Blood Feud

Chapter 9

Yoska sat in the small room staring at the mirror in front of him, his face like stone. The older man was showing him pictures that they had taken from his yacht when they had raided it and he was trying to get him to look at them.

"We have the proof, you just need to tell us who else you know that is involved with child trafficking," Fornell snapped as he put a picture of 'missy' her blue eyes filled with tears and sad face staring up as him on the table.

Yoska looked at it impassively, he felt nothing for the girl, she hadn't even been his.

Fornell wanted to puke, the child in the picture was the same age as his daughter had been when he'd divorced his wife, for a second he imagined those to be Emily's eyes and he slammed his hand down on the table.

"Look at it." He ordered, "You destroyed that child." He accused him.

Yoska sighed, he hadn't destroyed that child, "She was nothing to me, I did not touch her." He said his voice bored.

Fornell flipped the file page after page of sad, scared and emotionally blank children, his stomach churning with each face.

"These are your pictures they were found on your yacht…why are they there then?" he asked.

Yoska leaned back, he had no interest in merchandise, there was only one he wanted.

Fornell reached into the box, he brought out a smaller album, at this Yoska paid attention, the stupid FBI man should not have been able to find this…He pulled out video's and DVD's as well, Fornell smiled at the brief flicker of discomfort that crossed Yoska's face. He knew he had been lucky to find this in the hidden safe, to be honest, if it were not for the letter left under the bunk in Nikita Reznikov's quarters, they wouldn't have found half of this and Yoska Comescu and his accomplices would have gotten away scot free.

Fornell went to open the album and Yoska slammed his hand down on the red leather book.

"No…that is mine you have no right." He snapped.

Fornell suppressed a smile, "Family album?" he asked. To be honest they had only just gotten this box of stuff and he hadn't had a chance to look at it yet, the Agent that had brought it to him had just said that he'd found it where the letter had said it would be.

Fornell grabbed a DVD and handed it to the tech guy sitting in the corner, who placed it in the DVD player and waited as Fornell turned his attention to Yoska, "So happy family memories?" he asked.

Yoska gave a half smile, "Kind of…" he admitted.

Fornell jumped as a wailing sob, broke from the television. He looked up to see a woman in chains on a bed. She was obviously in labor and had no medical equipment around…. He watched as a man with a knife came in standing in the corner, he was crying a few silent tears.

"Help me please!" the woman begged.

The man shook his head, "I cannot the master forbids it." He said in broken English.

She screamed as another contraction ripped through her, "Master please…." She begged to a figure off Camera.

"You are a Callen…you will die….This child is mine…and you will die knowing it will spend it's whole life calling me Master." Yoska's voice came off camera.

She screamed again as she tried moving to push out the child.

There was a spurt of blood as the perineum tore as the child was born, the baby let out a cry as the woman tried to reach for her child. "Please….let me see…."

Nikita picked up the child, "He's a boy…Clara…G's a boy…" he said softly his voice just being caught by the tape.

"G…my son…I…." she trailed off as she lapsed into unconsciousness and died.

Fornell looked at the smile on Yoska's face.

"You find this funny?" he asked.

Yoska's smile widened, "The death of a Callen is always a good thing….the birth of one…not so much."

Fornell suddenly realized what he had just watched, the kid that was staying with Agent Hanna. That was his birth and his mother's death.

He stood up and turned to the tech, "Interview suspended 07.49… Get someone to take him to holding and feed him." He said walking out the door.

G woke up with A. licking his face and he laughed, "OK…A. we will get you breakfast." He said in English, although when he was tired or upset he would lapse into Romanian or Russian when speaking to the puppy he had promised Sam, Hetty and Nell he would when he remembered speak English to the animal, it was practice for them both.

He pulled on his jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. He shoved his long hair away from his face and stumbled half asleep towards the kitchen the puppy bouncing around his legs.

They had both excelled in the last month since they had moved into Sam's. G's English had gotten better, his reading and writing were already up to an eighth grade level and Nell was really proud of him. And he liked it when Nell smiled at him.

He dampened down a blush at that thought as he heard Hetty moving in her room; he knew Sam would be up as he always was the first one up in the morning. He walked into the kitchen to see Sam standing in front of the coffee machine as A. sat in front of his bowls looking expectantly to G.

G grabbed the kibble and measured the right amount into the dog's bowl and got him some fresh water as the dog wolfed down his breakfast.

G picked up the ball to head into the garden and Sam caught him.

"G?" Sam said with a smile in his voice even though he wasn't looking at G.

"Yes Sam?" G replied.

"Breakfast…" Sam nudged.

"I fed A. his breakfast." G said, "I play ball with A. now?"

"No…your breakfast." Sam set a bowl of cereal down with a glass of juice.

G smiled and climbed on his chair moving his hair again out of his eyes.

Sam had been thinking for a few weeks now that the boy needed to get his hair cut, they had gone shopping the other day for supplies and the cashier had told Sam he had a beautiful daughter, which in his mind had solidified his decision to cut the boy's hair.

Now to get G to go with it.

Hetty walked in, dressed and perfectly tailored as she was every morning, Sam smiled up at her, "Morning mom. Are you going into work today?" he asked.

"Not today, I have a visit to make with an old friend. Good morning Mr. Callen." She said as she looked over at him.

"Mornksdjnfkj" he said his mouth full of cereal.

"G…" Sam laughed, "Swallow and try that again."

"Good morning Grandma." He said with a grin.

Hetty stopped and looked at him surprised.

"Grandma?" she asked.

G grinned "Nell has been teaching me about families…Sam is my father and you are his wife's mother…My Grand…mother?" he asked hoping he'd got it right.

"That is right, I suppose." She said. She smiled and walked around the table to hug him, "I would be proud to be your grandmother." She said.

"And A's grandmother as well…he is my friend, like my brother?" G asked, he wasn't sure about that one, but Hetty's smile let him know that it was all alright and he couldn't wait for Nell to arrive so he could tell her about this.

Hetty was glad the boy was settling in so well, she had talked to Nate last night, G's English was good enough that they would be able to start working together soon and he was coming over with Nell today to meet him.

"G before Nell comes today; I want to give you a haircut." Sam said.

G looked at him confused, this was a new word.

"Haircut?" he asked.

"Tunsoarea," Hetty supplied.

G's eyes went wide…"No…." he said shaking his head.

"Come on G, you can't see where you're going, you need it cut." Sam reasoned.

G backed off from the table as Sam picked up the clippers he had left on the kitchen counter.

"G….you look like a girl…you need it cut."

G ran off and locked the door to the bathroom as Hetty and Sam followed along with A. who had parked himself outside the door barking wondering what was happening.

"No….No…tunsoarea." G called through the door, the clippers in Sam's hands had looked scary.

"It won't hurt G…" Sam called.

G had curled into a ball wedging himself as far away from the door under the sink as he could, he wasn't sure what a haircut was but he knew what a cut was.

"please grandmother…do not let him cut me!" G called out in Romani

Hetty slapped her hand over her mouth and gasped. "Oh….No…G…" she said.

"What did he say?" Sam asked, it had been over a week since Hetty had had to translate anything.

"He thinks you are going to cut him."

Sam had an idea, "Talk to him, tell him I'm going to prove it doesn't hurt," He walked to the living room and made a call, "Deeks…I need a favor."

Sam explained to him what he needed, "Aww hell Sam, anything but that." Deeks replied.

"I won't take too much off, I promise, but if he see's you do it it might help, I can't do it I have no hair." Sam said with a smug grin.

"Fine." Deeks snapped, "But you promise me no more than an inch…"

"OK scissors and then the clippers at your neck?" Sam asked.

"You know I'm only doing this for the kid." Deeks sighed, he spoke away from the phone to Kensi who laughed and told Deeks to tell Sam they were all coming for this.

Sam laughed and put the phone down and then filled Hetty in on his plan.

She in turn filled in G who slowly came to the door of the bathroom; he turned the lock and looked out of the crack in the door.

"You no cut me?" He asked apprehensively.

Sam shook his head, "I will show you it doesn't hurt, and Deeks is going to come here for a haircut."

"Deeks go first?" G asked remembering the man Sam worked with who had shaggy blond hair like his.

Sam nodded, "Finish your breakfast…then we will deal with the hair."

G looked at the clippers in Sam's hands and relaxed as he put them down.

He nodded and walked back to the kitchen to finish his cereal.

It took all of ten minutes for a pouting Deeks and a grinning Kensi to screech to a halt in front of Sam's house.

Sam opened the door to his teammates, "It's a fifteen minute ride from Ops to here, how'd you do it so quick?" he asked.

"Kensi drove." Deeks pouted as he walked in the door, "You so owe me for this Sam."

Sam looked over at him, "I will Deeks, I will…maybe I'll get you a new surfboard…"

Deeks perked up at that, "Yeah then I can gift my old one to G, you are gonna let the kid learn to surf?" he asked.

Sam thought about it and nodded, "You get him to do this and you're on."

"G!" Sam called as they walked into the house, Kensi giggling at what was to come; she stopped as the puppy came around the corner.

"You got him a dog?" Kensi asked amazed.

Sam nodded, "Kensi Blye, meet A. Buddy."

"A. Buddy?" She asked stroking the puppy.

"G named him, he's G. Callen that's A. Buddy." Sam said as they both nodded in understanding.

Deeks walked into the kitchen, neither of them had seen G in a month and even Deeks needed to admit he needed this.

"Hey G…so you gonna watch?" he asked.

G looked up with curiosity, he knew Deeks and Kensi, but hadn't seen them in a while and this was the first time they had talked directly to him.

"Ok Deeks." He said.

Deeks did a double take and G grinned, he picked up his juice and walked in staying far away from Sam and the clippers, sinking down the wall with the puppy in between his legs resting his head on the boy's leg.

"Ok G so, this is a haircut, it doesn't hurt and like you Deeks needs one." Sam said.

Deeks shot Sam a look of annoyance, but he nodded, "Sure kid, it's easy."

He smiled as Sam walked over to him and started cutting his hair.

"Not too much now." Deeks grinned, his nervousness filtering through a bit.

Sam took off less than an inch and then took the clippers out to tidy the bits around Deeks' neck.

G flinched as Sam started up the clippers but moved to look as her noticed that Deeks wasn't showing any pain.

Nell walked in with Nate as G moved to watch the clippers.

"Look…Nell…it doesn't hurt!" He exclaimed as he picked up a piece of Deeks' hair from the floor and turning and grinning.

"No it doesn't G, are you going to have your hair cut?" she asked.

G looked over at Sam who had stopped cutting to listen to his answer.

"Do Nell want G to cut hair?" he asked.

Nell smiled, "I think you would look very handsome." She smiled.

G turned to Sam and grinned, "My hair cut now?" he asked.

Deeks gave a sigh of relief and moved off the chair, "Ok kid, your turn."

G sat in the chair as Sam put a towel around his shoulders.

"Ok how short?" Sam asked.

G looked at Nell, "Well I like a nice buzz cut." Nell told him.

G had no idea what a buzz cut was but if she liked it he would do it for her. So he nodded as Sam got the clippers out and started cutting his hair.

Within minutes it was over and G looked at Sam as he was handed a mirror.

He reached up with his hand and felt his cool head, it felt a lot lighter than before and he moved his head experimentally.

"G look good?" he asked looking around at the others.

"You look great!" Deeks enthused.

Nell saw the look G gave him, "I think you look very handsome." She said and he blushed and jumped up.

"I must walk A." he said running to the kitchen and grabbing the dog's leash.

"Hey let me come with you." Deeks said running to join him, "We can show off our new hairstyles to the local ladies."

G nodded and they set off for a walk to the park on the corner and back.

"Thanks guys." Sam said, "We nearly had world war 3 on our hands."

"I think Deeks is the real hero here." Kensi said, "He really took one for the team."

The others agreed.

Nate sat down and talked with Sam and Hetty over how far G had come so far and what they would need to go over now he was able to speak English well enough to talk to him.

They jumped as the door burst open and Deeks and A limped in ten minutes later, "Sam…call Eric, I was jumped…G….he…he's gone."

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