already knows two languages and it's well known that children who know more than one language find it easier to pick up more. But learning the language and being able to express the horrors he's been through with it may not be as simple as you think."

"I don't understand?" Fornell asked the smaller woman.

"Everything we think of as abuse and a horror that has happened to him, he feels is normal. While we've been working together sometimes he's mentioned things that he shouldn't know or have made me want to cry, to him its normal."

"I don't understand?" Fornell said again and this time the others looked at her in agreement.

Nell sighed.

"We were talking this morning and G asked me if Sam loved him."

Vance nodded, "He just needed reinforcing…children need to know that."

Nell shook her head and wiped a tear that leaked from the corner of her eye, "No…you don't understand that's not how he asked me, he asked me why Sam hadn't had sex with him yet, he wanted to know if he had done something to make him mad and did it mean that Sam didn't love him."

All the adults paled…Sam gulped, "Really?"

"He is confused, he thinks that because no one has…molested him, that he is in the wrong."

Sam looked at Vance and Fornell, "If I have to leave NCIS to make sure that G gets the kind of childhood he deserves I will, but I am hoping that I don't have to."

Leon sighed, "We will do all we can to help."

"There is another matter…" Hetty said looking at the men.

"What?" Vance asked.

"I have three homes, I regularly change addresses, no one apart from my team know where I live for security, if someone follows me the security of the office of special project is compromised," Hetty said waiting as they started to understand. "Someone told Yoska Comescu that G. Callen was here. To keep him safe we are going to have to move."

"Do you believe OSP has been compromised?" Vance asked.

Hetty sighed, "I don't know, we may need to move the office."

Vance nodded, "I had been thinking about a new location since the Blackbird Case, I have found an old water administration building that we have been retrofitting, we can arrange a move to that location within the month, it will give you time to find another property."

"We will go to my home tonight." Sam said, "It isn't as secure as some of Hetty's homes but no one knows where it is, I know it hasn't been compromised."

Hetty nodded, "I will pack some things." She said and stood up, "Director Vance I suggest you put OSP on stand down for now, Ms Blye and Mr. Deeks can work on helping Mr. Beale with the move to the new site, I need Miss Jones, if she is willing to help Mr. Callen with his education and we will have Mr. Getz work with him as soon as possible."

Tobias coughed, "This is all very well, but we can't keep Yoska in the US indefinitely, and if we are going to find his US contact we will need to question G. Callen within the month, my boss isn't going to let me wait any longer than that."

"Fine, but give us the month, let us have the time we need." Sam asked.

Vance nodded, "As of now OSP is on stand down, keep me appraised of your whereabouts and we will see you in a month."

G woke a few hours later to see Sam packing a bag. He pretended he was still asleep as he watched all the clothes Sam had brought pushed into a bag.

He held himself still awaiting the beating he was going to get for running out to his old master and disobeying the new one.

Sam walked over to gently wake G up, "G?" he touched him on the shoulder and G flinched.

He scrambled off the bed and got on his knees his head down awaiting the beating he was expecting.

"Hey kid its ok, it's just we have to go now, I didn't want to wake you so I packed for you."

"I go to new master?" G asked.

Sam shook his head, "See this paper?" he pulled the envelope from his pocket.

G nodded looking at the neatly printed words on the paper, he didn't understand them though.

"This paper says that you get to stay with me…like a family." Sam said sitting on the bed next to the boy.

"Master?" G asked.

Sam shook his head, he didn't want to overstep his bounds or put what he fervently hoped wasn't false hope in the boy, but he didn't know how else to explain it with his limited vocabulary.

"Father." He said.

G knew that word; his trainer had used it a few times. A father was someone who did everything they could to keep someone safe. A man who didn't hurt him like his master had, fathers didn't do that. He remembered the stories his trainer had told him about what boy's who grew up with their father's were like…he had always wanted that.

"Sam…Father…G…Safe?" he asked.

Sam nodded.

For the first time G moved to the man and hugged him, not in an inappropriate way as he had tried to do a few times since being found, but like a son with a father.

G smiled, "Father…mine." He said with total conviction.

For the first time since Amy had died, Sam felt that his world looked a little better.

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