She was a Slytherin. None like any others. She could care less about anyone else, but herself, but just like everyone else she fell for him. Your basic love story. Tragedy or Love? Who knows. Will love be the end or beginning of them?

Drama / Romance
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Disclaimer: Strong Language
PSA: There is no hate to any race in this story. The language is simply for the laughs and entertainment. Thank You.

I woke up to the sound of a crash coming from my bathroom. I flipped over earning groans as my head was throbbing for the one to many drinks I had last night. I opened the bathroom door to find a guy standing in my mirror. “Can you get out?” I looked at him like he was crazy and pulled him by the hair. I opened my dorm door and pushed him out. I threw his clothes at him and said “Have a nice night kid,” I slammed the door and looked over at my roommate.

Reign DelaRose. She was 16 and had dark brown straight hair. Her body was so curvy even her mom was jealous. He nose was perfect and he lips we just right. Her eyes was the perfect shape and they were Hazel. She was my best friend even though she used her body for all the wrong reasons. I rolled my eyes and crawled back into my bed. We shared a dorm as that wasn’t always a good idea due to her always bringing back one night stands.

My name was Aliyah Zabini. Due to my mother being a slut I looked different from my brother. I had long Dark brown wavy hair. My eyes were green. I had the perfect light shade of skin and I was curvy, but not as curvy as Reign. Due to my beauty guys were always throwing themselves at me. I couldn’t careless.

Time passed by fast, and before I knew it I had to go grab breakfast. Due us having no school on Fridays I’d stay in bed and watch tv. I got up and grabbed Sweats and a sponge bob tee with black underwear. I got into the shower reaching for the last of my shower gel. Reign always used up my things so I stock up on everything. I wash up before lastly washing my hair. I got out the shower and dried my hair with the blow dryer.

After finishing in the bathroom I walked out and heard “Damn that ass is out to day” I rolled my eyes knowing exactly what she was saying. I put on my white shoes and grabbed my phone. She walked into the bathroom to get ready. I strolled through my messages to find 10 from Gia.

Gia was the one that never played games. She would fight anyone about us. Gia had short black hair and Brown eyes. She was also my type of curvy. Before she was skinny she had weight. She was truly confident, but uncomfortable so she changed over the years. The thing between all of us is that we were labeled the no goods. Just for us being slytherin sluts. More so them than me.

Reign walked out of the bathroom in my blue jeans and purple shirt. I looked at her and said “People would think your poor the way you steal my clothes” She smirked and said “Mami my clothes are for partys” She grabbed her phone and keys before slipping on shoes.

We meet Gia in the common room and she said “I was sure you’d have a hangover” Reign twirled and said “Me never” we all laughed and walked to the great hall. I scanned the room for who not to sit with. “Aliyah!” I rolled my eyes and turned around.

Blaise Zabini. My brother. Reign and Blaise would sleep together on multiple occasions. I never even let it bother me.. “What do you want Idiot” Reign was scanning his outfit thinking of ways to undress him later. “I know you stole my slytherin hoodie” I crossed my arms and said “I didn’t steal shit how about you ask you whore where it is” Gia started laughing as Reign was still in a trans.

I snapped my fingers at her and she snapped put of it and said “Sorry what” I pulled her hand and we sat at our table. We ate and talked about movies we were going to watch later. When Blaise and his friends sat with us. “So this is Little Zabini” I looked around trying to find who he was talking to. Little Zabini? Really? Gia answered before I said something that wasn’t right. “I don't think I see anything little here, but the whores that sat at this table”

Reign mumbled “All but one” I kicked her and he said “Oh please you could suck it for me then come back and tell me the answer” I laughed and said “Listen white boy we don't suck we ride around here”

I grabbed my phone and said “I’m sure you wouldn’t know that right?” I walked out being followed by Reign and Gia. “What in his bright mind told him to talk to us” “Never in the six years we’re attended this school has he talked to us out of class” I scoffed and said “Hes out of whores” as we all laughed heading to the common room.
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