Blood Feud

Chapter 8

Sam walked back downstairs carrying G's bag. G followed behind still smiling.

Hetty looked up, she noticed something between the pair of them had changed but didn't know what.

G looked more relaxed as Sam placed both his and G's bags by the door.

"I've got Gs schoolwork and I'll take it with me tonight." Nell said holding the pile of book.

Sam nodded, "Thanks I'll see you at my house tomorrow."

Nell nodded and headed for the door, "Bye G, see you tomorrow." She said.

G smiled "Bye Nell." He said as he had every night when she had left.

He looked around and noticed a pile of stuff by the door. "We go soon?" he asked.

Sam nodded, "Sure kiddo, you ok about this?" he asked.

G looked at him, "You still come…you still father?" he asked.

Sam smiled "Yes G I'm still coming, we are going to my house."

"Hetty come?" G asked.

Hetty put a few bags down and nodded. "Yes I am coming too."

Sam started taking the bags out to the car as Hetty helped G put his shoes and coat on. Even after all the practicing he had been doing while the others were asleep, G still hadn't got the knack of tying his shoelaces down pat yet.

Fornell was sat outside in the car as Sam walked to the trunk to put the bags in. Sam slammed the trunk shut and walked over to him, "Why are you still here?" he asked.

Fornell climbed out of the car, "I just want to make sure that you get to your house safely and Director Vance asked me to make sure you all weren't followed."

"Ok, but you stay close…" Sam warned, "If anything happens to them." He couldn't finish the sentiment although Fornell understood what he meant and for a second there wondered if Sam was in anyway related to Agent Gibbs in Washington.

Hetty lead the way out of the house with Sam and G walking beside her as they got to the car.

Sam made sure everyone was settled and looked around to see if anyone was watching them.

The street was clear apart from a gardener down the road who was mowing a lawn and paying no attention to them whatsoever.

He drove off with the blue agency car following close behind.

As they drove past the man with the lawnmower he looked up and then looked away and Sam gave a sigh of relief. However as soon as the cars drove around the corner, the gardener dropped the handle of the lawnmower and picked up his cell phone as he turned to walk away, stepping around the body of the real gardener that was hidden behind the hedge.

G looked in awe at the house they pulled up to, it was small, a lot smaller than Hetty's home and smaller than the masters home where he had grown up. He assumed it was maybe a gate house and that the real house was behind it.

Sam got out of the car and opened the door for G who looked around at the well kept lawn and the children playing further down the block.

"Come on in." Sam called as he took his and Hetty's bags from the trunk and handing G his bag.

G followed him expecting to go around the house and kept looking to see what was behind it.

Sam opened the door to his house and they went in, Sam looking back and sending a grateful nod to Fornell as he drove off.

The door opened right into the living room, there was no hallway and Hetty moved to sit on the well worn but comfortable couch.

"This is my home…and hopefully your home too G."

"My…Home?" G asked.

Sam nodded and G looked around, there was a large TV and armchairs and a couch, a wooden coffee table and various pictures on the walls.

G walked towards the pictures, he noticed a woman in them with Sam, and she looked familiar to him.

He remembered when he was small; he had seen pictures of a woman, his mother. His trainer had shown him, she was with the angels.

He reached out to touch the picture and then turned to look at Sam confused as both he and Hetty watched him.

"Mother?" he asked.

Hetty shook her head, "No that's not your mother." She told him.

He shook his head upset, he knew the woman in that photo, and it had been years since he'd seen it but he wasn't wrong. "Mother!" he insisted.

"No…that's my daughter, Amy…" Hetty started.

G grabbed the photo from the wall and pointed to the woman, so they understood, "No….Mother…Clara…mine…" he insisted.

She looked happy in the picture, had she left him with the master and gone away on purpose, had she not wanted him? Was she here?

He dropped the picture and started looking around the house, there was evidence that a woman lived here and it had to be the woman in the picture. The hair was a different color but the face was the same. That was his mother, he knew it.

"Mother!" he called, maybe she was hiding and would come to hold him like Sam had, Sam said he was going to be his father, was this why?

He ran out of rooms and opened the last door, which lead to a small enclosed back yard. He sank to his knees and sobbed, he had been wrong, her things were here but she must have known he was coming and left. If she had been with Sam, maybe Sam would blame him for her leaving and now wouldn't want to be his father. Maybe he would send him back to Yoska Comescu.

Hetty and Sam walked outside, Sam holding the picture of Amy.

G saw it and moved away from him, scared.

Sam crouched down, "G…it's ok, we need to explain." He said as Hetty translated.

"This is my wife, but she is not your mother, she was your sister, Amy." He said.

G blinked he didn't know what a sister was.

"Not…Mother?" he tried in English.

"No, G, but you had the same mother a long time ago." Sam said. He waited as Hetty translated.

G realized that this was the woman who had died, the reason Yoska came to America. "Sam still father?" he asked.

Sam nodded and pulled the boy into a hug, "Yes…Sam still father." He sighed with relief.

They walked back into the house and Sam went to show G the spare room as Hetty got settled into the room she used when she had come to stay with them in the past.

"Gs room." Sam said as he put the bag down on the bed.

G looked around, it was a nice room, a bright yellow color, and the bed had a nice blanket on it. He sat on the bed and smiled so he could let Sam know he liked the room.

Sam looked around, "This room is missing something," he said

G looked he saw a bed, a chair a desk a light…he couldn't see anything missing.

"You need a buddy," Sam decided.

G looked confused, "A buddy?" he said sounding out the unfamiliar words.

Sam nodded "A buddy." He turned to the door, "Hetty?!" he called.

She walked in with a smile on her face holding a small box which she put on the ground.

"This is for you G, from both myself and Sam, a buddy for you."

G looked at the box, "What is it?" he asked her.

"Go and look inside." She said as he walked over to the box.

He knelt down and jumped as the box moved, he opened the lid carefully and a white bundle of fur jumped out.

G jumped back as sat staring at it.

"What….it?" he asked.

"It's a puppy G." Sam told him.

"Poopy?" G tried saying and Sam gave a small laugh.

"No…Puppy." Sam squatted down and called it, "Here boy!" he called and the puppy falling over its feet trotted towards him and licked his hand.

G reached out his hand and touched the dog.

"Eep." He said as the dog turned around and licked him. He smiled as the dogs tongue tickled him.

"What do you want to call him?" Sam asked.

G looked confused, "Call heem?" he asked.

"What will you give the dog for a name?" Hetty clarified for him.

"Does he not have one already?" G asked.

"No when you get a pet the owner usually gives it a name, he's your dog, you are his master you name him." Hetty explained.

G jumped back and shook his head, "No…No…master….NO….!" he didn't want to be a master and hurt the small animal.

Sam grabbed the puppy as it darted away from the scared boy; He crouched down to G, "Not a master, a friend, a buddy for you."

"A buddy…Friend like Sam…friend like Nell?" he asked.

Sam nodded, "Friend…you have to give him a name…" he pointed to himself, "Sam…" then he pointed to Hetty, "Hetty…" then to G, "G…and …?" he pointed to the dog.

"A buddy." G said.

"Buddy?" Sam asked.

G shook his head; he pointed to the dog, "A. Buddy…. G. Callen." He said smiling as the dog wagged its tail and barked happily.

Sam shrugged, "Ok, A…G…Come on then, let's get some food."

Sam showed G where the dog kibble was and G gave the dog some food and water. He walked over and put it on the mat that Sam showed him.

Hetty went to work in the kitchen creating something for them to eat and Sam sat at the table with G.

"Buddy will sleep with you and you have to walk and feed him." He said.

G kind of understood what Sam was saying he had to look after the animal, like his trainer looked after him.

He didn't want to do all the things his trainer had done, but he remembered when he was very small, his trainer had been kind to him, he had fed him and taught him to walk and how to toilet properly, he assumed that he had to do this with the animal.

"I…train…like…Nikita…train me?" he asked.

Sam shot Hetty a look, they hadn't realized that the deck hand was in actual fact the man who had trained G. Sam's gut lurched, how could that man have done that to his own son?

"You teach A. right, to walk safely and to be a good dog." Sam said. He would go with G for a while until the boy got the hang of it and the responsibility he was giving him. He hoped it would be good for the pair of them.

G nodded, "I teach good, be like Nikita." He smiled.

Hetty handed G a glass of milk. "Can you tell us about Nikita?" she asked in English, preferring now as he learned to use it more often.

"Nikita kind, he…" G searched for the word but couldn't find the one he was looking for. He looked over at Hetty, "What is the word for helped me to grow up like Sam is…being…like a father, but not a father?"

"He raised him, Sam." Hetty supplied.

"Yes…Yes….raised….told G he was special…told G he was like son….Told G all about good father." He said.

Sam smiled, it was obvious the boy had no idea and he wasn't sure if now was a good time to tell him, so he didn't. "Yes G you will be good for A. Buddy, like Nikita was for G. Callen." He said.

He handed G a ball and G looked at it confused. "It's a ball G, you and A. Play with it."

"Play?" he asked.

Sam stood up and walked to the back yard, "Come on." He grinned and opened the door; the puppy knowing what was to happened ran between his legs and G followed after his new friend.

G watched as Sam walked out into the yard and threw the ball, the puppy yapped in excitement and ran after the ball, he grabbed it in his mouth and brought it back, dropping the ball at Sam's feet.

"G? You wanna throw the ball?" Sam asked.

"G…Throw ball?" G asked not sure what he was to do.

Sam beckoned him over and stood behind him; he wrapped an arm around G's shoulder and placed the ball in his hand. He pulled it back a little bit and helped him throw the ball.

G broke into a huge smile, "G throw ball!" he exclaimed and picked it up again as the puppy dropped it at his feet.

Sam nodded stepping back as the kid did it again.

He turned to walk over to Hetty and stopped as a new sound filled the air, G's unrestrained laughter as the dog ran again and again after the ball.

"Beautiful isn't it." Hetty said quietly.

"It is…" Sam agreed, "And hopefully it will not be a rare sound around here."

He watched as G laughed and brushed his hair out of his eyes.

"I think that after he's settled down with the dog and gotten used to being here, we are going to have to get his hair cut." Sam said.

Hetty nodded, "I do not envy you Mr. Hanna." She gave a small smirk as she turned to finish off the meal, thinking that it would definitely be most interesting to watch.

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